Vietnam has something for everyone. For adventure lovers, there are motorbiking and trekking opportunities. For food fanatics, there is incredible local cuisine. And for those looking for a luxurious vacation, Vietnam has that, too. But before you leave, be sure to purchase the best Vietnam  travel medical insurance or travel insurance  for your needs to stay financially protected against unexpected accidents or emergencies.

Vietnam Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

Travel health insurance for Vietnam is a sound use of available resources to make sure you don’t end up spending more than you can afford for healthcare in a foreign country. Travel medical insurance for your trip to Vietnam ensures that you can spend your time enjoying, relaxing, and exploring—not worrying about what you would do if you fell ill or had an accident.

Is travel insurance mandatory for Vietnam?

Travel health insurance is now optional to visit Vietnam. However, when you consider the potential cost if you get sick or injured, it's a smart idea to have it. 

Why buy travel medical insurance for Vietnam?

Healthcare in Vietnam is expensive. Unless you are sure you have no qualms about emptying even the deepest of your pockets, buy travel medical insurance. Accidents and sudden medical conditions can always strike, even in Vietnam, and require costly hospitalization. Other than that, in certain emergencies, medical evacuation to Bangkok or Singapore would be necessary. That can be extremely expensive. The best solution is insurance with comprehensive coverage.

Travel Insurance for Vietnam - FAQs

Trips get canceled all the time. Situations like flight issues, carrier hassles, personal complications, political and financial instability, and natural disasters all pose a high risk to international travelers. To make sure the time leading up to your Vietnam trip is not marred by anxiety related to the unforeseen, get the best travel insurance Vietnam for complete mental peace. Travelers forced to cancel their trip for one of the reasons explicitly listed in their policy’s certificate wording are eligible for benefits.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Vietnam?

Travel insurance in Vietnam is not compulsory. It is among those things that you should be doing not for the law but for your own peace of mind. To ensure that some set of circumstances beyond your control doesn’t land you in a financial nightmare, you should buy trip cancellation insurance for Vietnam.

What all is covered under trip cancellation insurance for Vietnam?

When you buy travel insurance, you have two trip cancellation insurance choices.

The usual trip cancellation insurance covers the financial burden for some specific reasons, which include disease, death, disaster, and work-related reasons. Again, read the fine print of your policy to know what’s covered. There is another policy available called Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR). Under this policy, you are covered for cancellation for any and all reasons (within certain parameters as explained in your policy).

While the usual trip cancellation insurance should suffice for your trip to Vietnam, you can opt for CFAR for an added layer of coverage. Ultimately, the best travel insurance for Vietnam will depend upon your desired level of coverage. 

Things to Do for Travelers in Vietnam

It is obvious that you would want to see and do everything “touristy” when you reach Vietnam. But, once you are done with those, you’ll be itching to scratch below the surface and explore the real and raw side of the country. There is a lot more to Vietnamese culture than just bubble tea and conical bamboo hats. Here are five attractions to be sure to include in your schedule:

  • Visit the closed-down Thuy Tien water park in Hue: By paying a small fee to the security guard outside this closed-down water park, you can enjoy the incredible sights of abandoned pools and slides. There won’t be restaurants and shops, but it is worth it.
  • Take the Ho Chi Minh City tour: Reserve one day of your trip for a complete tour of Ho Chi Minh City. Also, visit the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum for a glimpse of the city’s namesake, politician Ho Chi Minh, resting in a glass case.
  • Visit the Crazy House in Da Lat: This guesthouse is probably the craziest on the planet. We won’t ruin the surprise by describing it for you; we’ll just let you see it for yourself. You can also ask questions about the building to its creator, who stays on site.
  • Go kayaking, biking, or climbing: If you are looking for an adventurous thrill in Vietnam, ask your tour operator or travel agent to schedule a guided kayaking, biking, or climbing activity for you.
  • Shop at the floating markets: There are many floating markets in the Mekong Delta, given its extensive river system. You can choose from major and minor markets and shop to your heart’s content.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Vietnam

Any international travel destination comes with some share of risk—even Vietnam, which often tops lists of the safest destinations for international travelers.

Be wary of the following risks:

  • Insect-related diseases are the most common problems that you might face in Vietnam. The healthcare system is great but expensive. In an extreme case, medical evacuation might be needed.
  • Be aware that marijuana is illegal in Vietnam. You might find motorbike taxi drivers offering to sell you some, but don’t take the bait: At best, you are likely to get a bag of herbal tea, and at worst, if caught, you’ll be arrested in a foreign country. And reporting that kind of fraud to the police (or your travel insurance agency) obviously isn’t an option. Also, be cautious while exchanging money, as money switching is common.
  • Despite active policing, petty crimes do happen, especially in tourist areas.
  • If you are planning any underwater activities, check that your guide or operator is licensed and equipped to handle medical emergencies.

Before You Travel to Vietnam: Do These

Before you visit Vietnam, here are three things that you should do:

  • Make sure you have both U.S. dollars and Vietnamese dong. You can withdraw dong from the ATM on arrival. Usually, dong works out as a cheaper alternative for local expenses.
  • Haggling and bartering are part and parcel of the Vietnamese culture. This is especially so when it comes to international travelers. If you don’t want to feel ripped off, it is always worth asking the shopkeepers to give you a better price. But don’t go too low, either, or you might have to leave without making a purchase.
  • Understand the risks that you might face when in Vietnam. Depending on your itinerary, the number of days that you plan to stay, and your risk tolerance, get Vietnam travel insurance. Compare a wide variety of plans side by side, and purchase the one that best fits your needs. This ensures peace of mind and a financial safety net in case of adversities.

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