Sudan, better known as the Republic of Sudan, is an unexplored gem. When you think of pyramids, the only place that crosses your mind is Egypt, right? Little did you know that this country in northeast Africa has numerous pyramids. In fact, the number of pyramids in Sudan is far more than that in Egypt.

The place is no less than a dream destination. Nestled in the Nile valley of Africa, Sudan is an offbeat pick. Don’t you wish to unwind and sit on the banks of the River Nile?

Khartoum, where the White Nile converges with the Blue Nile, is a fascinating sight. The culture of Sudan is worth experiencing—one country with 400 different languages and dialects.

Pack your things and plan a vacation to the Republic of Sudan. An opportunity to witness the lives of tribes, up close and in person is priceless. However, before you leave, be sure to purchase travel insurance or travel medical insurance in case of any unexpected accidents, illnesses, or injuries.

Sudan Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

Vacationing in a foreign land is an excellent idea. But, things can go wrong in no time. Health issues can always pop up, whether a simple flu or something severe. Buy Sudan travel medical insurance to help keep away the stress of paying fat checks for medication overseas.

Is it mandatory to buy travel medical insurance when vacationing in Sudan?

Legally, it is not mandatory to buy any kind of travel medical insurance. But, having health insurance is of great value. Incurring the costs of medical treatment and hospitalization in a foreign country is overwhelming. Travel medical insurance is a prudent choice. It can help keep your money safe, even when you’re recovering from your disease or injury.

Why should you buy travel medical insurance for Sudan?

Travel medical insurance for Sudan could help pay expenses for:

  • Hospitalization
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Critical injuries and soreness
  • Costs of medication
  • Arranging an ambulance to get you into the hospital.

Investing in Sudan travel medical insurance is a great decision.

Sudan Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

Planning a vacation without buying a trip cancellation insurance is not a good idea. Things can go horribly wrong and the money you’d lose in the process can be huge. Buy Suda trip cancellation insurance when you are traveling overseas.

Why should you buy a trip cancellation insurance plan for Sudan?

Anything could happen in the days leading up to your trip. You could get sick, or one of your travel companions could get sick. A close family member might pass away. You could get called in to handle a sudden work emergency. Any of these situations might unfortunately cause you to cancel your trip. With trip cancellation insurance, you can receive reimbursement for your prepaid, non-refundable expenses (like airfare and hotels) if you have to cancel for a covered reason as explicitly listed in your policy’s certificate wording.

Trip cancellation insurance for Sudan - What does the plan cover?

You must invest in a trip cancellation insurance plan with comprehensive coverage. Depending on the terms and conditions of your plan, it can cover situations such as:

  • Trip cancellation for a covered reason
  • Trip interruption for a covered reason
  • Loss due to flight delays
  • Loss of luggage
  • Cancellation of tours, flights, or hotel reservations
  • Emergency cash services, in case you lose your wallet

Things to Do for Travelers in Sudan

Sadly, the Republic of Sudan is one of the most under-traveled destinations in the world. Very few people are aware of this extravagant African land.

Don’t just come here to explore the time-honored archeological site of Nubia. The vibrant and colorful culture of Sudan will take you by a surprise.

Describing the country as a transition zone is appropriate. The prominence of Arabic influence is quite overwhelming in Northern Africa. On the other hand, the rest of the continent is all about the Sub-Saharan deserts and dense forests. Sudan is like the center of metamorphosis.

A trip to Sudan is anything but boring. Let’s give you an insight into the things to do in the third-largest country of Africa.

Take pleasure in sight-seeing the pyramids

Travel to Meroe, also famous as the ancient city of Cush. If you have never seen a pyramid up close, this is your chance. Meroe is home to hundreds of pyramids. Kings and queens of the ancient past were buried in these pyramids. More than forty royalties were buried in the pyramids. Of course, the size of the pyramids differ.

If you have been to Cairo, you would probably have an idea that the pyramids in Sudan are no different. That’s untrue! Pyramids in Meroe are in diverse sizes.

