Without a doubt, Mount Rushmore is one of the most recognizable symbols of the United States. The massive 60-foot faces of US presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln carved into a mountain face in the Black Hills of South Dakota have been captivating visitors for generations.

But what should visitors know about Mount Rushmore before they go? And what visitors medical insurance or travel insurance should they buy? Read on to find out.

Visitors Medical Insurance for Travelers visiting Mount Rushmore – FAQs

If you’re planning a road trip to see the sights as part of your trip to the United States, it’s important to do everything you can to protect yourself and ensure you have a safe, stress-free visit. One of the most important things you can do to accomplish this is to purchase visitors medical insurance.

Do I need visitors medical insurance for Mount Rushmore?

The USA doesn’t have any sort of law that requires tourists to buy visitors medical insurance when they enter the country. However, the cost of healthcare in the US practically makes it a requirement. Most people simply can’t afford to get treated at a hospital or clinic for an unplanned illness or injury without health insurance. If you’re visiting the USA from another country, visitors medical insurance is your best option for this coverage.

Why buy visitors medical insurance before visiting Mount Rushmore?

The US has some of the most expensive healthcare in the world, and the domestic health insurance from your home country probably won’t be accepted here. All it takes is one missed step, an unexpected illness, or an auto accident to land you in the hospital and saddle you with a bill for tens of thousands of dollars. You simply must have visitors medical insurance to protect you from high American healthcare costs.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers visiting Mount Rushmore – FAQs

If you’re taking a vacation to see Mount Rushmore domestically, you’ll almost definitely be reserving a hotel room, vacation home or cabin ahead of time, and you may be paying for airfare up front. Have you thought about what would happen if you had to cancel your trip? Your reservations are likely nonrefundable, so you’ll want to make sure you have trip cancellation insurance to get reimbursed.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance before traveling to Mount Rushmore?

Trip cancellation insurance can reimburse you for your prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses if you have to cancel your trip for a covered reason like a personal illness, family emergency, or natural disaster. This is incredibly important. Without trip cancellation coverage, you may be forced to pay for the majority of a vacation you cannot take.

What can be covered by trip cancellation insurance for Mount Rushmore?

Trip cancellation insurance can continue providing coverage once your trip begins. It can offer travel delay and trip interruption coverage, and even lost baggage protection. And if you’re traveling somewhere outside your PPO network, you may really appreciate the emergency medical coverage.

Mount Rushmore’s Most Popular Activities

Nearly 2.5 million tourists visit Mount Rushmore each year to experience all that it has to offer. What should you do once you arrive? We recommend these activities.

Admire the Mountain

Obviously this is the main reason most visitors come to Mount Rushmore. Go to the Grand View Terrace and admire these incredible 60-foot faces carved into the rock between 1927 and 1941. Be sure to snap plenty of pictures!

Walk the Presidential Trail

To get a different view of Mount Rushmore, take off on the Presidential Trail. This 0.6-mile trail provides closer views of the mountain among the granite rock outcrops and beautiful ponderosa pines. Just keep in mind that the trail has 422 stairs to negotiate, and it is closed in the winter.

Visit the Sculptor’s Studio

Mount Rushmore was designed by sculptor Gutzon Borglum. You can visit the museum to view a presentation by a park ranger about Borglum’s process and the lives of his workers, and even view the original plaster scale model that the carvings were modeled after. The presentation takes 15 to 30 minutes, and is only available to visitors during the summer.

See the Lincoln Borglum Visitor Center

Head beneath the Grand View Terrace to the Lincoln Borglum Visitor Center to see a variety of exhibits relating to the creation of Mount Rushmore. You can even view a 14-minute educational film. There are enough exhibits here to occupy you for up to an hour, and the visitor center is open year-round.

Key Guidelines for Visitors to Mount Rushmore

Getting to Mount Rushmore

The vast majority of visitors to Mount Rushmore base their trip out of Rapid City, South Dakota. From there, the most popular way to see Mount Rushmore is by driving a personal car or rental car. However, there are private tour companies operating out of Rapid City that can bring you by bus. There are no public transportation options, so you will need to arrange your transport ahead of time.

Driving Tips for Mount Rushmore

Although it is not located in a heavily populated area, the roads around Mount Rushmore can get fairly congested during busy times. As these are winding mountain roads, you must drive carefully to avoid an accident. Stay off your phone and keep your eyes on the road at all times.

When to Visit

Although Mount Rushmore is open to the public year-round (with the exception of December 25 for all buildings), the most popular time to visit is in the height of summer. South Dakota is typically pleasant in June, July, and August. You can visit in winter, but it could be snowy and quite cold, and some of the visitor attractions are closed for the season. The best time to visit is before 9am and after 3:30pm to avoid crowds. 

Before You Visit Mount Rushmore – Do This

  • Plan a trip itinerary that includes other attractions in the Black Hills of South Dakota. There’s a lot to see here.
  • Bring sunblock. You can get burnt quickly in the summer if you’re outdoors.
  • Buy visitors medical insurance or travel insurance to protect yourself and your finances.

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