Seattle Travel Insurance

Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington and offers a variety of cultural and ecological diversity. The city of Seattle has endless attractions for a visitor because of the nearby natural beauty. The ‘Emerald City’ is an excellent travel destination for both solo and group travelers.

Whether you love strolling in parks or learning history in museums, the city has a lot to offer. It is also home to some of the largest tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon. But before you begin your journey to this seaport city, buy visitors medical insurance or travel insurance to ensure safety against any unforeseen expenses.

Visitors Medical Insurance for Travelers in Seattle - FAQs

A visitors medical insurance plan is a must-buy to avoid financial stress in case of any mishaps. You are never warned in advance when you could become sick or get injured, and while on your trip, either of these could happen and require medical care. U.S. medical care is known to be expensive. Your visitors insurance plan can cover the major cost of your treatment.

Why buy visitors medical insurance before traveling to Seattle?

Medical emergencies can occur anytime. It is a good idea to stay prepared for such circumstances. Buying visitors medical insurance will help avoid any medical expense-related stress. It can act as a safety net to ensure your peace of mind on your trip.

What should I look for in my Seattle visitors medical insurance?

A good visitors medical insurance plan should include coverage for emergency medical expenses as well as other common benefits like emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, PPO Network participation, and coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

The duration of your travel matters the most when selecting a visitors medical insurance plan. Compare and buy a plan that covers your chosen activities and adventures. Seattle offers good medical facilities but the costs are high. It is good to buy visitors medical insurance that can cover many aspects of emergency hospitalization.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Seattle - FAQs

Buying travel insurance in Seattle will ensure you and your fellow travelers enjoy the city worry-free. Unforeseen circumstances can lead to last-minute cancellations of a booked sightseeing tour, cruise, flight, or adventure activity. These cancellations can also lead to a loss of funds already deposited for the trip. It is a good idea to buy a trip cancellation insurance plan to avoid any financial loss in such situations.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Seattle travel?

Travel costs are high and any unfortunate event can add to your expenses. Having a trip cancellation insurance plan that can cover the cost of a canceled flight, concert, neighborhood tour, and accommodation (if booked) will reduce your stress. It will work to reimburse the costs of your prepaid, non-refundable expenses if the trip is canceled from a reason listed in the certificate wording of the policy. These reasons can vary between plans, but some of the common reasons listed can include weather-related cancellations or delays, emergencies at work, and cancellations by the service provider.

What should I look for in my Seattle trip cancellation insurance?

Read over the trip cancellation policy to know the benefits that are provided under the plan. Benefits to check for include trip cancellation for a covered reason, trip interruption for a covered reason, trip delay coverage, coverage for loss and theft of baggage, and missed connection coverage.

Before you buy a travel insurance plan, check all the terms and conditions to know what is covered and what is not. It should cover cancellation by the provider of all your booked activities, tours, and flight tickets.

Seattle’s Most Popular Places for Travel

Space Needle

This 605-foot-tall (over 184-meter-tall) observation deck has an innovative, saucer-shaped top that offers a 360-degree view of the city. Make a reservation in its rotating restaurant to enjoy a warm meal along with a spectacular view. Visit this iconic tower in Seattle for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Opened in 2012, Chihuly Garden and Glass is an exhibit showcasing large glass artwork of Dale Chihuly. It is situated next to the Space Needle so both can be visited in a day. Have an immersive experience in the glasshouse, galleries, and lush green garden at Chihuly Garden and Glass.

Olympic Sculpture Park

Enjoy scenic walks at the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle. You will find this public park in downtown Seattle. Spread across 90 acres (over 36 hectares), it offers a sculpture museum, a beach, and an indoor pavilion. You can stroll through this urban sculpture park at no admission cost.

The Seattle Great Wheel

Scary to look at but fun to ride, the great wheel at Pier 57 is worth a visit. With safe, well-covered capsules, the great wheel lets you enjoy the scenic view of the city in any season. Do not miss the stunning LED light show displays that run every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Pike Place Market

One of the oldest public markets, the Pike Place Market is not to be missed. Enjoy the true vibes of Seattle as you eat and shop local at this farmers' market. Visiting the original Starbucks is a must when at Pike Place Market. You can buy the Seattle CityPASS and use it to visit some of the city’s main attractions including the Space Needle, Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle Aquarium, and city zoo.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Seattle


Seattle witnesses 150 days of rain and extreme cold climate in the winters. Consider climate conditions when booking your travel dates. Though the city welcomes visitors throughout the year, the best time to visit is from September to October.


Seattle has a lot of hotels and motels. Pre-book your accommodation and take printouts of the receipts. Confirm your reservation before you travel to avoid any last-minute cancellations. A trip cancellation insurance can be your safety net in any such circumstances.


If you are hiring a self-drive vehicle, avoid late-night trips in unknown areas. You should also carry essentials like a city map, flashlight, and first kit. Make sure your service provider rents you an insured car for additional protection.


Book your cruise or local tour from a trustworthy travel planner. You can also check with your hotel if the guide is legitimate.

Medical emergencies

Seattle offers good medical facilities, but costs are high. Research about the area before booking your stay for any medical outbreaks.

Before You Travel to Seattle - Do This

Seattle offers a perfect mix of old-world charm and modern vibes. We have curated the perfect pre-travel checklist for you.

  • Plan to Visit the Hidden Gems: the city has some amazing places to visit that many do not know about. Some of the suggested places include Jimmy Brewery, Gasworks Park, Smith Tower, and The University of Washington. Add these unique spots in your schedule to make your visit more memorable.
  • Pack a survival kit: an intelligent traveler always keeps a survival kit handy. Carry a copy of your passport and visa, a travel adapter, prescribed medications, headphones, currency notes, and hand sanitizer in it.
  • Buy a travel insurance plan: buying travel insurance coverage is a smart decision for a worry-free trip to Seattle. Input some basic information, review the available options, and purchase the plan that works best for you.

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