Golf might seem to be a slow game as compared to soccer or rugby. It’s a popular sport nonetheless, and many around the world play on a regular basis. There are professional tournaments like the Masters Tournament and the U.S. Open, where the top golfers in the world compete for the prestigious top spot. Golf even made its grand re-entry into the Olympics in 2016 after a century-long hiatus.

At the amateur level, too, many countries organize tournaments for high school, college, and community players. These tournaments lay the foundations for the next Nick Faldo or Tiger Woods.

It might seem surprising, but there are risks associated with this seemingly benign sport. You might think that you’re all set for a relaxing round of 18 holes during your vacation abroad. You’re not truly ready, though, until you’ve purchased golf travel insurance.

Travel Insurance for Golf Vacations

A mishap can happen at any time on the golf course without much warning. Hospitalization in a foreign country due to golfing-related injuries will take a toll on your finances. Buy travel insurance for golfing to save yourself from such an unfortunate turn of events. With golf insurance, you can get out on the course with nothing but peace of mind.

Basics of Playing Golf

Golfing is the perfect outdoor sport for a pleasant summer day. The beautifully maintained courses with manicured grass and brilliant greenery are your playground. You aren’t running around or jostling with a competitor. The whole game progresses at a sedate pace. All that walking is great exercise, too. After you have sunk a long putt on the 18th green, head for the clubhouse and grab a cold drink. Nothing could be more relaxing, right?

Well, not exactly. The game of golf is as competitive as any other. And though it might seem like a day out in the park, things can get really hot out there.

Swing the club after a long windup to get a perfect shot. It looks simple, but this activity—especially when performed over and over again—can strain the muscles of your shoulder, back, and upper arm. Golfer’s Elbow is a condition in which your forearm muscles suffer from severe strain. Similarly, carrying your golf clubs yourself can also cause muscle strains over time.

For this reason, among others, travel insurance for golfing is necessary to protect you from the financial pressure of any mishap while playing, particularly in a foreign country.

Risks of Playing Golf

Apart from the risk factors to your muscles, there are other hazards out there in the course (and we don’t mean the sand trap). Hitting the ball from the bunker requires you to put in a little extra effort, which could cause a sudden sprain.

Animals can pose a threat, too. A raccoon might look tame, but it’s a wild animal—and it can attack. In locations like Arizona and Florida, the threat of snakes is real. In certain areas near water hazards, be prepared to encounter a stray alligator. Bees, wasps, and horse-flies are almost omnipresent on the golf course, and their stings (while usually not fatal) can lead to serious injuries.

Golfers also face the risk of lightning, being out in the open as they are. Don’t ignore lightning warnings. Wayward shots also pose threat to golfers. If you hear “fore”, it means another golfer’s shot has gone wide, and you could be struck by a falling golf ball. Make sure to take timely evasive action. Last but not least, don’t forget that sunscreen—and avoid playing altogether if the weather is too hot to avoid conditions like dehydration or heatstroke.

So, it is more important than you might realize to buy golfing travel insurance to ensure peace of mind while you play.

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