As one of the least-visited national parks, Redwood National Park is well away from the hustle of American city life and over-crowded, touristy places. The national park was built along the Pacific coastline in 1968 to protect the remaining coastal grove from the axes of lumbermen.

The serene and peaceful vibe of the forest has caught special attention from tourists all across the globe. If your goal is to spend an enthralling vacation amidst the surreal beauty of nature, visit Redwood National Park. Read this guide until the end to find out all about fun activities, things to do, travel tips, and information about travel insurance plans.

Before traveling to Redwood National Park, make sure that you have bought visitors medical insurance or travel insurance to protect yourself financially against any unexpected accidents, illnesses, injuries, or travel mishaps that may occur.

Visitors Medical Insurance for Travelers in Redwood National Park - FAQs

While you are traveling to California, it is natural that you’ll want to set aside enough money for fun activities. However, if you fall sick or get injured while traveling, treatment at a hospital can cost you a lot of money. The cost of healthcare in the U.S. is staggeringly expensive, and there’s no way you’d be able to pay for an emergency room visit or any kind of significant care out of your own pocket. To prevent this kind of burden, be sure to book a visitors medical insurance plan.

Why buy visitors medical insurance before traveling to Redwood National Park?

There are rainfall and drastic changes in temperatures all year round at Redwood National Park. If the weather does not agree with you, you might fall sick. You might also encounter an accident while spending time at the beach, or come face to face with a charging elk while hiking. To make sure that you can take advantage of the best medical treatment available without worrying about the bill, be sure that you have adequate health insurance coverage to your name.

What should I look for in my Redwood National Park visitors medical insurance?

  1. Your visitors medical insurance plan should offer coverage for all adventurous activities you plan to take part in. You may have to purchase an add-on hazardous sports insurance rider to ensure coverage for riskier-than-average activities (like hiking or rock-climbing) that many standard plans don’t cover.
  2. Your visitors medical insurance plan should have a provision for extending the duration of coverage if your trip gets delayed due to any reason and you must stay longer than anticipated.
  3. In case of severe injury, your visitors medical insurance plan should cover the charges for emergency medical evacuation to the nearest medical facility that can offer adequate treatment and repatriation to your home country.

Healthcare in the U.S. is efficient but costly. Instead of losing money at a private medical facility, invest in a visitor medical insurance plan to prevent financial disaster.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Redwood National Park - FAQs

You may have to delay or cancel your trip for any number of reasons. If you have already made bookings and they are non-refundable, you risk losing a lot of money. To avoid losing money on advance payments and cancellation charges, book a trip cancellation insurance plan.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Redwood National Park travel?

Trip cancellation insurance can reimburse you the full amount of your prepaid, non-refundable expenses if you have to cancel your trip for a reason explicitly covered under the policy. Be sure to review your policy’s certificate wording before purchase for a thorough understanding of what situations would (or wouldn’t) qualify you for coverage. The reasons vary from plan to plan. But the most common reasons for cancellation, like flight cancellations or delays or work-related emergencies, are usually covered in a standard plan.

Be mindful that the beaches at the Redwood National Park are the most tsunami-prone in the U.S. In case of a natural calamity, the park will remain closed. In such a scenario, your trip will be ruined. If you have a trip cancellation insurance plan, your company could take care of all your cancellation charges if the policy includes coverage for weather-related cancellations and delays.

What should I look for in my Redwood National Park trip cancellation insurance?

Read through your trip cancellation plan for benefits to check for benefits such as:

  1. Trip cancellation coverage for a covered reason
  2. Trip interruption coverage for a covered reason
  3. Trip delay coverage
  4. Coverage for cancellation due to a professional emergency
  5. Coverage for lost or stolen baggage

Once you buy a travel insurance plan, you will not need to worry nearly as much about financial loss due to emergencies. Check your plan's certificate wording meticulously to make sure if it's adequate or not.

Redwood National Park’s Most Popular Things To Do

  • Drive Through the Scenic Parkway of Newton B Drury: The lush green trees of Prairie Creek surround this 10-mile (about 16-kilometer) scenic road. You can take a beautiful drive through this road stretch and enjoy the cool breeze from the window of your car. Nearby hiking trails like Ah-Pah and Big Tree Way Side can also be followed for a more indulging experience.
  • Spot Roosevelt Elks at Elk Prairie: In North America, the Roosevelt Elk is the largest subspecies of elk, and you can spot plenty of them throughout the entire Redwood National Park. Especially the scenic locations such as Bald Hills Road, Gold Bluffs Beach, Elk Prairie, and the outskirts of Orick town have herds of elk grazing around the nearby grasslands.
  • Camping at Gold Bluffs Beach: The dunes of Gold Bluffs Beach are the ideal spot for camping. The campground’s surrounding areas are also rich in biodiversity. You can go on several hiking trails like Miner’s Ridge Trail and the Coastal Trail from the campsite. Facilities like barbeque pits, flush toilets, and fire pits are also offered in this campground.
  • Take a Stroll Through the Primaeval Fern Canyon: A walk through the Primaeval Fern Canyon will take you through the 50-foot (over 15-meter) walls of ancient ferns. You can explore this incredible canyon entirely with a one-mile (about 1.6-kilometer) loop hike. You will genuinely enjoy the serene and thrilling ambiance of this trail.
  • Explore the Lady Bird Johnson Grove: The Lady Bird Johnson Grove trail is a 1.5-mile (about 2.4-kilometer) meandering path through the old redwoods. While exploring this trail, you will pass by the memorial of Lady Bird Johnson, who largely contributed to the preservation of nature during her tenure as the First Lady of the United States.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Redwood National Park

  • Avoid Picking Flowers: It is essential to be a responsible traveler during your visit to the Redwood National Park. Not only the massive Redwoods, but also small plants and wildflowers play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of this forest’s ecosystem. Therefore, you should refrain from picking flowers or twigs during your trip.
  • Book the Camp Spots in Advance: Campgrounds in the national park, including the Gold Bluffs Beach, have limited spots to offer. So, you should contact the park to book your camping spot in advance to make sure you do not miss out on your plans.
  • Mind Your Steps: Banana slugs and moss often remain scattered on the forest floor of Redwood National Park. Be very careful while hiking to avoid falling and sustaining injuries.
  • Don’t Get Too Close to the Wild Animals: The most attractive feature of Redwood National Park is its rich wildlife. However, maintaining distance from animals is essential for the safety of both human beings and animals. If you come across an aggressive wild animal, distance yourself, find a safe spot, and call the authorities or 9-1-1.

Before You Travel to Redwood National Park - Do This

You are almost ready for your exciting journey to the Redwood National Park. Before you go, consider these suggestions.

  • If you spot a stray wild animal within the park, keep your distance, and immediately call the authorities.
  • Make sure that you have adequate protection against ticks. Carry a pest repellant or simply use tea tree oil on your skin.
  • Be sure to buy travel insurance coverage before you leave for Redwood National Park. Enter some basic trip information, and take the time to review your options. Pick the plan that best matches the needs of your itinerary, your destination, and your travel budget. Once you have adequate coverage, you and your group may enjoy a carefree vacation.

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