Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, offers an endless array of activities to its visitors. Located in the basin between the Yangming and Central Mountains, this modern metropolis will reveal itself slowly as you explore it. With busy shopping streets, contemporary buildings, world-class museums, beautiful gardens, and age-old temples, you'll find plenty to discover.

Because things can even go wrong even when on vacation, before you travel to Taipei, be sure to purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers in Taipei - FAQs

With globally renowned places of natural interest and fantastic shopping experiences, Taipei won't fail to amaze you. But you never know what emergencies might occur when you're traveling abroad. To save your hard-earned money in case of necessary medical treatment, make sure you're traveling with travel medical insurance.

Why buy travel medical insurance before traveling to Taipei?

Medical facilities in foreign countries can be expensive, and utilizing them can be devastating to your finances. But when you have travel medical insurance, the cost of your treatment can be covered. Don't let a trip to the hospital when vacationing leave you stuck with large bills. Purchase travel medical insurance so you can be covered.

What should I look for in my Taipei travel medical insurance?

Travel medical insurance can cover the cost of treatment for emergency illnesses and injuries when traveling abroad. In addition to this, some policies may provide coverage for adventurous activities, emergency medical evacuation and other specific coverages. Be sure to examine the policies available to you carefully, and pick the travel medical insurance that offers you the coverage you need.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Taipei - FAQs

When you see an attractive offer while planning for your trip, it is hard to resist pre-booking your flight or hotel to take advantage of it. But what would happen if you suddenly had to cancel that trip? Nonrefundable cancellations or hefty cancellation charges could cost you big. This is why it's so important to get trip cancellation insurance.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Taipei trip?

If you unexpectedly get sick or have a family emergency, that trip you worked so hard to save for and plan might be put in jeopardy. Likewise, a typhoon or natural disaster could cause your flight to be canceled, making travel impossible.

If you have no choice but to cancel your trip, trip cancellation insurance can reimburse you for those non-refundable charges. This way you won't lose your money. With trip cancellation insurance to back you, you can plan your trip with some peace of mind.

What should I look for in my Taipei trip cancellation insurance?

In addition to coverage for trip cancellation, your travel insurance can provide coverage such for instances such as:

Before buying travel insurance, be sure to read the fine print so you have a thorough understanding of what is and isn't covered.

Top Tourist Destinations in Taipei

Taipei 101

Once the tallest building in the world, Taipei 101 is regarded as a ‘green-building' due to its environmentally friendly features. Go to the observatory on the topmost floor. From here you can enjoy breathtaking views of the city. The building also has shopping malls, cafés, and exhibits of spectacular paintings.

National Palace Museum

With over 700,000 ancient artifacts on display, the National Palace Museum is another popular tourist destination. The museum houses an enormous collection of Chinese artifacts and artwork, some more than 10,000 years old. These valuable artifacts were removed from China's mainland and brought to Taipei during the time of Japanese occupation. The collection includes bronze art, jade art, porcelain, and priceless jewelry. You can rent headphones which will offer commentary in English as you navigate through the museum.


With its youthful vibe, Ximending offers you a cool shopping experience. The numerous shops, accessory stores, eateries, and karaoke joints, mean you'll have plenty to do here. The bustling neighborhood lights up at night, which is the best time to visit it. You can spend hours enjoying the nightlife in this area.

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

The memorial hall was constructed in honor of political leader Chiang Kai-Shek. It's one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Taiwan. The memorial hall has exactly 89 stairs, which signifies the age at which the political leader died. You'll be mesmerized by its beautiful gardens and ponds. It's the best place to retreat from the bustling city. Stroll through the serene gardens and rejuvenate your body and spirit.

Longshan Temple

Situated in the district of Wahua, Longshan Temple is one of the oldest temples in Taiwan. It's a popular place of worship for Buddhists. The tranquil vibe of the temple won't fail to calm your soul. Inhale the sweet fragrance of incense and enjoy a peaceful retreat here.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Taipei

Weather Conditions

The best time to visit Taipei is in spring between April and June. During these months the weather is calm and soothing. Winters in Taipei are pleasant too, with temperatures ranging between 20°C (68°F) and 13°C (56°F). Summer is hot and receives ample rainfall. Typhoons can occur in Taipei, but most of them strike with mild intensity.

Getting Around the City

The best way to get around the city is via the metro. It's convenient, reliable, and easy on your wallet. The buses in Taipei display information in English and so you won't have a problem navigating through the city when you take them. As most tourist destinations are accessible by public transport, it's the best option for you. Driving a rental car in Taipei is not advisable. Traffic is heavy in the city and parking spaces are expensive. Taxis can be expensive too, though they are cheaper than taxis in other developed countries.

Safety Concerns

Taipei is a safe city to visit. Crime rates in the city are low, but pickpocketing and scams are not unheard of. The following tips will help you ensure your safety so that you can have a pleasant experience while you're in Taipei:

  • When traveling in crowded places such as Tai-Chung Railway Station and Ximending, make sure you keep an eye on your belongings. Pickpocketing incidents are more frequent in these areas.
  • Carry a card from your hotel with the address written in the local language. It'll be useful if the driver doesn't understand English.
  • Typhoons are common during the months of July to October. Avoid going to Taipei during this time. If you're still traveling, make sure you have access to up-to-date forecasts.
  • Although the city has extensive CCTV surveillance, be on guard when traveling in dimly lit places at the night.

Medical Concerns

When you're in Taipei there's a risk of catching Dengue fever. Wear long clothes when possible and cover exposed skin with mosquito repellent. Another common health concern is an upset stomach. Although it's not serious, it can ruin a pleasant travel experience. Be aware of where you are getting your food, and drink bottled water whenever possible.

Before You Travel to Taipei - Do This

  • Pack mosquito repellent. When you're in Taipei, be sure to apply it regularly.
  • Check the weather forecast. The official website of Taiwan Tourism is a great resource to keep you updated on inclement weather.
  • Purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance to protect your finances during unexpected events.

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