When you think of Aspen in Colorado, you can’t help but think of perfectly manicured ski runs, luxurious cabins, and fine dining. And while Aspen has all of those things, it has so much more.

Aspen is truly a year-round destination for nature lovers, with some of the best outdoor activities surrounded by scenery that’s as stunning as any place on earth. Ready to experience it yourself? Shop for visitors medical insurance or travel insurance and shine up your skis.

Visitors Medical Insurance for Travelers visiting Aspen – FAQs

Aspen can take your breath away, but the elevation can also cause you to have breathing difficulties. And all of that world-class scenery contains terrain that could easily lead to a broken bone or worse. If you’re visiting Aspen from outside the US, you owe it to yourself to have visitors medical insurance.

Do I need visitors medical insurance for Aspen?

Tourists visiting the USA aren’t legally required to have visitors medical insurance, but every single one of them should have it. Healthcare in the United States is extremely expensive, and visitors medical insurance is the only way for foreign visitors to get medical treatment for an affordable, predictable price.

Why buy visitors medical insurance before visiting Aspen? 

The health insurance you carry from your home country is unlikely to be accepted or sufficient in the US. And if you don’t have valid insurance, a single medical issue in the USA could cost more than your life savings. Don’t risk your health or your financial security. Get visitors medical insurance and stay protected.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers visiting Aspen – FAQs

Trip cancellation insurance is travel insurance for American residents traveling domestically or abroad. It can help protect you in case of an unexpected travel mishap by reimbursing you for eligible expenses.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance before traveling to Aspen? 

The primary coverage offered by trip cancellation insurance is trip cancellation coverage

It works like this: If you have to cancel your trip for a covered reason, your travel insurance plan can reimburse you for your prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses like airfare, hotels, lift tickets, etc. Without this coverage, you may still be forced to pay for a trip even if you cannot take it.

What can be covered by trip cancellation insurance for Aspen?

A travel insurance plan can cover you in eligible instances of trip cancellation, interruption, or delay. It can also provide coverage if your bags are lost or delayed by the carrier, or if you need emergency medical care.

Certain plans can even offer cancel for any reason coverage for additional flexibility.

Aspen’s Most Popular Activities

Aspen is known for its stunning scenery, world-class skiing and snowboarding, and luxurious accommodations and amenities. But while it is often associated with winter sports, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Aspen year-round. Try these suggestions.

Experience Four World-Class Ski Resorts

No matter how you prefer to enjoy the mountain, you’ll find it in Aspen. Snowmass is the largest of the area’s ski resorts and offers a variety of terrain for all skill levels. If you’re visiting with family, Buttermilk features gentle slopes and a kid-friendly atmosphere. More adventurous skiers and boarders can find challenges at Aspen Mountain or Aspen Highlands.

Explore Rocky Mountain Trails

If you’re visiting in the summer, you can enjoy an endless array of hiking, bicycling, and mountain biking opportunities in the Rockies. Some of the most popular trails include Maroon Lake Scenic Trail, the Grottos Trail, and the Rio Grande Trail, the latter of which is paved and runs along the Rio Grande River. 

Visit the Maroon Bells

Located just a short drive from Aspen, the Maroon Bells are some of the most photographed mountains in the world. They’re especially beautiful in the fall as the leaves begin to change. Once there, you can hike around the lake and take in the stunning views. Climbing the Bells is possible as well, but keep in mind that doing so requires excellent technical climbing skills. The climb is not for beginners.

See the Aspen Art Museum

A wide variety of contemporary exhibits adorn the Aspen Art Museum, which is located right downtown and offers a rooftop terrace with stunning views of the city and surrounding mountains. The museum is open all year long, is free for kids under 12, and offers discount admission of students and seniors.

Find Your Kind of Nightlife

It doesn’t matter if you’re into a casual drink or a night on the dancefloor. Aspen can suit you. The city has tons of vibrant bars, clubs and restaurants to choose from. Some of the most popular include the Aspen Tap, the Red Onion, and Belly Up Aspen.

Key Guidelines for Visitors to Aspen

Prepare for the Altitude

Aspen is nearly 8,000 feet (2,400 meters) above sea level. The air is thin up here, and it can take some time to acclimate to it. Drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol, limit caffeine consumption, and don’t do anything too strenuous for the first day of your trip until your body gets used to the elevation.

Book in Advance

Aspen is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, especially in the winter. If you have a specific place you want to stay or ski, you’ll want to reserve it far in advance. Many popular areas of this resort town fill up quickly during the peak season.

Pack for Every Season

It doesn’t matter what time of year you visit; Aspen can experience all four seasons in a single day. Bring clothes you can layer, a hat, sunscreen, and waterproof clothing. 

You Don’t Need a Car

In fact, it can be easier not to have one if you’re solely staying in town. Utilize Aspen’s free shuttlebus system to get around. However, renting a car can be necessary if you want to explore other attractions that are farther outside of the city.

Double Check Your Insurance

Not all insurance plans can cover adventure sports like skiing and snowboarding. If the plan you have does not, consider buying standalone hazardous sports travel insurance to make sure you’re covered. 

Before You Visit Aspen – Do This 

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