Located off the East Coast of the US in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is one of the last remaining British colonies. Its major draw is that it is just a few hours’ flight from nearly anywhere on the eastern seaboard, from Florida to Delaware. Its location has made it an ideal weekend getaway for tourists from the U.S. and Canada.

The hook-shaped archipelago has several top-end resorts such as Marriott International and the Ritz-Carlton, as well as numerous budget hotels. Everywhere on the island is close to the sea, and the beaches are spectacular. Hamilton, the capital, shows off British colonial-style architecture of a bygone era that is dapper yet still impressive even today.

If you are thinking of spending a few days in Bermuda and soaking up the sun, do not forget to buy travel medical insurance or travel insurance. Vacations can take unpredictable turns, so it pays to be prepared.

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers in Bermuda – FAQs

Vacations are supposed to be fun-filled times of adventure and relaxation. However, even if you take every precaution, you can still suffer an injury or an illness. For that reason, it is essential to have Bermuda travel medical insurance.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Bermuda?

Visitors entering Bermuda on or after November 14, 2022 are no longer legally required to have travel medical insurance coverage. However, if you do not have coverage, you will be solely responsible for the costs of any healthcare or accommodations related to coronavirus or any other medical issue while in Bermuda.

Why buy travel medical insurance before traveling to Bermuda?

Healthcare in Bermuda is quite costly, comparable in price to the U.S. And even though it is a British colony, there is no reverse healthcare treatise, even with the UK. If you require medical treatment and do not have travel medical insurance, the resulting bill could seriously damage your bank account. It only makes sense to purchase coverage and protect yourself.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Bermuda – FAQs

No one ever plans on cancelling a long-awaited vacation, but life can be unpredictable. Illnesses, family emergencies, natural disasters, and other calamities can all throw a wrench in your travel plans. To help cover you financially in these situations, make sure to have trip cancellation insurance.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Bermuda travel?

If you’re forced to cancel your trip to Bermuda, it’s unlikely that you’ll receive a full refund for your airfare, resort, and other prepaid expenses. Most of these expenses are nonrefundable, or charge cancellation fees. With trip cancellation insurance, you can be reimbursed for the nonrefundable portion of your prepaid travel expenses, so long as your reason for cancellation is covered by the travel insurance policy you’ve purchased.

What can be covered by trip cancellation insurance for Bermuda?

Beyond just trip cancellation, a Bermuda travel insurance plan can provide coverage for things like emergency medical care, lost baggage, trip interruption, and travel delays.

You may even have the option to purchase cancel for any reason coverage, if you want extra flexibility in cancelling your trip. 

Exactly what is covered and to what extent it’s covered will depend on the travel insurance plan you choose. That’s why it is important to spend some time comparing different plans right here on this website. With a little research, you can select the perfect policy for you.

Bermuda’s Most Popular Places for Travel

Bermuda is not only known for its pink-sand beaches, but also as home to some of the most picturesque golf courses in the world. Most tourists spend a short trip here, no more than a week. After you have had your fill of partying and swimming in the clear blue waters, head out to visit the following attractions. Be aware that Bermuda has a rule whereby tourists are not allowed to rent cars or drive. Your hotel may provide you with a designated driver to take you sightseeing.

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Located at Southampton Parish, the beach derives its name from its perfect crescent shape. It is the ideal place for snorkeling or scuba diving. With a cliff line on either side and an aquamarine ocean in front, you will find it easy to understand why this is known as one of the best beaches in the world—and the most visited one in the western hemisphere.

St. George's

Bermuda is an archipelago, and you can hop on a bus to visit the town of St. George's, located about 10 miles away from Hamilton. Most of the buildings date back three centuries to when the British first made this harbor their base in Bermuda. At the Bermuda National Museum at St. George's, you’ll get a fascinating insight into the island's 400-year history.

Gibb's Hill Lighthouse

For a 360-degree view, ascend this 117-foot structure built back in 1846. The surprising aspect is that the entire lighthouse is constructed from iron and has never rusted, despite its proximity to saltwater. You can gaze across the whole island and the Royal Naval Dockyard adjoining it.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Bermuda

Bermuda is quite safe for tourists. You need to have no unreasonable concern about your safety. However, there might be hiccups along the way, and it is best to be prepared for them in advance.

Getting Around the Island

As previously mentioned, it is illegal for nonresidents to rent cars or drive in Bermuda. However, there’s really no need. Many resorts offer drivers or shuttles to popular attractions, and there are plenty of cabs available. Just keep in mind that taxis on the archipelago can be pricey. Visitors are allowed to rent motor scooters and mopeds, as well as bicycles if they want more flexible transportation options. Just be sure to wear all necessary safety equipment.

Road Conditions

If you do decide to rent a scooter or moped, be careful. The roads of Bermuda are usually well-maintained, but they can be narrow, lack shoulders, and have sharp turns. Many tourists are injured in motorbike accidents in Bermuda annually. Use your best judgement, and never ride while under the influence of alcohol.

Wildlife Hazards

Though most animals found on land in Bermuda are harmless, you do need to be careful in the surrounding sea. The waters around Bermuda are home to Portuguese man-o-war jellyfish, which have poisonous stings that can be extremely painful.

Also present around Bermuda are sharks. The largest common species you will see are tiger sharks. Luckily, they typically stay far from shore to feed, but it is always a good idea to keep be wary if you are scuba diving or snorkeling. 

Before You Travel to Bermuda – Do This

  • Double-check the COVID testing and entry requirements for Bermuda. Though they have been relaxed for now, more stringent measures could be reintroduced if necessary.
  • It is recommended that you get vaccinated for yellow fever, hepatitis A/B, measles, COVID-19, and influenza before traveling to Bermuda.
  • Make your vacation to Bermuda as stress-free as possible by purchasing travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

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