Thomas Jefferson compared Delaware to a jewel. He nicknamed it The Diamond State for its strategic placement on the Eastern Seaboard. This state is home to some hidden gems that makes exploration all the more intriguing. Delaware is a state that entertains everyone with attractions such as artistic landmarks, skating rinks, tax-free shopping, and happening music festivals.

Before you finish packing for Delaware, be sure to buy visitors medical insurance or travel insurance, the perfect safety net to help shield you against unexpected expenses.

Visitors Medical Insurance for Travelers in Delaware - FAQs

In the broadest terms, visitors medical insurance can help cover your healthcare costs for any new accidents, injuries, or illnesses that occur after the effective date of the policy. Health insurance is an important component of any international trip, but especially one to the U.S., where medical treatment is extraordinarily expensive. It's very unlikely that you would be able to shoulder the financial burden of an emergency room visit without help. For this reason, among others, be sure to select a visitors insurance plan that offers the level and type of coverage that you need.

Why buy visitors medical insurance before traveling to Delaware?

Illnesses, accidents, and injuries are unpredictable and usually outside of your control. Very few people intend to hurt themselves on vacation; it just happens. You might slip and fall on a patch of ice and sprain your ankle. You could stay out in the cold a little too long and contract pneumonia. You might even get hit by a car while crossing the street. Any of these situations would require medical attention, and you need to be prepared for the unexpected. Visitors insurance works as your financial safety net.

What should I look for in my Delaware visitors medical insurance?

Your visitors medical insurance should provide coverage for emergency medical expenses that accrue during your time in Delaware. Beyond that, consider the following benefits and decide whether they're necessary for your trip:

The future is unpredictable, and the pricey medical fees in an emergency will add to your worries. Buy visitors medical insurance for an added layer of financial security.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Delaware travel?

You never know when the best-laid plans might go to waste. Sometimes, you have a vacation all planned out—you've bought plane tickets, made hotel reservations, booked a rental car, even pre-purchased tour tickets—and then you have to cancel it. In addition to the disappointment, you'll probably also be wondering what happens to all the money you put down in advance. Luckily, with trip cancellation insurance, you can see it again if you cancel within the parameters of the policy.

What should I look for in my Delaware trip cancellation insurance?

Trip cancellation insurance can reimburse you the full amount of your pre-paid, nonrefundable trip expenses if you have to cancel for a reason covered under the policy. Review your certificate wording before purchase for a fuller understanding of what reasons for cancellation are (and aren't) covered. To be eligible for benefits, you must have insured the full cost of your trip, and you must have purchased the insurance before the need to cancel arises.

Check to see if the plan offers trip delay and trip interruption benefits. A few insurance companies offer coverage for a short delay in traveling. If your trip gets cut short, trip interruption could reimburse you for the cost of the remaining days. And if you can, try to purchase a plan that's extendable in case you have to stay in Delaware longer than you planned.

If you buy travel insurance, you can be a little more worry-free and focused on enjoying your vacation.

Delaware's Most Popular Cities for Travel

The state has many wonders to offer, but these five cities stand out. Do not miss the beauty Delaware has to present. Add these entertaining activities to make your itinerary perfect.

Newark - The Skating Land

Newark in the winter is a real treat with many lit-up skating rinks. If you are looking for an adventurous trip, travel to the White Clay Creek State Park. This untainted green reserve will bring you closer to nature. Take hikes through the many trails set up, and find hidden, pristine water bodies. The Midnight Oil Brewing Company is perfect for a beer-tasting expedition. The foodies can visit Pachamama Rotisserie Chicken for a spicy meal.

Seaford - The Nylon Capital of the World

Seaford is home to the first nylon plant in the world, putting it on the business map. If your trip happens to occur in July, attend the decades-old Naticoke Riverfest, and if you visit in September, the Bethany Beach Jazz Festival will be taking place. Spend a few hours soaking up the area's cultural heritage through the many museums in Seaford. Another perk to take advantage of is tax-free shopping.

New Castle - A Trip to The Past

New Castle is a unique city that presents examples of architecture from the 1700s. The city prides itself on its historic landmarks. Some noteworthy places are New Castle Presbyterian Church, Old Library Museum, and Amstel House. In case your day gets soaked in rain, visit the Altitude Trampoline Park for a fun indoor activity.

Dover - Capital of the First State

You cannot miss out on Delaware's capital, Dover. It is home to the Dover International Speedway, which has been hosting national and international races for 50 years. Right next to the Speedway is Dover Downs Hotel & Casino with a horse racing track. If it's June and you are in Dover, do not miss the three-day Firefly Music Festival.

Lewes - First Town in the First State

The town of Lewes preserved its local history and attracts tourists throughout the year. The Doors of Fame are doors from 1930 filled with artists' signatures. Lewes Beach is a serene beach perfect for travelers in any mood. If you have kids, take them for a Pirates of Lewes Expedition. Dress up as pirates and sail in a pirate ship to follow a treasure map. This is an exciting experience for a family outing.

Key Guidelines for Travelers in Delaware

Weather Considerations

Delaware sees hordes of tourists during the months of June through August. The summers are humid and hot, and the winters get extremely cold. Pack lightweight clothing, including rain gear, for the summers. Delaware experiences light showers throughout the year. You will need heavyweights with extra padding for those who can't bear the cold.

Fun Transportation

Delaware Area Regional Transit (DART) connects the state with a multi-modal transit system with over 500 buses. The best part about traveling in Delaware is taking a water taxi. The Cape May-Lewes ferry offers water transport. A cheaper mode of transportation is the Greyhound bus system.

High-Quality Hospitals

A report ranking healthcare quality in America placed Delaware at the top of Hospital Quality. The state ranked 6th and 15th for Healthcare Quality and Best States for Healthcare, respectively. ChristianaCare is one of the best hospitals in the U.S.

Before You Travel to Delaware - Do This

As you're getting ready for your tip, keep the following in mind:

  • Keep your travel documents and other important paperwork safe. Make photocopies or digital copies, and keep them separate from the originals. All of your most important documents (photo ID, passport, plane tickets) should be either on your person or tucked away in a safe location in your hotel room.
  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast in the days leading up to your trip so you know what kind of clothing to pack.
  • Most importantly, be sure to purchase adequate travel insurance to protect you and your loved ones during your time in Delaware. After entering some basic trip-related information, take the time to review and compare your options. Be sure to select the plan that best meets the needs of your travel itinerary, destination, and budget. Once you've purchased, you're free to enjoy your trip to the U.S. with one less thing to worry about.

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