Manaus Travel Insurance

Dubbed as the Paris of the Tropics, Manaus is in the heart of the Amazon Forest in Brazil. Visit the natural entrance for the Forest and have the trip of a lifetime. 

Get to know the riverside communities and the indigenous influence on this metropolis. You can take boats to the rainforest hotels, swim with Amazon River dolphins in Anavilhanas, and take pictures with the exquisite Amazon River in the background. 

You also have a huge selection of exotic dishes to try. Taste Tacaca, it is a variety of soup cooked with tucupi, dried shrimp, cassava gum, and jambu leaves. For a change, have local fruits such as açai, araça and cupuaçu as desserts. 

This guide will tell you about the fun adventures you must embark upon. Additionally, there are safety tips, and detailed information on travel medical insurance or travel insurance to make your trip financially secure. 

Manaus Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

Traveling to Manaus puts you at risk for mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, dengue, and zika. If you come into contact with any diseases or have a medical emergency, you’ll need to locate treatment in Manaus. Medical treatment may require on-spot cash payment, and domestic insurance will not cover your medical expenses. Travel medical insurance can help you pay for such medical expenses.  

Do I need travel medical insurance for Manaus? 

Travel medical insurance is not mandatory for you to visit Manaus. However, we highly recommend that you get a travel medical insurance plan, as no one can predict becoming sick or getting injured. It will help you pay for any covered medical treatment that you might require.   

Why buy travel medical insurance for Manaus? 

Your domestic insurance will likely not be accepted in hospitals in Manaus. Any medical treatment may require payment in cash. If you fall short on money, the hospital might refuse to treat you. Your embassy may be able to help you locate a hospital, but they will not bear any financial burden.

Travel medical insurance can cover eligible medical expenses, freeing you of the burden of being solely responsible for paying for medical treatment abroad. 

Medical compilations can cost you a lot. To minimize financial strain in such times, buy travel medical insurance

Manaus Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

In the event of trip cancellation due to a covered reason, your trip cancellation insurance can reimburse your prepaid, nonrefundable expenses like travel fare and accommodation charges. Your travel providers will either provide no refund, or only a partial refund if you need to cancel. This means that you risk losing an enormous sum. You can protect yourself from such uncertainties by purchasing trip cancellation insurance. 

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Manaus? 

You may have to cancel your trip owing to personal emergencies. Additionally, a global health crisis or natural disaster may make travel impossible. In any case, you will not be able to take the trip you have already paid for. 

In all such cases, you risk losing a hefty amount of money due to nonrefundable charges. Your main goal on your trip should be to relax and not worry about travel mishaps.

Trip cancellation insurance ensures that you’re able to relax. It can cover the above-mentioned risks and reimburse your eligible expenses. 

What can be covered under trip cancellation insurance for Manaus? 

As explained, trip cancellation coverage is a primary reason to purchase travel insurance. But the benefits can go beyond that. Depending upon the plan you purchase, your Manaus trip cancellation insurance can cover:

To protect your financial expenses in case of an emergency, buy travel insurance

Things To Do for Travelers in Manaus

Here are a few suggestions to experience the city at its finest:

Get a tan at Praia da Lua

Escape from the city to the most picturesque beach in Manaus. Lie down on the fine white sand and enjoy the view of the teal-colored water. Have delicious fish and a cold mug of beer at one of the beach shacks. End your day with a trip to Museu do Seringal Vila Paraíso. You can tour a historic townhouse, a replica rubber-tapper shack, and smokehouse located on a former rubber baron estate.

Take a picture with the Amazon River

Your trip must include visiting the Amazon River. Take a ship from Manaus, and ten kilometers away you’ll arrive at the rivers Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes, which join to form Brazil’s captivating Amazon River. This site makes the perfect spot to take a memorable picture. 

Shop at Adolpho Lisboa Municipal 

The vibrant and bustling atmosphere of the market and the classical architecture make it a must-visit. You can buy souvenirs, exotic spices, fish, and fresh produce at Adolpho Lisboa Municipal. View local life firsthand. You can have an authentic meal and even eat with the locals. 

Spend a day at the Waterfalls

Visit the “Land of Waterfalls”. Travel through the jungle to discover this natural gem. The cascading and glassy water is perfect to cool you down on a hot Brazilian afternoon. If you like a little adventure and nature, this outing is perfect for you. 

Reconnect with nature at Jardim Botânico Adolpho Ducke

Visit the world’s largest urban forest, spanning over 100 kilometers. Spend two or three hours with a guide walking along five short trails. Go to the open-air museum that includes rotating exhibits on Amazonian flora and fauna. Capture the view of the wide expanses of land from the spectacular 42-meter-high observation tower. 

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Manaus

Petty theft and fraud

In Manaus, you can be a victim of petty fraud and theft. Avoid banks and ATMs at night, and withdraw small amounts of cash at one time. Don’t keep all your cash together. Carry a money belt and hide it with your shirt. You can also carry another wallet with a small amount of money in it.  

Women’s safety

Overall, Manaus is safe for solo female travelers. Learn a few Brazilian Portuguese phrases and keep a language app or two handy on your phone.         

Identify a safe neighborhood to stay in. Do not wear any flashy or expensive jewelry in public.

Stay away from the favelas

Like every other city, Manaus has some dangerous areas. The favelas in Manaus are a type of unsavory neighborhood. These high-crime areas can house criminals. They are also unsanitary, as a lot of garbage is dumped there. These neighborhoods can be dangerous for tourists for health and safety reasons. Stick to tourist areas and do not wander to the favelas.

Opt for reliable tour services

When you arrive at Manaus Airport, locals may try to scam you under the guise of offering services or tours. Do your research and find reliable tour agencies before arriving. Pre-book all possible tours and accommodation to protect yourself from getting duped. 

If you want to go to the jungle, utilize the services of Caboclos. They know the city and the jungle well. You can locate them with the help of the locals. 

Prescription medicines

Your prescription medicine may not be readily available in the city. So, travel with your medication. Make sure to carry your prescription drugs in the original package with the doctor’s prescription. Check whether the drug is legal in the country before attempting to bring it with you. 

Before You Travel to Manaus- Do This

To ensure that your trip goes smoothly, here are some tips.

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