Montenegro is located in southeast Europe and was formerly a part of Yugoslavia. It is a tiny country with a myriad of different terrains. The landscapes vary from mountain peaks near the Albanian and Serbian borders to the sparkling coastline running along the Adriatic Sea.

The infrastructure and other facilities are not yet at Western European standards, but the landscapes make up for it.

As you pack for your trip to Montenegro, be sure to buy travel insurance or travel medical insurance in case there are any unexpected illnesses, accidents, or injuries during the trip.

Montenegro Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

Healthcare facilities are underdeveloped in Montenegro. Hospitals are not well-equipped for emergencies.

For serious medical care, patients can be evacuated to Germany, but the expenses will be quite high.

So, when you buy travel medical insurance, you will enjoy your time in Montenegro instead of worrying about the cost of medical treatment, should you need it.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Montenegro?

No, it is not legally required. But, due to the possibility of accidental injury and other risks involved, it is recommended that you buy travel medical insurance for Montenegro.

Why buy travel medical insurance for Montenegro?

Accidental injuries due to natural calamities or random illnesses are possible risks when you travel to Montenegro.

When you buy Montenegro travel medical insurance, you will make beautiful memories instead of being worried about situations beyond your control.

Montenegro Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs?

Trip or flight cancellations are possible scenarios when traveling to Montenegro. The reasons can be several, such as natural calamities, sudden work-related conflicts, or unethical travel agents.

So, buying trip cancellation insurance can become an assurance that you wouldn’t have to bear the brunt of financial losses due to any party cancelling the trip, provided the reason is covered under the plan.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Montenegro?

In the event of trip cancellation, a traveler is liable to bear the costs of it as travel bookings involve prepayment. You can get reimbursed for any prepaid, non-refundable deposits you put down in advance if you have to cancel your trip for a covered reason as listed in your policy’s certificate wording. Read the fine print so you have an understanding of what is (and isn’t) covered.

To eliminate the stress of financial losses and mental stress caused by trip cancellations, you must buy Montenegro trip cancellation insurance.

What all is covered under trip cancellation insurance for Montenegro?

Most standard travel insurance policies cover the most common reasons for trip cancellation. Illness or death of a loved one or flight cancellations would likely make you eligible to receive coverage from Montenegro travel insurance if the plan provides these as approved reasons.

So, when you buy Montenegro travel insurance, you enjoy a peaceful vacation instead of worrying about the financial repercussions of trip cancellation.

Things to Do for Travelers in Montenegro

Majestic mountains, dazzling beaches, fortified buildings, and socialist-style infrastructure are the hallmarks of this beautiful Balkan country.

Here is why booking tickets to this charming country will become the best decision of your life:

  • Gospa od Skepjela and Sveti Djordje: Also known as Our Lady of the Rocks, it is a church built on one of the two small islets located in Boka Kotorska Bay. It is an artificial islet created by fortifying rocks on sunken old and wrecked ships and is one of Montenegro’s top attractions. The second islet is Sveti Djordje, or “The Island of the Dead Captains”. You can book a cruise excursion through the bay of Boka Kotorska that includes a tour of both the islets.
  • Crno Jezero or the Black Lake: This stunningly beautiful body of water is a part of the Durmitor National Park. The Black Lake is one of the 18 glacial water bodies found within this National Park. The road leading to this lake is nothing short of an adventure. The snow-capped Medjed mountain peak provides the perfect backdrop to the breath-taking scenery. You can trek the 3.5-kilometer (about 2.2-mile) trail around the lake and enjoy the scenic beauty of this place.
  • Biogradska Gora National Park: Smallest among the four national parks, Biogradska is home to one of Europe’s three remaining pristine forests. You can witness some of the most beautiful glacier lakes in this national park. Trek the unbeaten path in this beautiful nature reserve, and you will have exotic birds and butterflies as companions.
  • Ostrog Monastery: This monastery is an architectural marvel. It is built on a vertical rock face. Ostrog houses the mortal remains of Saint Basil of Ostrog and is considered to be the most important pilgrimage site in the country.
  • Swim Across the Lake Piva: It is an artificial lake that was constructed along with the Mratinje Dam on the Piva River. You must take a boat cruise of the lake to access the Oteša cave, and on the way back, you can swim at the Podvođe bend.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Montenegro

This tiny Balkan country is very safe and friendly, and there are very few serious warnings to impart. But not everything can be perfect, as vacationers may encounter situations which may pose risks to them. Here are some common risks travelers may face in Montenegro:

  • Pickpockets and beggars are common menaces in Montenegro. Instances of bag-snatching by kids are also rampant in the country. Keep your bags in a position where you can keep an eye on them. Also, do not carry important documents or a lot of cash while touring the country.
  • Travelers in Montenegro can be exposed to tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) and avian flu. So, before you travel to this beautiful Balkan country, get all the routine vaccinations to alleviate the chances of bug diseases. Wear long-sleeved clothing, and apply insect repellents.
  • Accidental injuries are possible in Montenegro as trekking, swimming, and other activities are undertaken at various locations. Practice caution and undertake water and other adventure activities under the supervision of experienced and licensed tour guides and agencies.
  • Montenegro lies in the seismic zone, which implies that earthquakes can be a cause of concern. However, Montenegro has not felt earthquake tremors since 1979. Flash floods are a bigger problem for Montenegrins than earthquakes. Every year, the country is stricken by this natural calamity, which leads to several thousand deaths.
  • Unethical tour agencies can dupe international travelers in Montenegro. They can cancel your tour at the last minute and not refund the booking amount, as well. Hence, being cautious while making bookings is recommended.

Before You Travel to Montenegro - Do This

Pack lots of insect repellent, a good pair of sneakers, and full-sleeved clothing.

Get all of your routine vaccinations before departure.

You must register yourself with the local police in Montenegro 24 hours before your arrival and deregister your name before leaving the country.

Buy Montenegro travel insurance. Assess your insurance coverage needs, consider the activities you will enjoy during your vacation, and compare plans before you buy one.

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