The country of Guinea-Bissau is located in West Africa. Historically, it was once the part of the Kaabu and later the Mali Empires of Africa. Later, it was also under Portuguese rule for a while. Portuguese is the official language of the nation.

Many ethnic groups reside in Guinea-Bissau, like Fula, Balanta, and the Mandinka, among others. Some Portuguese natives also reside here, along with a tiny Chinese population, making the country culturally diverse.

The capital of the country is Bissau, which was added to the name to prevent confusion with another country, Guinea. Traveling here would allow you to explore more facets of African life. It will be a vacation to remember. As you’re planning your trip, make sure to buy travel insurance or travel medical insurance to cover any unexpected accidents, illnesses or injuries that could occur.

Guinea-Bissau Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

Medical insurance is meant to provide coverage for sudden medical expenses if you are ill or injured in a foreign country.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Guinea-Bissau?

It is not legally required to buy medical insurance before traveling to Guinea-Bissau. However, having a plan in place will leave you tension-free.

Why buy travel medical insurance for Guinea-Bissau?

With travel medical insurance, there will be no more reasons to worry about sudden medical expenses you might incur during your stay. You could get injured by a stingray or get a snake bite on the island. Natural disasters can also strike. But the insurance will cover all the resultant expenses of treatment.

Travel medical insurance will also take care of evacuation, if necessary, and if the terms are included in the insurance.

Guinea-Bissau Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

Opting for trip cancellation insurance will make sure you do not have to end up paying for cancellations in case something happens in the country and your plans are ruined.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Guinea-Bissau?

Trip cancellation insurance will make sure that if you have to cancel your trip for a reason explicitly listed in your policy, you won’t have to pay for your missed trip or canceled bookings. Be it a natural disaster, political unrest, or disease outbreak, the insurance company will take care of the costs.

There are insurance policies that will pay the reimbursement, even if you cancel the trip. But make sure to read the fine print and be sure your reason for cancellation is covered.

What all is covered under travel insurance for Guinea-Bissau?

Guinea-Bissau travel insurance will cover the following:

  • Sightseeing cancellation
  • Snorkeling cancellation
  • Beach tour cancellation
  • Camping cancellation
  • Flight delay or cancellation
  • Hotel booking cancellation
  • Car rental cancellation

Things to Do for Travelers in Guinea-Bissau

There are plenty of sights in Guinea-Bissau to engage you.

  • Camping on lonely islands: If you want to go off-grid for a while and enjoy nature’s beauty, then the islands of the Bijagos Archipelago are perfect for you. There are hardly any foreigners here and the locals come here occasionally. You can arrange for transport to drop you off and then pick you up on a set date. Carry all your essentials with you and have a novel experience camping on deserted beaches.
  • Enjoy the Carnival: The annual carnival held during February or early in March is the best time to enjoy the local revelry. The streets are full of dancers, musicians, and mummers. There are rock band performances and local beauty contests. The vendors serve lots of good food. It is a beautiful way to experience the ethnic diversity of the place.
  • Go Deep Sea Fishing: If you are fond of fishing and want to take it to the next level, you can hire a boat and go deep sea fishing. The boat owners know all the best spots. Plus, you can catch some rare varieties like barracuda and tarpon. You can take a ferry ride from Bissau as well.
  • Watch Green Turtles: Watching the Green turtles in their natural habitat is such a pleasing sight. You might also just be in time to see the eggs hatching in a nesting site. You can also spot the Olive Ridley turtles, the leatherback, and the hawksbill. You need to travel to the Joao Vieira-Poilao Island Marine National Park to catch a glimpse of these species.
  • Tour the historical town of Cacheu: The place is famous for the battle that took place in 1567, where Drake and Hawkins fought against the Portuguese. There is also a fortress here from the 16th century and it still retains some of the original guns. You can also watch spectacular sunsets from this spot.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Guinea-Bissau

Here are some of the things to watch out for when you visit Guinea-Bissau.

  • Drug trafficking: As Guinea-Bissau is still a developing country, some people try to make money by unethical means, and selling drugs is one of them. Be careful if a drug peddler approaches you, and give him a firm “no”. Do not leave your bags unattended. Peddlers often try to sneak packets into the bags of unsuspecting tourists to get through checkpoints.
  • Snakes: Be careful while walking in the dark or in the grass. The islands are notorious for the venomous Green Mamba and the Cobra. While the locals are used to their presence and know how to tackle them, you need to be extra cautious to protect yourself.
  • Stingrays: The waters are also somewhat dangerous as stingrays swim close to the shore. Be careful while diving and always look out for signs. Try not to provoke the sea animals while diving or snorkeling. Avoid going to the sea altogether if there are warnings of a cyclone or hurricane.
  • Driving accidents: Driving accidents sometimes take place at night because streetlights are very scarce in Guinea-Bissau. The drivers also drink and drive at night, and they are the main reasons behind the accident. Take care to avoid traveling at night as much as possible.

Before You Travel to Guinea-Bissau - Do This

  • Make sure the weather is clear and calm during the time of your visit, especially if you have plans to dive or go deep sea fishing.
  • Always sail with licensed boats and ferries, and make your bookings in advance with the rentals.
  • Always keep your ID with you, and keep your documents updated. Checks are conducted frequently to combat rising rates of human trafficking.
  • Keep an eye out for weather forecasts and check if there is any warning for cyclones or hurricanes.
  • Get travel insurance for Guinea-Bissau before you land in the country, and you will be able to tour its beautiful land and beaches with complete peace of mind. Enter some basic personal details, browse a wide variety of options side by side, and pick the plan that best fits the needs of this particular trip.

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