Wellington Travel Insurance

The capital of New Zealand, Wellington, is situated cozily between forest-covered hills and beautiful bays. It offers everything from stunning views to great food.

Wellington is filled with natural and man-made wonders; there’s an awful lot to see and do here. Before you go, read on to discover why you should be sure to purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

Wellington Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers — FAQs

When it comes to your health, make no compromises.

In a foreign country, healthcare can be extremely expensive. It is best to be ready with travel medical insurance

Do I need travel medical insurance for Wellington?

As a tourist, it is not compulsory for you to buy travel medical insurance for your trip to Wellington or any part of New Zealand, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need it. Healthcare costs can be extremely high in New Zealand, and your domestic health insurance is unlikely to provide coverage. 

Why buy travel medical insurance for Wellington?

Medical calamities can befall you anytime and anywhere. In a foreign country, this can leave you in financial difficulty that is often crushing. Don’t let such worries ruin your trip.

With travel medical insurance, you can receive the treatment you need for unexpected new injuries and illnesses without being solely responsible for an unaffordable bill. 

Be prepared for the worst, and buy travel medical insurance.

Wellington Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers — FAQs

Sometimes, you can be forced to change your plans. These changes of plans are often expensive and affect your finances, but not if you equip yourself with trip cancellation insurance.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Wellington?

If you’re forced to cancel your trip to Wellington, it is unlikely that you’ll be able to receive a full refund for your prepaid travel expenses. And these expenses can be large, as they include flights, hotel bookings, tour bookings, and other reservations.

With trip cancellation insurance, you can be reimbursed for your prepaid, nonrefundable expenses if you have to cancel your trip for a covered reason. Such covered reasons may include personal illness, a family or professional emergency, travel bans, and other instances as outlined by the policy you purchase. 

What all is covered under trip cancellation insurance for Wellington?

Trip cancellation insurance plans differ from provider to provider. For your trip to Wellington, we would advise you to include the following in your plan:

Stay on the safer side and don’t play with your finances — buy travel insurance.

Things to Do for Travelers in Wellington

Wellington Cable Car (Kelburn Lookout)

This is the best way to experience the charming Kiwi city: take a ride in the famous Wellington Cable Car.

This five-minute ride will depart from Kelburn Lookout and provide easy access to several other places, such as the Botanic Garden and Space Place (Carter Observatory). The breathtaking, panoramic views are a huge plus.

Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

The National Museum of New Zealand is a treasure box full of cultural and historic exhibits. From artwork to artifacts, each item on display tells a wonderful story.

This museum is packed with an array of items that showcase the heritage of New Zealand. Be sure not to miss out on this entrancing experience. 

Matiu/Somes Island

Matiu Island is a secluded getaway close to the main city. It’s a great place for hiking.

If you’re looking for something serene, catch a ferry from the Queens Wharf and head for this peaceful island. It’s an amazing place for cautious and adventurous people alike.

Wellington Zoo

New Zealand’s first zoo, Wellington Zoo, is an acclaimed conservation organization. It’s also an excellent place to visit if you’re a nature enthusiast.

Discover New Zealand wildlife here — the iconic Kiwi bird and the shy tuatara reptile. You can also book additional experiences such as animal talks, feeding sessions, and creature encounters.

Weta Cave

This famous design studio is definitely worth a visit. Especially famed for its creations and sets for the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Avatar, the studio is a standing testament to New Zealand artistry and innovation.

For a behind-the-scenes insight into the studio, book a guided tour.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Wellington

Bumpy flights

Wellington is widely regarded as the world’s windiest city, so be prepared for a bumpy flight as you begin your final approach. Pilots often have to cancel landings because of unsafe wind speeds, and you may face considerable turbulence during landing.

For people with airsickness, this can be a major turn-off. So, if you’re one of them, keep some air-sickness medicine and a sickness bag handy.


Wellington is at a point where two tectonic plates meet. As a result, it is quite prone to earthquakes and tremors. However, there rarely are any major quakes, and all modern buildings in Wellington are designed to withstand tremors.

To be on the safer side, choose a hotel with modern construction. 

High hotel costs

Hotels are expensive. Wellington is infamous for two things: its windy weather and high costs.

Search for budget hotels (such as The Cambridge Hotel and Dwellington).


Wellington is one of the safest cities in the world. However, Americans have complained about pickpockets in Wellington.

Your luggage (and money) is at constant risk in a foreign country. Invest in a slash-proof purse and an RFID wallet to stay safe from pickpockets and bag-snatchers.

Depleting Ozone layer

The New Zealand government has recognized the risk that the depleting ozone layer poses to the country. 

To stay safe, carry your sunblock along with you. We would recommend a strong sunblock with an SPF of 50 or above. Don't take any risks with your health and your body.

Before You Travel to Wellington — Do This

Book tours

Be it the museum, the zoo, or the Weta studio, booking tours will enhance your experience by giving you insider information and background knowledge about the places you are visiting.

Pack appropriately

Throw in a couple of coats to protect yourself from the harsh winds of Wellington.

Equip yourself with a slash-proof purse to avoid pickpockets.

Buy insurance

We cannot stress this enough — if you want to enjoy your trip without subjecting yourself to financial risks, buy travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

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