Kigali Travel Insurance

Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, is often referred to as the “Singapore of Africa.” A most beautiful country with an attractive capital city, Kigali.

Today, Kigali is among the most cosmopolitan African capital cities. It has an array of tourist attractions, international-standard hotels, diverse restaurants, as well as roads and skyscrapers. It also serves as a base to travel to the rest of Rwanda. Spend a few days in this charming city before you head out for the gorilla sighting trips. Kigali is sure to grow on you.

But before you go, read on about the benefits of purchasing travel medical insurance or travel insurance.

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers in Kigali– FAQs

The healthcare facilities in Kigali are basic, apart from a few institutions. If you fall sick while vacationing in Kigali, you would need to spend a lot of money on treatment. But travel medical insurance can help with these expenses. 

Additionally, Rwandan law requires you to have a travel medical insurance policy before entering the country.

Why Buy Travel Medical Insurance Before Traveling to Kigali?

Having adequate health insurance is the law to visit Rwanda. If you arrive in the country without it, you will be required to purchase coverage; and that coverage may be far less comprehensive and more expensive than what you could have purchased beforehand. It is better to be prepared and purchase travel medical insurance before arriving. 

Besides, you can’t predict when you might fall prey to a disease or an accident while vacationing abroad. Treatment or emergency medical transport would be expensive, so that’s why it’s better to buy travel medical insurance before your trip. This would save you a lot of money in the event of a physical mishap.

What Should I Look for in My Kigali Travel Medical Insurance?

Many reasons might necessitate hospitalization during your vacation abroad. The policy that you have bought should cover all of these reasons. Make sure that it includes coverage for emergency medical evacuation as well.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Kigali – FAQs

Why Should I Get Trip Cancellation Insurance for My Kigali Travel?

You need to make advance payment for flight tickets and, at times, also for destination trip packages. Almost all of this is nonrefundable, so you would lose all of this money in the event of a cancellation. That’s why you must opt for trip cancellation insurance and stay protected financially.

What Should I Look for in My Kigali Trip Cancellation Insurance?

The commonly occurring causes for trip cancellation should have a place in the policy. Read the policy documents carefully before you buy travel insurance. Consider coverage for the following:

Kigali’s Most Popular Places for Travel

The hilly and lush capital city of Rwanda is among the cleanest in Africa. Take a relaxing walk in the city amidst the spick and span neighborhoods. For the next two days, chalk out an itinerary to visit some of the memorable places in town. 

Kigali Genocide Memorial

Several hundred thousand Tutsi were slaughtered in the infamous 1994 Rwandan genocide. This memorial is a tribute to those souls. It also serves as a reminder of those horrifying days. 

The visit might be emotionally taxing at times, but it also helps to acquaint you with the country’s past and the indomitable spirit of the Rwandans who rebuilt their country and capital city. Spend some time in contemplation in the garden outside the memorial.

Rwanda Art Museum

Check out the colorful Rwanda Art Museum. It is among the eight national Rwandan museums. Located in the erstwhile Presidential Palace, the center has more than 100 works of art on display. Paintings by local and international artists find a place here. You can also view sculptures, ceramics, and other pieces of art.

Kimironko Market

Indulge in some shopping, or simply walk through Kigali’s largest and busiest market, the Kimironko Market. This market is a delightful labyrinth, containing various products sourced from a large part of East Africa. Selling mostly garments, the shops will awe you with their array of clothing that comes in every possible color. 

The expert tailors here will also measure you and stitch the clothes of your choice within a couple of hours. While they are at it, you can sip on some coffee at the small cafes all around. You can also check out the fruit and vegetable stalls here.

Question Coffee Café

Coffee is among the main contributors to Rwanda’s economy. The country exports most of the crop, earning millions of dollars in the process. Get to experience this top-class coffee at Question Coffee Café. This café sources its products directly from local farmers. This allows you to taste the coffee with its natural flavors intact. Also, try out exotic creations, like coffee with tree tomato extracts!


While Rwanda isn’t known much for its cuisine, Nyamirambo is a sort of exception. This place has a slew of eateries that serve the most delectable grilled tilapia. The fish is garnished with onions and exotic spices. One fish can be enough for a few people, so solo travelers would do well to find some companions for this visit. Wash down your meal with some locally-brewed beer. This will be a perfect rounding off for your Kigali trip.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Kigali

Irrespective of what many “informed sources” might tell you, Kigali is among the safest African cities. The city has a cosmopolitan culture and a tourist-friendly local populace. The government is taking regular initiatives for all-around progress of the city. All of this has made the country and its capital a sought-after place to travel. However, don’t let your guard down entirely. You will still need to exercise some basic caution.

Be Careful in Crowded Places

Pickpockets abound in the crowded parts of Kigali, just like they do in most cities. Keep your wallet and other valuables close to you, and use a money belt instead of a wallet that can be easily swiped.

Don’t Go on a Photo Spree

Admittedly, you will want to capture the sights and sounds of Kigali on your camera or cellphone, but don’t be overzealous in doing so. Don’t take photos of military or government establishments, prisons, bridges, or border posts. The security staff or police won’t waste a minute in confiscating your camera. They might even arrest you.

Stay Protected Against Mosquitoes

Malaria is a menace in Rwanda. Kigali, though less affected than the countryside, still suffers from a mosquito problem. Always carry mosquito repellent with you, even inside your hotel room. Be more careful when you are visiting bodies of water or forested areas outside the city. These are perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Be Aware of Local Customs

Kigali, while being a cosmopolitan city, still hasn’t foregone some of its traditional beliefs. While same-sex relationships aren’t banned, they aren’t necessarily socially accepted; neither are public displays of affection, irrespective of gender. 

Eating or drinking in public places is something that Rwandans look down upon. So, stuff yourself in restaurants or your hotel room. Also, don’t drive under the influence of alcohol in case you are on a self-driving trip.

Don’t Drink Tap Water

The government is making every attempt to improve health and sanitation conditions in the country. However, you shouldn’t take risks when it comes to drinking water. Stick to bottled mineral water, even in restaurants or your hotel. Avoid consuming ice with your drink, as the source water is likely tap water.

Before You Travel to Kigali - Do This

  • Rwanda is a plastic bag-free country. Make sure that you are not carrying any plastic bags with you while entering Kigali. The airport authorities will confiscate them, and you would also be doing a disservice to the Rwandan government’s attempts at creating environmentally-friendly surroundings.
  • Before taking photographs of local people, ask for their permission. While the local population is friendly towards tourists, they don’t like being photographed against their wishes.
  • The Rwandan Genocide of 1994 is something that has left an indelible scar on the psyche of the nation. So, refrain from raising topics related to the genocide. 
  • Purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance to protect your health and your pocketbook. 

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