An exotic and lively city, Yaoundé is one of the top ecotourism spots in the African country of Cameroon.

But, there’s a lot to do here apart from exploring nature. Yaoundé is also a fantastic city with some of the best monuments and sites to be found in Cameroon. All you need to explore it is a sense of wanderlust, and the right travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

Yaoundé Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers — FAQs

Travelers often ask whether they should purchase a travel medical insurance plan. The answer is simple: yes. Travel medical insurance can help pay your medical bills when you’re traveling abroad.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Yaoundé?

Cameroon doesn’t legally require tourists to purchase a travel medical insurance plan, but skipping out on this can prove costly. No vacation is without risk, and you need to have a contingency plan in place if you get sick or injured during your trip. A travel medical insurance policy can provide this essential coverage. 

Why buy travel medical insurance for Yaoundé?

The medical facilities in Yaoundé may not be up to the standards you’re used to. It may be necessary to seek out private treatment, which can be costly. Your domestic insurance is unlikely to be accepted in a foreign country, so the cost of treatment would have to be entirely borne by you if you don’t have the right insurance. 

To avoid being in a financially precarious situation, buy travel medical insurance.

Yaoundé Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers — FAQs

Trip cancellation insurance is an essential component of any well-planned trip, and can provide significant financial protection if your travel plans don’t go as you’d intended. 

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Yaoundé?

Imagine if you were to get sick, hurt, or have a family emergency right before your trip to Yaoundé. You’ve already spent a significant amount of money on plane tickets and hotel reservations, and that money is nonrefundable. If you have to cancel your trip, you would have no way to recoup this money.

That’s where trip cancellation insurance comes in. If you’re required to cancel your trip for a covered reason, your travel insurance policy can help you get reimbursed for your prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses. It allows you to plan a trip with less worry about unexpected speedbumps. 

What can be covered under trip cancellation insurance for Yaoundé?

Travel insurance plans can cover:

Make the right choice and buy travel insurance. Enjoy your trip to Yaoundé with a peaceful mind.

Things to Do for Travelers in Yaoundé

Cathédrale Notre Dame des Victoire de Yaoundé

A bold, triangular building, the Cathédrale Notre Dame is a great place to begin your exploration of Yaoundé. Besides the stunning architecture, the Cathedral is also famous for the Afrocentric mosaic above the altar.

The profound display of culture and religion in the cathedral makes it worth a visit.

Mefou National Park

Rated by TripAdvisor as the #1 thing to do in Yaoundé, Mefou National Park is something you cannot miss out on. This national park and zoo is a rehabilitation center and wildlife refuge for the native animals of Africa: monkeys, chimpanzees, and gorillas.

The park is a 45-minute drive away from Yaoundé, but trust us when we say that it’s definitely worth the trip.

National Museum of Yaoundé

Cameroon’s former presidential palace, the National Museum of Yaoundé promises an exquisite experience to tourists.

The grand villa and lavish yard are truly sights to behold. Things to explore here include local history exhibits and ecological treasures. There’s a varied collection of handcrafted tools, masks, and tribal objects. Visiting the museum is definitely a culturally rich experience.

Museu Etnográfico dos Povos da Floresta

This private museum features interesting cultural exhibits amidst the peaceful background of nature. 

It’s a place worth visiting for anyone who wants to know more about Cameroon and the culture here. The guides help you tour the museum, making sure that you have an enriching and edifying experience.

Mvog-Betsi Zoo

An exciting place to visit for kids and adults alike, Mvog-Betsi Zoo has an enormous collection of animals, ranging from lions and birds to monkeys and snakes. Tall trees shelter the whole zoo, making it a peaceful natural retreat.

Don’t forget to meet the royal lion couple, the main attraction of the Mvog-Betsi Zoo.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Yaoundé

Road hazards

Road laws are selectively followed in Yaoundé. Traffic signs are often ignored and speed limits are broken. If you’re driving your own rented car, practice extra caution on the roads of Yaoundé. Also, be careful of livestock and pedestrians wandering on the roads, especially at night.


Crime is possible throughout Cameroon, and Yaoundé is no exception. There are certain precautions you can take to reduce the chances of you being a victim:

  • Be vigilant of pickpockets in public places. Do not wear flashy jewelry, and only carry a small amount of cash with you.
  • Avoid walking at night, even more so if you are alone.
  • Stay away from areas of high crime like La Briquetterie and Mokolo market.

Political unrest

Political unrest is an ever-present issue in Cameroon. Yaoundé, being the capital, sees frequent demonstrations and rallies. So, for the period of your stay, avoid any large crowds you might encounter. Unrest can turn violent, and you do not want to find yourself in the middle of that.


Although Yaoundé is filled with ecotourism spots, the harsh reality is that the forest cover of the city is rapidly depleting. Uncontained industrialization and an increasing population have contributed significantly to the pollution levels of the city, which are rising steadily.

An N-95 mask helps block particulate matter from entering the lungs, and is recommended when outdoors if you have breathing issues. 


Yaoundé is affected by two deadly diseases: typhoid and malaria. When in Yaoundé, you are at high risk of contracting these two diseases. So, make sure that before your flight, you are vaccinated against them.

Before You Travel to Yaoundé — Do This


Typhoid and malaria are life-threatening. Get vaccinated against these diseases before stepping into Yaoundé. Also, be sure you’re vaccinated for COVID-19. 

Pack the following

  • An N-95 mask for pollution
  • A slash-proof bag or an RFID wallet to stay safe from pickpockets

Buy insurance

Make sure that avoidable financial difficulties don’t spoil your trip to Yaoundé. Be wise and buy travel medical insurance or travel insurance.  

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