A notable feature, though, is the smaller bases of the pyramids. Such pyramids are steeper than the ones in Egypt. Tour around the ancient site. Believe it or not, the red sand desert in Meroe adds to the beauty of the place.

Drop by the Temple of Soleb

Do you know about Pharaoh Amenhotep III? Well, the 18th-dynasty artisan constructed the famous Temple of Luxor in Egypt.

The Temple of Soleb in Sudan was built by the same man. Columns of the temple stand straight on the banks of the Nile. What’s most impressive about the temple is its rosy vibrance.

When the sun shines bright, the temple stands out and looks prettier than a postcard picture. If you love digging into the past and learning more about history and dynasties, Sudan is a must-visit.

Bask in the sun and unwind in a fancy place

Sudan is not one of the popular touristy places. But, it certainly has a few fancy resorts and spots by the sea. Therefore, if you are looking to take a breather and relax, it might be easier than you think.

Watch and enjoy the sight of the Red Sea right before your eyes. Are you always tempted to perform a few adventurous activities? Well, don’t worry. Sudan offers almost every kind of amenity a traveler could want.

How does the idea of diving into the Red Sea sound? From diving to snorkeling, you can cruise around the sea and enjoy the thrills.

Engage with the Bisharin nomads

Mostly, whatever little people know of nomads and pharaohs are ideas inspired either by story books or movies. How about catching up with the Bisharin nomads?

Plan a visit to the Bayuda desert. You are likely to encounter the nomadic tribes in the area. Watch and learn more about the nomadic tribes in the desert.

They dwell in small huts. Do you know what's fancy? Every hut has a water pool. Well, it's not a pool you know of. Calling it a reservoir of water is correct. Unfortunately, there’s always a scarcity of water in the area.

Bisharin nomads have tough lives. You can spot these men at the Atrun Crater. There are a few lakes nearby. These men sit by the Crater, waiting for long hours. When the water vaporizes and dries up, layers of salt are formed. They scrape off the salt and ferry it off to the nearest marketplaces to sell and earn some money.

Visit the Marine National Parks

The marine and tropical habitats of Sudan are among the most diverse in the world. The Red coast of the country is home to some of the rarest underwater species.

Coral formations in the sea are vibrant and eye-catching. And as far as marine life, there are the big ones like sharks, as well as small fishes squirming and swimming in groups. The underwater view is simply spectacular.

There are two popular marine national parks in the country. You can visit the Dungonab Bay - Mukkawar National Park or the Sanganeb Atoll. The underwater seascape is overwhelming. Don’t miss it.

A trip to the Jebel Barkal

To begin with, Jebel Barkal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mountains of red sandstone spanning out into a Nubian desert is worth a view.

There’s a large temple, just at the foot of the Jebel Barkal. The temple is dedicated to the Pharaohs. It is a major landmark in the country.

The peaks aren’t too steep. You can climb them fairly easily. Regardless, the picturesque view is an experience in itself.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Sudan

Sudan is one of the safest countries on the continent. Sudanese locals are very friendly. Unfortunately, visitors cannot barge into any area they like. Some places are off-limits—Darfur, for instance.

ATMs and credit cards don’t work in Sudan. So, convert your currency into Sudanese pounds in small amounts. Incidents of petty theft are not unheard of in the region.

Stick to a conservative style of dressing. Please remember, Sudan is a Muslim country, and a very orthodox one. Showing too much skin is not a good idea.

Tourists from other countries might put up with difficulties. The Sudanese are not well-versed in English, as Arabic is the official language of the country. But, hand gestures work well.

You must get immunizations and a few vaccine shots before entering the Republic of Sudan.

Before You Travel to Sudan…

Sudan is an exquisite land. Unfortunately, the country is notorious for a vast number of diseases like measles, hepatitis, influenza, and many more. Before you land in the country:

  • Take your vaccines and medicines.
  • Ensure that you have enough cash with you.
  • Buy a travel insurance policy to be better safe than sorry. Enter some basic information, compare a variety of plans side by side, and purchase the one that best fits the needs of your trip.

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