The capital of Bahrain, Manama is more than just a commercial hotspot. It is located in the middle of important international trade routes, and that has made it a must-visit spot for business professionals. 

But the city also holds the original culture and history of Bahrain in sync with the wonders of modern life. 

The city is a must-see for anyone and everyone visiting the Persian Gulf and wishing to experience something unique. All you need to prepare for your trip to Manama is a sense of adventure, and the right travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers in Manama - FAQs

Medical emergencies can ruin your trip to Manama. What they can also do is empty your bank balance. To assist in paying unexpected medical bills in Manama, you should get travel medical insurance

Do I need travel medical insurance before traveling to Manama?

Bahrain does not require visitors to have travel medical insurance, so it is at your discretion. However, when you consider the exorbitant costs that you could have to pay for medical treatment without coverage, it only makes sense to have it. 

Why buy travel medical insurance before traveling to Manama?

15-37% of international travelers experience health issues abroad. You may not fall into that statistic on your trip to Manama, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for the worst. 

If you buy travel medical insurance for your Manama trip, your plan can assist with your healthcare bills, whether you have a covered injury, infection, or illness.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Manama - FAQs

There are many reasons that can cause you to cancel your trip. Medical and family emergencies, natural disasters, and pandemics are just a few. With every reason, the risk of you losing the money you paid for trip bookings rises. The only way to avert that risk? Get trip cancellation insurance for your Manama trip. 

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Manama travel?

Your trip to Manama can get canceled due to a wide range of reasons. Imagine if your spouse, parents, siblings, or children fall ill. Would you be able to go to Manama then? Or what if the government of Bahrain restricts travel to the country for any reason? 

No matter what the reason you are not able to go on your trip to Manama, you won’t be able to get your prepaid, nonrefundable expenses reimbursed. That’s like paying for a trip that you aren’t even going to take. 

Your Manama trip cancellation insurance can save you from that expense, so long as the cancellation is for a reason that’s covered by the policy.

What should I look for in my Manama trip cancellation insurance?

Your Manama trip cancellation insurance should be able to give you mental peace that no matter what happens, you won’t have to pay for a trip that you won’t be able to take.

Such mental peace comes when the insurance policy has the following coverages: 

Manama’s Most Popular Places for Travel

Manama, the capital city of Bahrain, derives its name from the Arabic word al-Manãma. It means ‘the place of rest’ or ‘the place of dreams.’ The city justifies its name to the core. 

Looking for an unparalleled cultural experience? Would you like a breathtaking view of Islamic architecture? This city has something for you. 

Manama also doesn’t disappoint those looking for a beach vacation. Nighttime partygoers will also find themselves in luck when in town.

Al Fateh Grand Mosque

Located on the King Faisal Highway, the Al Fateh Grand Mosque is the epitome of Islamic architecture, as well as being a cultural marvel. It is one of the largest mosques in the world, and can accommodate up to 7,000 worshippers at once. 

Bab Al Bahrain

Also called Manama Souq, Bab Al Bahrain is the most diverse marketplace on the island. Arabian sweet shops, South Indian restaurants, and Nepalese cafes sit side by side here. You can also shop for a variety of fabrics and spices. 

Gold City

Bahrain is famous for the best and purest gold in the world. The Gold City building in Manama is where you can buy ready-to-wear or custom-made jewelry. Don’t skip taking home a special souvenir from this Arab island.

Coral Bay

Who’d want to miss exploring the underwater pearls when vacationing in the Pearl of Arabia? You can take a boat tour, go jet skiing, or go diving to experience what the ocean has in store. 

La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art

A 150-year-old historical monument, the La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art is located in the heart of Manama. It includes a dance studio, a fine dining restaurant, an open-air amphitheater, and a spa. It is a European-looking structure, but also represents Islamic architecture. 

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Manama

The small island country of Bahrain is generally safe for tourists. The capital city’s safety index is 54, which is another indicator of how travelers can have a safe trip to the archipelago. 

But, for that to happen, you should know what dangers and annoyances are possible in Manama. The following guidelines aim to make you aware of the causes of potential problems. 

Troublesome Transportation 

The roads in Manama are of high quality, but reckless drivers exist. Accidents are possible, especially at night. You can rent a car to drive yourself, or hail taxis, which are expensive. 

Petty Pickpocketing

Manama is a popular tourist destination. Beaches, markets, and tourist hotspots are where you might encounter pickpockets. Keep your belongings hidden and close to your person. 

Weather Woes

In the summer months, the temperature in Manama rises over 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit). Make sure you are armed with sunscreen, water, and proper clothing to beat the heat. Sandstorms and occasional thunderstorms are also possible. 

Modesty Concerns

Bahrain is a Muslim nation, and tourists, especially women, should dress modestly. Be aware of the cultural differences, and respect the local laws and customs of the land. 

Political Problems

While Manama doesn’t have specific political problems that would hinder your trip, there are ongoing tensions with Qatar. This means that there is a curfew in place on the waterways around Bahrain from six in the evening to four in the morning. 

Before You Travel to Manama - Do This

Before you set out to explore Manama and make unforgettable memories, do this:

  • Pack according to the weather. When you visit Bahrain, don’t forget to pack sweaters and scarves for windy winter evenings, and sunscreen and hats for the summers. 
  • Keep your documents in a safe pouch. Have photocopies and soft copies of your documents. You can also leave a set of photocopies back at home with someone you trust. 
  • Buy travel medical insurance or travel insurance. While you should definitely hope for a memorable and trouble-free trip to Manama, it is wise to also plan for the unexpected. With Manama insurance, you can rest assured that you will not have to break the bank no matter what happens. 

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