The largest of the Channel Islands between France and England, Jersey is a British Crown Dependency that's an amazing destination for tourists. Here, you can find peace in the beautiful valleys and cliffs that adorn the island. Being surrounded by water, Jersey is also known for its picturesque lagoons, coasts, and sand-filled bays.

Before you make your way to this singular island getaway, make sure to protect your finances from unexpected illnesses or mishaps. Buy travel medical insurance or travel insurance for a vacation that's free of worry.

Jersey Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

Vacationing and sightseeing always carries risks. An unseen step could lead to an injury, or an improperly cooked meal could result in food poisoning. Whatever the circumstance, you can never be too careful.

Travel medical insurance exists to cover you for the expense of treatment for illnesses or injuries that occur when traveling abroad. When the unexpected strikes, you'll be glad to have it.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Jersey?

Though it's not a legal requirement to have travel medical insurance to visit Jersey, it is something all visitors should invest in. Your domestic health insurance likely won't provide adequate coverage should an emergency befall you in Jersey. Without it, you could be stuck with massive medical bills that can wreck your finances. It's best to be prepared. After all, emergencies don't take a vacation just because you do.

Why buy travel medical insurance for Jersey?

New food, new sights, new experiences - all the things that make traveling abroad so attractive can also make it potentially risky. The entire island of Jersey is just 46 square miles. If you were to become seriously ill or injured, there's a good chance emergency medical evacuation could be required.

When you need first-rate medical treatment, there can be massive costs involved without insurance coverage. Don't leave yourself solely responsible for these big bills. Buy travel medical insurance to protect your finances.

Jersey Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

As an island territory, traveling to Jersey involves booking several flights, not to mention the hotel and tour reservations you'll want to have ironed out before you get there. It can be a significant investment.

If an unexpected illness, injury or event were to make it impossible for you to travel, you could be on the hook for large, nonrefundable expenses. With trip cancellation insurance, you can be reimbursed for these expenses.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Jersey?

You make a lot of preparations when you're getting ready to travel internationally. Flights are booked, itineraries are finalized, and if everything goes to plan, you should be about to embark on a perfect vacation.

But what happens when those plans fall through? A family emergency pops up, a sudden illness strikes, or severe weather makes travel impossible - now what? With hefty cancellation charges and nonrefundable reservations, you could be out all the money you've spent finalizing your perfectly planned trip. This is why trip cancellation insurance is so important. It can reimburse you for those bookings and fees, leaving you financially able to reschedule your trip for another time.

What can be covered under trip cancellation insurance for Jersey?

Beyond just trip cancellation coverage, your travel insurance can provide a wealth of benefits, including:

Buy travel insurance that provides all the coverage you need. Read the fine print in your policy so you know exactly what is and isn't covered should you need it.

Things to Do for Travelers in Jersey

Elizabeth Castle

Located in St. Aubin's Bay, Elizabeth Castle is one of the top attractions in Jersey. Here, you can watch an actual, live cannon being fired! On some Sundays during March-November, you can even watch a reenactment of the famous Battle of Jersey (1781). Be sure to visit the castle to get a sense of the heritage that Jersey possesses.

Jersey War Tunnels

The Jersey War Tunnels are the most visited attraction on the Island. Built by the Nazis during the World War II, the tunnels are now a historical landmark where tourists can catch a glimpse of the island's turbulent past.

The Jersey War Tunnels also have an interesting attraction - two escape rooms. Visitors who buy a ticket can race against the clock and use their wits to escape the room.

Jersey Seafaris

As the name suggests, Jersey Seafaris allow tourists to explore the magnificent coastline of the Island from the comfort of a boat. You can opt for a rigid inflatable boat daytrip, tour, or even a private charter. Some of the most popular Seafaris travel to Les Ecrehous, Les Minquiers, and the North Coast.

St. Helier

St. Helier is the capital and commercial hub of Jersey. There's a lot to do in this lively parish, but some of the must-visit places include St. Helier Parish Church, the Jersey Museum and Art Gallery, Royal Square, and the Maritime Museum.

Jersey Zoo

A conservation-themed zoo, the Jersey Zoo has a diverse range of animals from all over the world. Here you'll find everything from rare lizards to pink flamingos. Visit this tranquil haven of animal life to have a complete experience in Jersey.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Jersey

Low Tide

The tidal range in Jersey is immense. Low tides can sometimes double the size of the island. This makes it a perfect habitat for creatures that dwell in shallow waters. However, it's important not to explore the beaches at low tide without an expert guide. The tides can rise quickly and you don't want to be caught in the sea.

Celebrate Safely

Jersey is quite safe for tourists. However, the robust nightlife scene can play host to a boisterous crowd. When exploring at night, be aware of your surroundings and travel with a companion if possible.

Road Safety

Vehicles registered in Jersey are not subject to the same road safety standards as those in the United Kingdom. If you decide to rent a car, make sure it's from a reliable rental service. Likewise, avoid getting in any cabs that appear questionable.


During the autumn and winter months, the island of Jersey is fog-bound. This can make it difficult to see properly, and pose as a nuisance when sightseeing. In addition to the annoyance, fog can make driving difficult, so be careful if you rent a car.


Much of Jersey consists of countryside, and a large number of Asian hornets have made the island their home. The sting from these hornets can be quite painful. Be sure to wear bug spray. A DIY repellent made of peppermint oil mixed in water is also an effective hornet deterrent.

Before You Travel to Jersey - Do This

  • Brush up on your history. Landmarks such as the Jersey War Tunnels, Elizabeth Castle, and Jersey Museum and Art Gallery are best enjoyed when you know a bit about their background and history.
  • Bring comfortable shoes. A lot of the attractions and landmarks in Jersey require a fair bit of walking. Comfortable footwear can go a long way in making your trip to Jersey that much more enjoyable.
  • Buy insurance. Get the right travel medical insurance or travel insurance to suit your needs. It will let you enjoy your time in Jersey with confidence.

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