Greece Travel Insurance

Greece is the cradle of Western Civilization. It was the birthplace of the Olympics and western philosophy, logic, and reason. Throughout Greece, a traveler will come across many surprises, from the birthplace of Alexander to the Agora of Athens.

With extensive coastlines along the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Adriatic Seas and a warm climate, the country hosts 33 million visitors every year, more than three times its population. If you've added Greece to your list of places to visit, don't just book your hotel and airline tickets; get travel medical insurance or   travel insurance so you can stay protected.

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers in Greece – FAQs

Greece is an incredibly popular tourist destination for millions each year. With so many ancient sites to explore and things to experience, it's important to protect yourself in case of accident or injury. To safeguard your budget if you need medical attention in Greece, get travel medical insurance.

Greece Travel Insurance Requirements

Greece is a part of the Schengen Area. Therefore, in order to visit Greece, residents of certain countries are required to get a Schengen visa to visit. Schengen visa holders must have compliant health insurance.

Residents of Australia, Brazil, Canada, the USA, New Zealand and many other countries do not require a visa to visit Greece for up to 90 days, and are therefore exempt from the requirement for health insurance. However, being exempt does not mean you should go without. Travel medical insurance is highly recommended for all visitors, as domestic health insurance usually will not provide sufficient coverage in Greece.

What should I look for in my Greece travel medical insurance?

If you require a Schengen visa, your health insurance must provide coverage for emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, and at least €30,000 in medical benefits.

Remember that private healthcare facilities can be very expensive. If you get injured or become sick and require treatment, not having insurance would result in you being required to pay the entire bill out of your own pocket. For this reason, be sure to get travel medical insurance with coverage that suits all of your needs on an international trip.

Greece Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

International travel is rarely a last-minute affair. It's usually necessary to book your travel plans many months in advance to get the best deal. However, what if your trip suddenly needed to be canceled? Are you sure you would be able to get your money back for those prepaid bookings? To help you do just that, get trip cancellation insurance.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Greece?

When you pay for airline tickets or hotel reservations in advance, it's often mentioned in the fine print that they aren't refundable, or that they charge significant cancellation fees. When a trip must be canceled, it's usually due to something that's beyond your control like an illness or injury, family emergency, or a natural disaster. Don't get stuck with nonrefundable tickets or be forced to pay to cancel your plans. Get trip cancellation insurance so you have the option to be reimbursed for these charges.

What can be covered by trip cancellation insurance for Greece?

Travel insurance can be a tourist's best friend both before, and during the trip. Depending on the plan you choose, you can take advantage of coverage for:

Not all travel insurance plans are the same. They can each offer different types of coverage and benefits. Read the policy wording of the plans available to you carefully. This way you can make an informed purchase and be confident you have the best travel insurance for Greece to meet your needs. 

Greece's Most Popular Places for Travel

Acropolis, Athens

One of the most famous destinations in Greece, the Acropolis of Athens is an enormous complex of monuments located on a 500-foot-tall hill. The earliest buildings here date back over 3,300 years. The most well-known monument here is the Parthenon. The iconic colonnaded structure was built in 447 BC to worship Athena. Archeologists have explored this site for over 200 years. Most of the artifacts found here are on display at the New Acropolis Museum. The view of Athens from this hilltop fortification is astounding.


The second-largest city of Greece has a metro population of about one million. Located 500 kilometers north of Athens, it takes a day to get here if you are traveling by car or train. Thessaloniki is connected to almost all major European capitals by air.

Like the rest of Greece, the city is known for ancient monuments and relics. This region was the center of Greece during Byzantine rule. The city walls from that era have survived intact. Its rich history spans centuries, and you can see the relics at the Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Byzantine Culture.

However, there is more than just history here. Thessaloniki is home to numerous bars, vibrant nightlife, and the highest concentration of cafes in Europe. It is also a center of academia as two of Greece's largest universities, Aristotle University and the University of Macedonia, are located here.

Mt. Athos

For those so inclined, there are offbeat destinations too. One of them is Mt Athos, a remote island, where strict Eastern Orthodox monastic Christian traditions have been followed for the past 1,000 years. There are at least 50 monasteries with over a thousand monks living in them on the tiny island in this northeastern area of Greece. What is astounding is that they live entirely secluded from the rest of the world. The monasteries are sparse, but the medieval artwork on the walls is spectacular. It can seem as if you have stepped back 10 centuries in the space of a few hundred yards from the boat dock to the cloisters.


Mykonos is a tiny island that is known for its beautiful beaches and boating trips. Like all things Greek, there is a tale that the island was born when Hercules defeated Giants during his labors. With narrow cobblestone roads and immaculate whitewashed buildings, Mykonos is a charming destination. You could walk from one end to the other in an hour. At its end, there are picturesque windmills and the old harbor area. It is not a typical resort, but a carefree place where your time is spent staring over the placid waters and drinking local wine.


Corfu is all about stunning beauty. At every step, you find a landscape or seascape that is astounding in its natural beauty and worthy of being remembered on a postcard.

Visit Cape Drastis to the north. It is a dramatic spot for watching sunsets. The old town of Kerkyra is attractive and filled with restaurants that offer fresh seafood. On the way, you can visit Vlacherna Monastery located on an islet in the middle of the sea. It is a unique convent set against the backdrop of the sea and rugged hills. Take a boat ride to the islet and spend an hour exploring the old structure.

Greece Travel Restrictions

Greece suspended all COVID-19 testing and vaccination requirements on May 2, 2022. Travelers from all countries may now enter Greece without proof of vaccination or any mandate to provide a COVID-19 test.

However, Greece may begin requiring unvaccinated visitors to provide COVID-19 rapid tests beginning again in September, 2022, so be sure to check with your destination before you travel for the latest requirements.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Greece

Be respectful of tradition

Greece is an easygoing place, but to some visitors it may seem more conservative than what they're used to. Be respectful and dress appropriately when you visit any of the churches or monasteries.

Take a taxi

Traffic and driving laws can be intimidating for foreign visitors in Greece. To avoid the stress, take a taxi, bus or train rather than renting a car to get around.

Stay hydrated

The Mediterranean climate in Greece can be a little warm in the summer. If you aren't used to hotter weather, make sure to stay hydrated and rest when needed.

Cash is king

Although tourists can use debit and credit cards in hotels and malls, you won't be able to pay local guides or small restaurants with them. Be sure you have cash on you for these things.

Before You Travel to Greece - Do This

  • Maintain scanned copies of your travel documents, passport, visa, etc. on a USB or hard drive.
  • Keep your valuables secure when sightseeing, and never leave them unattended.
  • Make sure to purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

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