Ghana Travel Insurance

Are you planning to spend your holidays on the continent of Africa? How about starting your tour by dropping anchor in Ghana? Roosted in the western portion of Africa, Ghana is a flourishing country. There is a lot of hustle and bustle in the country as the economy is growing and getting better.

So, pack your bags and spend a leisure vacation in Ghana. But before you go, make sure to buy travel insurance or travel medical insurance as protection against any unforeseen accidents, injuries, or illnesses that might occur on your trip.

Ghana Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

The idea of vacationing in Africa sounds great. But, you must always secure your travel plans first. For starters, buy Ghana travel medical insurance.

You may not be aware, but in case of emergency healthcare, the cost of treatment can be very pricey. Having a travel medical insurance plan with appropriate coverage can help shield you from the cost.

Do you need a travel medical insurance plan in Ghana?

You are not legally required to purchase a travel medical insurance plan. That said, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Why take the risk of footing expensive bills of hospitalization in case of a health emergency? Travel medical insurance can provide for your expenses of medication.

What are the benefits of buying travel medical insurance for Ghana?

A good travel medical insurance plan with optimum coverage offers plenty of benefits. It could provide coverage for.

  • Charges of hospitalization
  • Medication expenses
  • Costs of transportation, such as the transportation by ambulance
  • Emergency medical evacuation

Without travel medical insurance, you will be shelling out riches to pay the bills.

Ghana Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

Traveling to a foreign land is exciting. But, it is always prudent to safeguard your travel plans. For instance, it would be in your best interest to buy Ghana trip cancellation insurance.

It comes handy in case you are obliged to call off your trip. Unforeseeable circumstances can spring up at any time. So, don’t cry and regret that the money you spent is gone forever. Travel insurance with trip cancellation coverage works to reimburse your prepaid, non-refundable expenses if the trip is canceled for an approved reason in the policy.

Why should you buy trip cancellation insurance for Ghana?

Buying Ghana trip cancellation insurance is a wise move. It saves your money in case you need to call off your trip for an approved reason as listed in the policy.

A vacation can go from being perfect to topsy-turvy in the blink of an eye. Ghana trip cancellation insurance can protect your money from being wasted if the worst happens.

What does a trip cancellation insurance plan for Ghana cover?

Trip cancellation insurance can provide coverage for:

  • Delay or cancellation of a trip for a covered reason
  • Delayed or canceled flights
  • Cancellation of hotel bookings
  • Loss of personal belongings
  • Missing baggage
  • Emergency cash services

Things to Do for Travelers In Ghana

Ghana is one of the most welcoming countries in Africa. You are not just paying for an enjoyable safari experience. In Ghana, you win a chance to relish and be a part of the cultural festivities.

There are beaches as pretty as pictures. Lakes, lagoons, waterfalls, rock formations, and deserts—in short, the scenic beauty of Ghana will take you by surprise.

Let’s quickly take a look at some of the coolest things you can do as a traveler in Ghana.

A pleasure-filled stroll through Jamestown

Jamestown is a cultural hub by the seaside and is a community brimming with fishermen. With the onset of the popular Chale Wote Street Art Festival, visitors have been rolling into the neighborhood.

The classic and heritage colonial buildings are enticing to see. Jamestown is more like a dream, with festivals, carousing, and celebrations making the town feel vibrant with joy.

This adorable seaside town is worth a visit. There’s a lighthouse to see. Keep strolling on High Street, and you will bump into the Ussher Fort.

Are you planning to rest and relax during your holiday? Well, do not miss the opportunity to grab a seat at the Osikan and enjoy a drink. Nested pretty high on the rocks, the view from Osikan is simply breathtaking. You can also spot the famous castle of Osu from there.

Visit the Larabanga Mosque

Popularly known as the “Mecca of Western Africa”, the Larabanga Mosque is one of the oldest constructions in Ghana. The mosque was constructed using reeds and mud.

Larabanga Mosque is a typical example of a time-honored Sudanic-Sahelian style of architecture. Here’s a little interesting fact about the building: Every side of the mosque has two entrances. One is for the women and the other one is for the men.

