Fortaleza Travel Insurance

Fortaleza is one of Brazil’s largest cities and certainly one of the most vibrant ones. Home to 30 kilometers of pristine beach, Fortaleza has a party heart and a bohemian vibe. 

However, traveling to Fortaleza is not without its challenges. To best manage the risk to your health and bank account, make sure to invest in travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

Fortaleza Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

Traveling to Fortaleza comes with some risks. Buy travel medical insurance when visiting here and be prepared in case you or a loved one are faced with a medical emergency. 

Do I need travel medical insurance for Fortaleza?

It is not legally mandatory to have travel medical insurance to visit any place in Brazil. But you must shield your bank account from facing the brunt of disaster. Buy travel medical insurance!

Why buy travel medical insurance for Fortaleza? 

Travelling to Fortaleza can be wonderful. Focus on the city’s soul, the ocean breeze and the vivacity of the city. But be on your guard about risks to your health and lack of adequate medical resources. Don’t let a minor illness burst your Brazilian dream bubble. Don’t let a minor inconvenience swallow your vacation budget. Buy travel medical insurance to help cover the cost of medical care in case you get sick or injured. Without it, you will have to pay for all treatment costs yourself. 

Fortaleza Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

Fortaleza is one of the most expensive cities in Brazil. You will have to prepay for your stay, most of the activities and amenities; not to mention your airfare. And these expenses will all likely be nonrefundable. Imagine cancelling your trip and losing all of that money. Buy travel insurance. It is a small price to pay for great benefits. 

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Fortaleza? 

Imagine, you plan a beautiful Brazilian escape to Fortaleza with your loved one, but a couple of days before your trip, a family member falls ill. Trip cancellation insurance can come to the rescue in such times. It can allow you to recoup your prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses if your trip must be cancelled for a covered reason. 

What can be covered under trip cancellation insurance for Fortaleza?

Each travel insurance plan has its differences when it comes to coverage. Generally, you should seek out a plan that offers the following coverages:

With the right travel insurance plan, you can enjoy your trip to Fortaleza with confidence. 

Things To Do for Travelers in Fortaleza

In Fortaleza, you will experience Brazil at its truest. Take a morning walk at Iracema beach, drink caipirinhas at Arpao Praia Bar along with fresh seafood, and get lost shopping at the Mercado Central local market. 

Here are some noteworthy things to do here: 

The museums 

If you are a culture hound, you will enjoy Fortaleza’s beautiful museums. Museo Do Ceará, Cachaca Museum, Rubens De Azevedo Planetarium, and the Casa José De Alencar are the most visited in Fortaleza. 

Famous beaches 

It would be a shame to skip the beach in Fortaleza. It is famous, after all. Don’t miss out on Praia Do Futuro, Iracema Miereles, and Caca E Pesca. 

Flea and street markets 

Fortaleza’s street markets are exactly how you would imagine them to be! Hustling-bustling, musical and bursting with color, while the air constantly smells of cassava chips and fresh queso. It is a magical experience you must not miss out on. Feirinha Biera mar and Galpao Pop shop are two popular ones. 

Morro Branco

It is a pleasant day trip to Morro Branco from Fortaleza. These colorful cliffs have a beautiful ocean view. Morro Branco craftsmen fill small bottles with the sand of varying tones to create a unique souvenir. You can buy these colored sand bottles along the beach.

Local cuisine

In Fortaleza, you will have the chance to enjoy fresh seafood, island barbeque and maracuja-flavored desserts. 

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Fortaleza

Unfortunately, Fortaleza is the perfect tropical paradise with a dark side. It is one of the most unsafe cities in Brazil. This is due to: 

Theft and violence

Armed robberies and assaults are common in Fortaleza. There are chances of encountering muggers and pickpockets here. Be cautious and refrain from venturing out into the city alone at night.


When it comes to crime, the murder rate of 34 homicides per 100,000 residents is alarmingly high. The city occupies the number 49 spot on the list of cities with the highest homicide rates in the world. Be cautious and use your best judgement at all times. 

Kidnapping and scams 

Tourists are often sold fake tickets and fake branded luxury items. Some scammers even work in pairs and use the ‘distraction theft’ method to pick pockets. Don’t drink too many caipirinhas at local spots — it might cost you more than you think.

Bad neighborhoods

Steer clear especially of Bom Jardim and Messejana, Antônio Bezerra and Mondubim when in Fortaleza. The crime rates are higher here compared to the rest of the city. You might want to stick to the city center.  

Gang-related violence 

Fortaleza is often overwhelmed with crimes by certain gangs. Luckily, this is scarcely a problem if you stick to safe neighborhoods. 

Before You Travel to Fortaleza - Do This

There are several important things to keep in mind before traveling to Fortaleza. They are:

  • Learn the language: The language barrier is often an issue travelers face in Fortaleza. Brush up on basic Portuguese greetings before your trip to communicate and mingle with the locals. 
  • Take only official taxis: Using Ubers or Lyfts is the safest mode of transport in Fortaleza. Do not get into any unmarked taxis to avoid unpleasant situations and hidden charges. 
  • Buy insurance: Fortaleza is an exciting place, but it has its dangers. An essential part of planning your trip is to purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

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