Estonia Travel Insurance

Estonia is a country with a rich, complex past. Its culture, art, music, and architecture bear testimony to this fascinating history. Estonia is also a wonderful place to celebrate the Christmas holidays, as they are celebrated with a mix of traditional, modern, and other local customs.

Experience an immersive and exhilarating vacation in the "Land of Mary." You're sure to also find a land of fascinating natural beauty, delicious cuisine, and innumerable adventures.

Prior to your trip to Estonia, be sure your finances can be protected from unexpected medical or travel expenses. Get travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers in Estonia – FAQs

When you get sick or become injured at home, you seek treatment. You visit your doctor or go to the hospital, where you present your insurance and get the treatment you need. However, what if it were to happen during a trip abroad? The medical facility may not accept your domestic health insurance at all. You still need the treatment, so you could end up with a bill that damages your finances for years to come. To lessen the chance of a big financial hit due to emergency medical treatment, get travel medical insurance.

Why buy travel medical insurance before traveling to Estonia?

Emergencies and accidents happen without warning. You can't predict a broken ankle, stomach flu, or something worse. The cost of medical treatment in Estonia can be extremely high for foreign visitors, so it only makes sense to get insurance that can provide coverage. When you consider the relatively low cost of insurance compared to the bill you'd receive from an uninsured medical procedure, the choice to buy insurance is easy.

What should I look for in my Estonia travel medical insurance?

Health insurance requirements for Estonia can vary depending on where you're traveling from. Visitors from certain countries must get a Schengen visa to enter Estonia. If this is the case for you, Schengen visa insurance is a requirement. In order to be compliant, this insurance must provide coverage for repatriation of remains, emergency medical evacuation and a minimum of €30,000 in medical coverage.

Some visitors are exempt from these requirements, and thus exempt from the requirement to have compliant insurance. However, it is still strongly recommended that all visitors get travel medical insurance. It has the potential to save you a lot of money.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Estonia – FAQs

It's understandable to have a bit of anxiety when preparing for a trip far abroad. One way to ensure you can sleep more soundly is with the knowledge that your finances are protected. Trip cancellation insurance can help protect you from major financial loss in the event of an unplanned trip cancellation or travel mishap.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Estonia travel?

The money we commit to an international trip can make up a large part of our annual budget. From airline and event tickets to hotel reservations and activity bookings, it can be a big investment. It's important to remember that no matter how well you've planned a trip, it's always possible it could be canceled. Personal or professional emergencies, health problems, and even flight cancellations can prevent you from traveling at the last minute. But what about all the money you've already paid?

Your tickets and reservations may be nonrefundable or charge cancellation fees, but thankfully, there's something you can do about it. Trip cancellation insurance provides a way to receive reimbursement for these expenses when your trip cannot go forward due to a covered reason. If you have no choice but to cancel your trip, at least give yourself the opportunity to be compensated for it.

What should I look for in my Estonia trip cancellation insurance?

Your travel insurance plan can provide financial reimbursement due to any travel-related event listed in the policy. Since the coverage offered by different policies can vary, it's imperative that you read through them carefully before purchasing. Common travel insurance can include coverage for:

Explore other options available to you like passport replacement, flight insurance or cancel for any reason coverage. It's your trip. Get the coverage you need to ensure it goes smoothly.

Estonia's Most Popular Cities for Travel


Tallinn is a breathtaking mixture of nature, medieval architecture, and modern amenities. The Old Town is full of vintage restaurants, souvenir shops, and hotels. The city is also located within driving distance of many natural wonders like Kadriorg Park and Aegna Forest Island.


A day spent in Tartu will transport you back to the 19th century. The city is still replete with classic German and Slavic buildings, which now house excellent bars and cafes. Tartu is also home to the "Tartu vaim," a spirit that locals claim gives a special vibe to the city.


Saaremaa is Estonia's largest island, and is a magnificent sea of green in the ocean. Covered with pine and spruce forests, the island is a paradise for all nature lovers. The city of Kuressaare is a vast spa and sauna hub, which of course is a big hit in the cold winter months.


Otepaa is colloquially known as the winter capital of Estonia. Its hilly slopes are full of hikers and exciting terrain, which provides a great landscape for all winter outdoor activities. Don't forget to take a cable car ride to the top of the snowy mountaintops, as the view is perfect for photos.


If Otepaa is the winter capital, then Pärnu certainly stakes its claim as Estonia's summer capital. It is a warm and sunny coastal town that comes alive with revelers and beachgoers during the summer months. There are plenty of opportunities for  windsurfingsurfing in the ocean, jet skiing, and scuba diving.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Estonia

What should you keep in mind while planning your Estonian holiday? A few simple tips can help you have a fun vacation.

The Best Time to Travel

The islands and beach towns of Estonia come alive in the summer (May to September). These months also see a lot of festivals and special tours. So, grab some sunscreen, and you're good to go! Skiing enthusiasts should hit the slopes from December to March.

Adventure Activities

You will undoubtedly explore the outdoor sights all over the country. Make sure that you only use the services of a licensed outfitter for the equipment. Employ an instructor if you are an amateur.

Petty Crime

Estonia is a safe and comfortable destination for international tourists. You should stay on guard for pickpockets in crowded tourist areas though. Always have the contacts of local emergency services stored on your phone.

Local Laws

It's important to be aware of a peculiar ordinance in Estonia. Pedestrians walking at night are expected to wear a small reflective medallion on their clothing to make them more visible to motorists. It is possible for police to fine you if you forget to wear one. Luckily, most large tourism entry gates are happy to provide visitors with reflectors to wear.

Getting Around Estonia

Most parts of the country are easily accessible by train or bus. The trains are reliable and quite affordable. A train ticket from Tallinn to Tartu will cost you no more than about €10. Alternatively, you can rent a car if you want to have a flexible and spontaneous itinerary.

Before You Travel to Estonia - Do This

  • Pack for the weather. If you visit in the winter, make sure that you have ample warm clothes and equipment. The temperature in the mountains can become dangerous without proper attire.
  • Backup your documents. Always have digital copies of your passport, visa, drivers license, etc. in case you lose the originals.
  • Insure yourself. Don't leave your health or finances up to chance. Get the right travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

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