The mosque has withstood disastrous weather conditions and storms. Renovations have been done, but the architecture remains untouched. No forms of remodeling have been done.

Do not miss feasting on local cuisines

There’s a wide variety of food you can take pleasure in. But, instead of sitting down at a fancy eating place, try and eat at the chop bars. Wondering what chop bars are?

Well, these are quaint roadside eateries with no frills. The tables are low, which means that sitting here could be a little uncomfortable because the seats are too low.

If you are a food lover and you love exploring new food options, chop bars are your best bet. Visit one of these for lip-smacking Ghanaian cuisine. Some of the crowd favorites are banku, or dumplings created out of fermented corn, and jollof rice alongside scrumptious meat stews. Fufu is a popular item on the menu, dumplings with fillings of plantain and cassava.

Do you favor open terraces or rooftop venues? If yes, then do visit Buka. Legon and Osu also have a few popular eateries preferred by tourists.

Indulge in a canopy walk at Kakum

How often do you get a chance to cross bridges that are crafted of ropes? Kakum is a tropical rainforest reserve that is picturesque on its own. The place is abundant with flora and fauna.

Kakum is home to monkeys and a vast variety of birds. If you are lucky, you can spot endangered animals like antelopes or a guinea fowl with a vibrant white breast.

The 350-meter (about 1,150-foot) canopy walk, hanging at a height of about 40 meters (about 130 feet) from the ground, is quite a thrilling experience. Don’t worry, the ropes will not wear out. They are supported by aluminum. There are wooden planks placed to help tourists march across the bridge safely.

To keep people from sliding off the trail, the canopy bridges are safely surrounded by nets.

Now, while you are in Cape Coast, it is worth stopping by at Hans Cottage Hotel to grab some lunch. But, the best perk—you can pet a crocodile at Hans.

Visit the crocs at the ponds of Paga

You cannot wind up your vacation without dropping by the sacred ponds of Paga. They are home to the mammoth Ghanaian crocodiles.

Surprisingly, the crocodiles here are quite mild and docile. You should pay a visit to watch them in person.

As of today, Paga is a crocodile sanctuary. The pond is home to these crocs. There are 110 crocodiles here, and it is believed that the oldest crocodile in the pond is 80 years old.

Being tourists, this is a golden chance to kiss goodbye to your fears. You can sit on the crocodile, feed the mammoth animal some chicken, and touch its spiny tail, too. Don’t miss your play-date with the reptiles.

Travel Risks for International Travelers In Ghana

Ghana is a relatively safe country. The crime rate is pretty low, there’s no political instability of any sort, and the country is peaceful and free from conflicts. But, there is some criminal activity that you must be wary of.


As tourists in a foreign land, you must always be vigilant. Incidents like petty theft and purse-snatching occur in places frequented by tourists, such as beaches and marketplaces.

Credit Card Fraud

Fraud related to credit cards is a significant problem in Ghana. Always keep your eye on your card. It takes only a second for your card to disappear.


Drugs are a growing issue in Ghana. Cocaine and heroin are easy to obtain. Do not get involved in any drug-related activities like trafficking or smuggling. The authorities are pretty strict in curbing the growing drug issues in the country.

Driver Fraud

Always confirm the identity of your driver before hopping in a taxi or a car you have booked. Thefts are common, and fraudsters are on a roll. So, be observant and always check for valid IDs.

Before You Travel to Ghana...

  • The landscapes of Ghana are mesmerizing, but the heat can hit you hard. Be prepared and carry light and airy clothes.
  • Keep all essential documents like your passport and visa in a secure place.
  • Do not forget to take shots for immunization. You must get vaccinations for Yellow Fever and Hepatitis A and B before you set foot in the country.
  • Carry and use mosquito repellents, because malaria is very common in most African countries.
  • Bring a decent amount of cash. Withdrawing from ATMs is not highly recommended. Don’t keep it all on you, though. Bring what you’ll need for the day, and keep the rest in a secure place in your hotel room.
  • Don’t neglect to purchase travel insurance coverage. Compare Ghana travel insurance plans, and buy a suitable one for peace of mind while on your trip to Ghana.

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