Lagos is a wonderful city of islands, sandbars, and lagoons. The urban and natural landscapes of the city provide a beautiful contrast, giving tourists a fulfilling travel experience. Lagos is also a major cultural center that attracts people from all over the world to enjoy its vivid atmosphere. Visiting is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you should take advantage of. But before you leave, remember to purchase travel insurance or travel health insurance as a safeguard against unexpected accidents, illnesses, injuries, or travel mishaps.

Lagos Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

In a crowded city such as Lagos, with aggressive traffic and weather harsh enough to make you lightheaded, the risks are massive. Therefore, it is recommended for you to carry travel medical insurance in case you need medical care during your time there.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Lagos?

No, travel medical insurance is not legally required to visit Nigeria. However, practically speaking, it is still necessary. You never know when accidents or injuries might strike, and it is only prudent to have health insurance as a safety net.

Why buy travel medical insurance for Lagos?

Travel medical insurance policy can cover coverage for emergency medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains to your home country, accidental death & dismemberment, return of minor children, and more. These expenses would otherwise be a huge burden on your own pocket. Don't play with your life savings – make sure to buy travel medical insurance. Enjoy your vacation with one less thing to worry about.

Lagos Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

Imagine this – you have booked an airline ticket and are all ready to go to Lagos. You're very excited for your trip to begin, but then your daughter falls ill and you have to stay home to take care of her. No refunds will be made. How would you feel? Frustrated? Disappointed? In such a case, trip cancellation insurance can ease your financial burdens.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Lagos?

A trip cancellation insurance plan is a vital purchase to make. It can reimburse you for the full cost of your prepaid, non-refundable trip expenses if you have to cancel for a reason listed in your policy's certificate wording. Be sure to read this fine print before purchase for a full understanding of what situations would (and wouldn't) be covered. It varies by plan. But most standard plans do cover the most common reasons for cancellation, like getting sick, work-related emergencies, or weather-related flight cancellations and delays.

What all is covered under travel insurance for Lagos?

Your travel insurance plan should ideally cover trip cancellation and trip interruption for covered reasons. You can also look for benefits such as coverage of lost and stolen luggage, trip delay coverage, missed connections coverage, and more.

Buy travel insurance and travel to Lagos without undue fear of financial losses due to cancellations.

Things to Do for Travelers in Lagos

Lekki Conservation Centre

One of the most popular attractions for tourists, the Lekki Conservation Centre has a lot of rich flora and fauna that will bring you closer to nature. It's a peaceful experience that you should not miss. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the main city, and spend some time at the Lekki Conservation Centre.

Tarkwa Bay Beach

Lagos is home to many beaches. Tarkwa Bay Beach is one of the best in Lagos and is popular as a weekend resort for families, as it is safe for children. It also offers water sports for all adventure enthusiasts. The beach is only accessible by boats or water taxis, so head over to Marina or Mekwe Jetty if you want to go to Tarkwa Bay. Here, you will find the means to travel to the beach.

Freedom Park

A former colonial prison, the Freedom Park in Lagos preserves the history of Lagos and is the most famous cultural hub of the city. The park is both a historical landmark and a recreational center where tourists can enjoy themselves. Some of the events that you can take part in at Freedom Park are Eko Theatre Carnival and the Adire Heritage Festival, which take place annually.

Nike Art Centre

A good reason for going to the Nike Art Centre – it's absolutely free. Several Nigerian artists display their works in this gallery. You are free to look at the biggest collection of art on the African continent, and if you want to, you can even buy a particular artwork that catches your eye. Every art lover should visit the Nike Art Centre.

Victoria Islands

The Victoria Islands are one of the most refined areas you can visit in Lagos. There's a lot of wonderful cafés and restaurants that you can try out, and don't forget to have a taste of Nigerian food. This area is also known for its nightlife.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Lagos


There's no doubt about it – Lagos is a busy city. You can see this in all the congestion and traffic jams on the roads. Not only is it difficult to get around, but the traffic can also be dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists, and even passengers. Be careful as you drive around the city (if you rent a car) or make sure that the driver you are going along with is from a well-known and reliable cab service.


Lots of petty criminals roam the streets of Lagos. As a foreigner, you are a target for pickpockets who might grab your wallet—or even steal your luggage at the stations—the first opportunity they get. Consider buying a slash-proof purse.


Lagos is one of the best cities in Nigeria. Yet, it has its problems with crime. A particularly high crime rate is observed in Port Harcourt, so do your best to stay away from that region.


The city of Lagos is fairly warm in climate. It is recommended to carry sunscreen and a sun hat with you to protect your skin. Regularly replenish your body with water and electrolytes.


The warm and tropical weather, humidity, and the many water bodies around Lagos make it a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. To avoid contracting diseases such as malaria and dengue, carry some plug-ins and mosquito repellents along with you.

Before You Travel to Lagos - Do This

  • Get used to the heat: Walk in the sun for about 15–30 minutes daily. Get your body accustomed to sunlight and heat. This will help prepare you for the weather in Lagos.
  • Purchase a slash-proof purse: Lagos is infamous for its petty crime and notorious pickpockets. Before going to Lagos, buy a slash-proof purse so that you won't get robbed of your hard-earned money.
  • Buy travel insurance: Every smart traveler buys travel insurance or travel medical insurance. Make sure you do, too. Don't play with your life savings and stay on the safe side. Enter some basic information about your trip, compare your options, and select the plan that best matches your own personal needs.

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