UK Travel Insurance

Officially known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the UK is a nation off the northwestern coast of the European mainland that includes the countries of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the former three of which are often referred to as “countries within a country.”

The UK is both one of the most historically rich nations in the western world, and one of the most influential. Its history stretches back thousands of years, and is on display in the many ancient ruins, castles, and monuments found throughout the land. At the same time, the UK is home to major cities such as London, Glasgow, Manchester, and Belfast.

Whether your interests are in history, luxury, or the great outdoors, you’re sure to find it in the UK. And if you’re ready to pack your bags, don’t forget to include travel medical insurance or travel insurance to protect yourself from the uncertainties of international travel.

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers in the UK – FAQs

The UK has a socialized healthcare system called the National Health Service. It provides medical treatment for UK residents. If you are a holder of a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you may be able to get subsidized treatment in public hospitals in the UK. However, an EHIC is not an alternative to travel medical insurance, as it will not cover treatment with any private medical provider, and will not cover emergency medical evacuations. And if you are from a country that does not provide an EHIC, you will not have an option to get subsidized treatment at any UK facility. 

Therefore, whether you hold an EHIC or not, it’s essential to have travel medical insurance whenever you visit the UK.

Do I need travel medical insurance for the UK?

Travel health insurance isn’t legally required to visit the UK, but it is highly recommended in case of an unexpected medical emergency. Without insurance, you’ll have to pay the cost of treatment out of pocket. If you leave the country without paying, you will likely not be approved for a visa if you ever want to visit again.

Why buy travel medical insurance before traveling to the UK?

Public hospitals in the UK can have long wait times, making private healthcare the best option for most foreign visitors. The problem is, private UK healthcare is quite expensive. It may be unaffordable for you if you do not have insurance. In order to get the best treatment possible at an affordable price, the best option is to purchase UK travel medical insurance

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in the UK – FAQs

In order to get the best deal on flights, hotel rooms, events, and tour packages, you will need to book your UK trip ahead of time. This involves shelling out a significant amount of money – money you may not get back if you have to cancel your trip. To prevent you from having to pay for a trip you cannot take, be sure to get trip cancellation insurance.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my UK travel?

Most prepaid travel expenses are nonrefundable, or charge big cancellation fees. If a family emergency, illness, severe weather, global turmoil, or any number of other eligible reason prevents you from being able to take your trip, it is unlikely that you’ll be able to recoup your expenses if you do not have trip cancellation insurance.

The trip cancellation coverage of your travel insurance plan allows you to be reimbursed for the nonrefundable portion of your prepaid travel expenses, provided the cancellation was due to a covered reason.

What can be covered by trip cancellation insurance for the UK?

Beyond trip cancellation coverage, a UK travel insurance plan can provide coverage for instances including travel delay, trip interruption, lost or delayed luggage, and emergency medical treatment. You even have the option to purchase cancel for any reason coverage with certain plans. This allows you to recoup a portion of your expenses if you decide to cancel your trip for a reason that’s not covered by standard travel insurance plans.

The UK’s Most Popular Places for Travel

With so many attractions to see in the UK, it’s hard to know where to begin. Your best bet is to consider the length of your trip and what interests you most, and tailor your itinerary around that. To help you get started, here are five of the most popular places to visit in the UK.


Considered one of the world’s greatest and most influential cities, London is by far the most visited area of the UK, and for good reason. When in London, you can experience history at the jaw-dropping British Museum and Westminster Abbey, catch a glimpse or royalty at Buckingham Palace, or see a world-class concert at Hyde Park. With five-star restaurants, casual pubs, luxury hotels, and affordable hostels, there’s literally something for everyone in London, and you simply must spend at least several days of your UK trip here.

The Tower of London

During your time in London, make sure you visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site, considered by some to be the most important building in England. Standing proudly on the River Thames, its focal point is the fortress-like White Tower, built by William the Conqueror in 1078. Once inside, you can view historical artifacts such as the Crown Jewels exhibition, and the Line of Kings royal armor display. It’s best to take a guided tour to truly understand the history of this incredible attraction.


Located about 10 miles from Salisbury, Stonehenge is one of the most recognizable prehistoric monuments in the world. Beyond simply viewing these ancient megaliths, a visit to Stonehenge can be quite educational. The Stonehenge Visitor Center offers audiovisual explanations of the monument’s construction beginning some 4,500 years ago. Outside, you can find reproduction Neolithic houses, tools, and goods, giving you a glimpse into the way of life of some of England’s early inhabitants.

Windsor Castle

Take a 40-minute train ride from London for a truly majestic experience at Windsor Castle. One of the British Royal Family’s official residences, the castle is open for tourists to explore whenever the King is away. Windsor Castle’s history stretches back nearly a thousand years, meaning there is much to explore in the six square miles that make up the castle’s grounds.

Lake District National Park

If you’d prefer to get away from the tourist crowds and back to nature, a trip to Lake District National Park should be on your list. The park covers over 900 square miles, and includes England’s tallest mountain (Scafell Pike), and two of its largest lakes. Take a boat tour across Lake Windermere, or spend some time hiking the park’s 2,000 miles of trails and paths, and you’ll understand why this area has inspired painters and poets for centuries.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in the UK

As a highly developed, English-speaking nation with ample air travel options, the UK is one of the least challenging countries to visit in the world. However, whenever traveling internationally, there are a few country-specific guidelines that are good to keep in mind.

General Safety

By and large, the UK is incredibly safe to visit. Most tourists should not have to worry about anything other than the pickpocketing menace that plagues all busy tourist areas. Simply keep an eye on your valuables, and avoid traveling alone to neighborhoods where you do not feel safe.

Communicating with Locals

Although English is the predominant language spoken in the UK, there are a wide variety of accents to it. Some of these accents can be quite strong, and difficult for non-locals to understand. This is particularly the case in areas of Wales, Scotland, and Liverpool. Don’t be afraid to kindly ask people to repeat themselves if you cannot understand them. 

Don’t Just Stick to London

Although London is the crown jewel of UK tourism, you shouldn’t focus solely on it during your UK trip. Smaller cities like Liverpool and Manchester have fantastic live music scenes, and the history of cities like Edinburgh and Belfast make them well worth the trip.

Best Time to Visit

Although you can visit the UK any time of year, your best bet to enjoy pleasant weather is between May and September. Some parts of the UK can get hot during this period, but most visitors find this preferable to the cold and rain of winter. However, being the UK, rain is never totally out of the question, regardless of season. Pack an umbrella or raincoat, and a good pair of waterproof shoes or boots. 

Road Safety

Its well known that cars in the UK drive on the left side of the road, and cars have steering wheels on the right. This will obviously take some getting used to if you’re from a country that does the opposite. However, even if you do not plan on driving in the UK, use extra caution when crossing roads. Cars will be coming from the opposite direction than what you’re used to. 

Before You Travel to the UK – Do This

  • Buy a universal power adapter – Power outlets in the UK use 230-volt plugs with three rectangular prongs. You will need an adapter to keep your devices charged if you’re from a country with different electricity standards.
  • Book ahead of time – The UK’s top attractions and most popular hotels can quickly sell out in the summer and during the holidays.
  • Insure your trip – Don’t let unexpected expenses ravage your bank account. Purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance to protect yourself.

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