Bosnia & Herzegovina has been overshadowed by its uber-popular neighbor, Croatia, which is a traveler's heaven. But this Balkan country remains relatively unexplored and is attracting travelers willing to wander off the beaten path.

The country's borders are just an hour away from top tourist spots like Montenegro, Kotor, and Dubrovnik. It's a cinch to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina by road.

An amazing road trip indeed. Travelers are treated with lush rolling hills, towering waterfalls, jade-green lakes, and historic cities. The country is also very affordable and relatively cheaper than other European destinations. You should definitely add Bosnia and Herzegovina to your travel bucket list. But before you leave, be sure to purchase travel insurance or travel medical insurance to protect yourself against unexpected accidents, illnesses, or injuries.

Bosnia & Herzegovina Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

Medical facilities in major cities are quite satisfactory. However, rural areas do not have the necessary medication and equipment to treat major ailments. The adventure activities and road accidents are considered to be dangerous, and you should make sure you have travel medical insurance providing coverage that matches your itinerary.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Bosnia & Herzegovina?

Bosnia and Herzegovina require that every individual have travel medical insurance before entering the country. If you're traveling by air, you may buy travel medical insurance from the airport. If you decide to enter the country via road, you are required to buy border insurance from most of the crossings. However, it is better to buy health insurance in advance so that you have a better idea of what you're purchasing and the kind of coverage it offers. Buy Bosnia and Herzegovina travel medical insurance to cover up all these costs.

Why buy travel medical insurance for Bosnia & Herzegovina?

Adventure activities, road accidents, and landmines are the biggest threats to your health. When seriously injured or ill in rural areas, you will need to be either transported to the city hospitals by either ambulance or helicopter. As the road conditions get worse due to fog and snow, chances increase that you would need to be airlifted or repatriated due to a medical emergency. These may cost you dearly. Buy travel medical insurance to mitigate these financial risks.

Bosnia & Herzegovina Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers – FAQs

The country is full of uncertainties, bad driving conditions, and poor medical facilities in rural areas. Falling ill or getting seriously injured may lead you to cancel or interrupt your trip. Buy travel insurance with trip cancellation coverage to stay afloat and enjoy a stress-free getaway in the Balkan country.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Bosnia & Herzegovina?

Fog is a major concern at Sarajevo International Airport that could either derail your arrival or force you to extend your stay. Most airlines will not take responsibility for your accommodations due to delays by bad weather. Make sure you have enough money to arrange accommodation for the extended stay. Buy Bosnia and Herzegovina travel insurance as a safeguard against all these costs.

What all is covered under trip cancellation insurance for Bosnia & Herzegovina?

  • Cancellation of the trip for a reason covered in the policy
  • Trip interruption for a reason covered in the policy
  • Missing a connecting flight from the airport
  • Missing or lost baggage due to mishandling
  • Delayed flight due to bad weather
  • Trip or flight cancellation for a covered reason
  • Hotel cancellation for a covered reason

Things to Do for Travelers in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Una National Park

Nacionalni Park Una hugs the Croatian border and is the best way to kickstart a Bosnian travel itinerary. It is one of the most biodiverse areas in the Balkans with a mix of flora & fauna, archaeological sites, and waterfalls. While visiting the national park, you can stay in the tourist-friendly town of Bihac. The hotels and resorts are located at beautiful locations with awe-inspiring views from the windows.

Stay in Banja Luka

Most travelers refer to the charming Banja Luka as "Instagram heaven". The main shopping street, Gospodska, has rainbow-hued umbrellas suspended over it and is remarkably beautiful. The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and the pretty river meandering through the city will make you feel lost for words. The second-largest city in Bosnia is also filled with 1,000 cafes and bars for visitors.

Go Road-Tripping in Jajce

The picturesque and walled city of Jajce (pronounced yeit-za) promises an unforgettable road trip. The city is also home to the spectacular Pliva Waterfall right in the middle of the town. Pliva Lake is also covered with lush green hills and is a serene campsite with family-friendly activities. Be sure to catch a glimpse of the whimsical old wooden watermill that was originally used by the local farmers.

Explore Sarajevo

The war-torn past and somber history of Sarajevo makes it a fantastic place for history buffs. Visit the 800-meter-long (about 2,600 feet) Sarajevo War Tunnel, which was used to smuggle food and medicines when the city was under fire. The city is an absolute delight to spend time in. It offers shopping streets, bustling bazaars, and traditional handicrafts like no other Balkan country.

Dancing in the Moonlight at Mostar

Mostar is the most enchanting and prettiest of all the cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The picturesque bridge Stari Most is located in the center of the old town and arches across the Neretva River. The town comes to life during the golden hour when the sun casts a soft glow on the beautiful facades. Moonlight dots the town with a milky white shade that seems almost magical.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Poor Driving Conditions

Bosnia and Herzegovina have less than 40 kilometers (about 25 miles) of four-lane highways in the entire country. The rest of the roads are not in good condition and tend to be very narrow or winding in some regions. It's rare to find guardrails on the roadside, which is dangerous when driving in fog.

Watch Out for the Landmines

Bosnia and Herzegovina have around 20,000 minefields and more than 80,000 active land mines that were placed during the 1992–95 war. Most of the urban areas have been cleared off for tourists. But, it is extremely dangerous to go near unpaved roads or abandoned buildings without clearance. So, stay away from abandoned places and remote areas.

Adventure Activities

Adventure activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina are considered to be as dangerous as they are thrilling. Diving off the Mostar Bridge has caused serious injuries and even death of tourists who were trying to imitate the professionals.

Before You Travel to Bosnia & Herzegovina…

  • Check the national weather news at least a week before travel, because the airports might be non-functional due to bad weather.
  • Print out and carry proper documentation of travel medical insurance for security checks.
  • Carry prescription medicines if you have any, as they might not be available easily in the country.
  • Make sure you have adequate Bosnia and Herzegovina travel insurance before you land in the country. Enter some basic trip information, compare your options, and select the one that best fits your needs.

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