Nigeria Travel Insurance

Nigeria, is a dominant player on the African continent. The capital, Lagos, is a thriving metropolis with lots of new-age tech industries, upscale properties, and booming nightlife. Bu step out of the capital, and you will be greeted by a plethora of attractive sites. From ancient ports to stunning lakes, forests, and beautiful hills, Nigeria has a lot to get you hooked on. But before you leave, be sure to buy travel insurance or travel health insurance to stay protected against any unexpected illnesses, injuries, or accidents.

Nigeria Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

Illnesses and accidents occur all of a sudden while you are on a vacation abroad. You need to get treatment for yourself or arrange for a medical evacuation. Both will cost you a large amount of money. To stay protected from such financial hassles, it’s best to get Nigeria travel medical insurance.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Nigeria?

You would be allowed entry into Nigeria without travel medical insurance. But it’s advisable to go for this insurance as it offers financial protection in the event of a medical emergency while you are vacationing in Nigeria.

Why buy travel medical insurance for Nigeria?

Medical facilities in Nigeria are just a shade better than basic. And private clinics and hospitals in the cities are quite expensive. Hence, it makes sense for you, the international traveler, to buy Nigeria travel medical insurance before your journey.

Nigeria Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

Sure, you hate the thought of cancelling your much-awaited upcoming trip. But sometimes, events beyond your control will make this unwelcome decision for you. And a trip cancellation also means a high financial loss. Nigeria trip cancellation insurance is a solution.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Nigeria?

All of your trip-related, prepaid, non-refundable expenses are headed for a sure loss if anything causes you to cancel the trip. But trip cancellation insurance can guard you against such losses. The insurance can reimburse you for these expenses if you end up having to cancel for a covered reason as listed in your policy’s certificate wording.

What all is covered under trip cancellation insurance for Nigeria?

The best travel insurance in Nigeria would cover the standard reasons for cancellation like the death or injury of someone close. Other reasons might be hazards at the destination, workplace exigencies, etc. To ensure peace of mind, international travel insurance.

Things to Do for Travelers in Nigeria

Nigeria is a big country, and landscapes change within a few miles. Cross over a plateau from a savannah—and you are now in a rainforest. Expect to meet a tribe within a few moments of meeting another, each more exotic than the last. That’s how geographically and culturally diverse this country is.

  • Yankari National Park: This well-endowed park is a treasure trove for eco-tourists. You would get to see herds of the famed and massive African elephants. And rumor has it that the highest number of these pachyderms can be seen in this park. Also, check out the cave dwellings of the ancient natives of the land.
  • Kainji Lake National Park: One of the must-visits in Nigeria, the beautiful Kainji Lake is surrounded by dense forests that are now protected game reserves. This park is home to exotic Guinean woods and fascinating fauna like hippopotami, roan antelopes, and swinging and frolicking baboons. You can also spot herds of crocodiles in the lake waters. So, don’t attempt to swim here.
  • Gashaka Gumti National Park: Spread over more than 6,000 square kilometers (more than 2,300 square miles), this national park offers breathtaking views at every step. Undulating hills covered with lush green forests welcome you everywhere. Meandering rivers that frequently become roaring waterfalls are also a sight to watch. Rare bird species like the red-faced lovebird call this national park home. You would also get to come across African golden cats and elephants here. Catch the buffalos frolicking in the waters and the chimpanzees monkeying around everywhere.
  • Erin-Ijesha: Visit the tiny town of Erin-Ijesha and get a glimpse of the magnificent eponymous waterfall by the town. This waterbody traverses two states and jungles and makes a seven-tiered journey. Take a walk through the verdant forests leading to the falls, and take a bath in the catchment areas. Additional attractions here are the hot springs in nearby Ikogosi. A bath here would relax your muscles and work wonders for the skin, as well.
  • Okomu National Park: Remnants of the once-massive virgin rainforests of the area can be seen in Okomu. The park lies between the mangroves by the Atlantic and Benin City. The park doesn’t have too much of a tourist influx owing to its remote location. As a result, you can view the flora and fauna here in peace. Rare animals like the pangolin, leopards, chimpanzees, elephants, etc., have made this park their home.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Nigeria

With all its beautiful scenery and plethora of wildlife species, Nigeria is an attractive destination for tourists. Here are some risk factors against which you should be on guard.

  • Be very careful about your cash and valuables. Avoid traveling after sundown, and stay away from desolate corners of the city.
  • Scammers might lurk around at the airport. They pose as representatives of hotels and promise rock-bottom room rental rates. Strictly avoid such people. Book a car in advance from the hotel where you plan to stay.
  • Swimming in the coastal waters should be reconsidered when there are rip tides and strong currents. Pay full heed to the warnings issued in this regard by the local authorities.

Before You Travel to Nigeria…

Take proper care of your travel documents and store them securely.

Don’t carry all your cash in one place.

Buy a Nigeria travel medical insurance plan that suits your purpose to the highest extent. How to get travel insurance? Just click the link, enter some basic trip information, and compare a wide variety of options side by side.

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