Edinburgh, Scotland is a compelling mix of the old and new, with Gaelic monuments next to avant-garde contemporary architecture. You can travel to Edinburgh by train or flight from London. About 50 miles (80 kilometers) to its west is Glasgow, the biggest city in Scotland. Whatever you decide to do in Edinburgh, before you leave, you should purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance as a financial safety net against unexpected accidents, illnesses, injuries, or travel mishaps.

Edinburgh Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

Edinburgh has an extremely robust public healthcare system and several private hospitals. Anyone falling sick here is assured of the best care possible. However, the public healthcare is burdened and is not available to short-term visitors, anyway. That leaves private treatment, which is costly. To save yourself the burden of a costly hospital visit, buy travel medical insurance.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Edinburgh?

There is no provision in the law that you need travel health insurance when you visit Edinburgh. But it is worthwhile to remember that treatment can be expensive, and accidents and injuries can happen at any time. Due to this reason, we advise you to purchase adequate travel medical insurance.

Why buy travel medical insurance for Edinburgh?

The historic city of Edinburgh is a feast for the eyes. However, that does not mean you would not suffer an accident while there. If treatment is expensive, it will drain your resources. That is why we advise you to buy travel medical insurance and be safe. You can get coverage for emergency medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, the return of mortal remains, accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D), and more.

Edinburgh Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

If your trip is canceled, it is truly unfortunate. But it can happen to anyone. No one can predict weather-related flight cancellations, for example, or the sickness of a loved one. But if you do have to cancel your trip, you'll likely be mourning the loss of your advance payments on plane tickets and hotel rooms. And that is why trip cancellation insurance is a must.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Edinburgh?

Large parts of your expenditure have been made beforehand. You have already paid for hotel rooms and flight tickets. If the trip is canceled, it is easy to make up for this loss with trip cancellation insurance. Trip cancellation insurance can reimburse you for the full amount of your prepaid, non-refundable trip expenses if you have to cancel for a reason included under the policy. A full list of reasons eligible for cancellation benefits is in your plan's certificate wording. Be sure to review this list thoroughly before purchase so you understand what situations are covered.

What all is covered under travel insurance for Edinburgh?

There's more to travel insurance than just trip cancellation benefits. You can also get coverage for trip interruption for a covered reason, trip delays, missed connections, baggage loss, and more. Travel insurance is the best friend of any seasoned traveler.

Things to Do for Travelers in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, a country located in the northern part of the United Kingdom. The city is not very large, with a population of about half a million. Since ancient times, it has played an important role in Scottish history.

The city is reputed for its hospitality and deep-fried Mars Bars! Shocked? Well, Edinburgh does tend to march to its own beat. There is plenty to do here, and we have narrowed it down to a handful of some of the most interesting things we found.

Visit the Edinburgh Castle

It is a world-famous site that overlooks the city of Edinburgh from a height of almost 500 feet (about 150 meters). At one time, it was the residence of Scottish kings, but it now serves as a museum. Located on Castle Rock, a volcanic formation, the fort has been occupied twice by English soldiers. The building houses the Crown Jewels of Scotland. It is enormous, and the main attractions are the National War Museum and St. Margaret's Chapel. It is common to spend a day here and have a picnic on the extensive grounds. From the terrace, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the city below. At 1 p.m., there is cannon fire, an old tradition that is still followed every day (except Sundays).

Stroll Down the Royal Mile

It is a mile-long street (about 1.6 kilometers) that stretches from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace. It is a cobbled roadway comprising of five different roads in the Old Town, none of which are called the Royal Mile. It has been the site for traditional processions and parades attended by the monarchy over the past five centuries—hence the name. The highlight is the Royal Mile Market, a veritable treasure trove of knick-knacks, jewelry, and artisanal food specialties from preserved fruits to cured meats.

Explore the Craigmillar Castle

The Craigmillar Castle is located almost in the middle of Edinburgh. Unlike the Edinburgh Castle, it is not in good condition, but the ruins provide you a glimpse into the distant past. The castle was constructed in the 15th century and occupied for 300 years. Gradually, it fell into disrepair and was abandoned. At one time, Queen Mary of Scots lived here. The fortifications and towers are still an impressive sight. If you love history, this site has to be on your itinerary.

Delight in Scotch Whiskey Experience

Scotland is famous for whiskey. If you are an aficionado, especially of the lively taste of single malts, you should visit the Glenfiddich Distillery. Or you could also visit The Scotch Whisky Experience, located in Castlehill. This is a museum and store rolled into one. It is a heritage center jointly owned by several of the biggest brands to popularize the single malt. You learn about whiskey-making and the exactness that accompanies the distillation process. There is a bar and restaurant where you can enjoy your drink with a lovely smoky salmon steak.

Climb up Arthur's Seat

An extinct volcano with a quaint name. Edinburgh is full of surprises. If you have been partaking in too many calories while in Scotland, the climb to the top would do you good. If the weather is good, you can see several miles in every direction. It is hard to imagine a volcano inside of a modern city, but that is just one of things that make the city unusual and interesting.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the nicest places you could visit. The people are friendly and welcoming. However, in an unknown city, bad luck might find you in surprising ways. Beware of the following when in Edinburgh.

  • If you want to tour the city on the lovely double-decker buses, be careful that you carry exact change. The bus driver would accept only cash and not provide any change.
  • The weather can be miserable. It rains without warning due to its proximity to the North Sea. Be sure to carry an umbrella and raincoat. It can also be chilly, even during the warmer months, so shorts would probably not be a good option.
  • While most everyone speaks English here, the local accent may completely change the sound of the English you are used to. Looking up some familiar terms commonly used may help with this.
  • Residents have differing opinions on whether or not Scotland should break away from the United Kingdom, and not everyone agrees. Politics can be a touchy subject in this part of the world, so it is better to refrain from this topic if possible.

Before You Travel to Edinburgh: Do This

Edinburgh is a lovely city, and we wish you a safe trip. However, please remember the advice given below.

Your travel documents have to be maintained in a separate folder.

Purchase sufficient travel insurance or travel medical insurance before you set out. Don't just pick the first plan you see. Take the time to compare your options and select the plan that best meets the needs of your travel destination, your itinerary, and your budget.

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