Are you headed to Iowa for your next great adventure? You will not be disappointed. Iowa is a beautiful state cradled by the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. You can enjoy boating, sailing, biking, and many other adventurous activities while visiting Iowa. Read this guide until the end to find out about must-visit destinations, popular activities, travel tips, and information about travel insurance plans. Travel smart, and purchase a visitors medical insurance or a travel insurance. Insurance plans can protect you from expenses in case of medical emergencies or unexpected cancellations.

Visitors Medical Insurance for Travelers in Iowa - FAQs

Healthcare is notoriously expensive in America. The state of Iowa is no exception. Even a minor injury or illness can cost you a fortune if you seek treatment at a private hospital. Therefore, to avoid major expenses from these surprise emergencies, you should purchase visitors medical insurance before your trip to Iowa.

Why buy visitors medical insurance before traveling to Iowa?

You will mostly travel outdoors while visiting Iowa and participate in adventurous activities. You could have an accident or catch a cold. Injuries and illnesses cannot be predicted beforehand to be avoided. Even if there are no severe health concerns, hospitals will charge you heavily for treatment. Avoid spending a fortune, and book a visitors medical insurance plan.

What should I look for in my Iowa visitors medical insurance?

  • Your visitors medical insurance plan should offer coverage for acute onset of pre-existing medical conditions.
  • If you are traveling with your family, book a visitors medical insurance plan that offers cheap coverage for children.
  • Look for a plan that offers coverage for accidents related to adventurous sports you wish to take part in.
  • Many visitors medical insurance plans participate in a PPO Network.

Do not settle for a cheap plan that doesn't meet your requirements. Even if visitors medical insurance plans seem expensive, remember that it is nothing when compared to the charges at a private medical facility. Carefully choose and buy visitors medical insurance to prevent financial catastrophe.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Iowa - FAQs

No one would be happy to see their trip canceled at the last minute, but these events sometimes take place. What makes the cancellation worse is the lost advance payments. Transportation and lodging account for the majority of your travel budget. In case of a non-refundable cancellation, you stand at the risk of losing a fortune. To avoid such unnecessary expenditure, book a trip cancellation insurance plan.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Iowa travel?

Iowa experiences a steady flow of tourists throughout the year. If your flight or hotel booking gets canceled suddenly, it would be a task to find another reservation. To stop worrying about expenses due to cancellation, invest in a trip cancellation insurance plan. This plan can work to reimburse you for the prepaid and non-refundable expenses you made if the trip is canceled under an approved reason in the plan. Common expenses include plane tickets, hotel reservations, event tickets, and rental car bookings.

What should I look for in my Iowa trip cancellation insurance?

  1. Coverage for cancellation due to trip cancellation or trip interruption due to a covered reason, or trip delay coverage.
  2. Coverage for cancellation due to natural calamities.
  3. Coverage for lost or stolen baggage and valuable items.

Buy travel insurance, and stop worrying about cancellation charges. Make sure to check your plan's certificate wording to see what it does and does not cover.

Iowa's Most Popular Cities for Travel

Des Moines

Visit the Des Moines Art Center, which features one of the largest collections of modern art in the United States. Take a guided tour of the Iowa State Capitol building. You can head right over to the Downtown Farmer's Market to buy fresh produce and enjoy live shows. The city is studded with restaurants, opera houses, and museums where you can enjoy a relaxed evening with your choice of entertainment. Popular tourist attractions include Pappajohn Sculpture Park, Des Moines Performing Arts, Salisbury House and Gardens, and World Food Prize Hall of Laureates.


Dubuque is an industrial town where you can enjoy marvelous artwork and engage in fun, outdoor activities. You must visit the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium. It is a splendid compound where you can also participate in fun activities. After that, head to the Fenelon Place Elevator. It is said to be the shortest and most scenic railway in the world. While you are in Dubuque, don't miss out on the Eagle Point Park, Dubuque Museum of Art, Stone Cliff Winery, and Julien Dubuque Monument.

Sioux City

Looking for a romantic weekend getaway? Visit Sioux City, which sports great architecture and is filled with charming cafes and pubs where you can enjoy a variety of cuisines. Popular tourist spots in Sioux City are the Sioux City Art Center, Sioux City Public Museum, Lewis and Clark Information Center, and the Sergeant Floyd River Museum.


Davenport is popularly known as the cultural hub of Iowa. Here you can enjoy the excellent art scene and the lively city life. You can always watch a game like baseball, golf, or ice hockey. Do not forget to visit the Figge Art Museum, Vander Veer Botanical Park, Putnam Museum, and the Village of East Davenport.

Iowa City

Enjoy the fresh, youthful vibe of Iowa City, home to the University of Iowa. There are countless breweries, wineries, and restaurants which will keep your taste buds content. You can visit the local museums and concert halls, and to make things better, there is almost always some festival or event going on in Iowa to liven up your trip.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Iowa

When to Visit

The temperature in Iowa falls below the freezing point in winter. Even autumn and spring tend to be quite chilly at times. Summer is the best season for visiting Iowa. The temperatures are pleasant, allowing you to make the best of your trip.

Discover The Great Lakes

Visit Okoboji, located in northern Iowa. This small city is home to a group of three lakes i.e. Big Spirit Lake, West Okoboji Lake, and East Okoboji Lake. You can enjoy several watersports like sailing, swimming, fishing, and canoeing in Okoboji

Experience The National Balloon Classic

Visiting the nine-day National Balloon Classic in Indianola would allow you to see thousands of hot air balloons brightening up the sky. You can also watch amazing fireworks and taste delicious dishes at this festival.

Explore the Iowa Wine Trail

Take a drive through the Mississippi Valley and explore the wineries in Anamosa, Baldwin and Decorah. Enjoy the trip, but do indulge too much on this trail.

Before You Travel to Iowa - Do This

You are almost ready to travel to Iowa. Before you go, consider these three suggestions.

Iowa often experiences sudden rainfall. Before you go, check the weather report from a trusted government site.

If you plan to tour the Iowa Wine Trail, book a driver so that you can taste all the wine you want.

Buy adequate travel insurance coverage so that you and your travel companions can enjoy a carefree vacation. Be sure to purchase the best plan for you after entering some basic information and comparing your options.

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