Prince Edward Island is Canada's smallest province, and its only province situated wholly on an island. It is a quaint vacation destination, full of authentic local flavors and a laid-back rustic charm. With red-sand beaches, rolling meadows, and delicious seafood, this island offers a different glimpse of Canada.

But the relaxed maritime vibe is not the only reason why tourists flock here. The island is also the magical setting for one of the most famous children's books ever written, Anne of Green Gables. From picturesque trails to spellbinding coastal views, there's a lot to do on Prince Edward Island.

Before you set off on your Prince Edward Island adventure, it's a good idea to purchase travel medical insurance or travel insurance. The right insurance can go a long way in protecting your finances should you suffer an injury, illness, or travel mishap on your trip.

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers on Prince Edward Island - FAQs

You might think travel medical insurance is unnecessary, but nothing could be farther from the truth. For prepared travelers, insurance is essential, and for good reason. The cost of unexpected medical treatment while traveling abroad can be significant, and no one wants to bear the brunt of insurmountable hospital bills. This is why it is so important to get insured.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Prince Edward Island?

Travel medical insurance is not legally required to visit Canada, but it is an investment you should strongly consider. In many cases, travel medical insurance can cost less than 10% of your total trip budget. On the other hand, if you were to require medical treatment without it, the bills you would receive might total more than all of your trip costs combined. To avoid a major financial setback, be a prepared traveler and buy insurance.

Why buy travel medical insurance before traveling to Prince Edward Island?

Your domestic medical insurance may provide very little, if any coverage while outside of your home country. If you were to get sick or injured on your trip to Prince Edward Island without insurance, you would be responsible for paying all of the treatment costs out of your own pocket. Consider this: If you were to get injured in a remote location, you may require emergency medical evacuation to receive treatment. The cost of that evacuation could easily exceed $25,000. Do you really have room for that in your trip budget?

Travel medical insurance is specifically designed to provide financial coverage for unexpected medical issues while visiting another country. Whether it's a broken ankle, stomach flu or something more serious, you can't avoid the risk. What you can do is be prepared with travel medical insurance.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Travelers in Prince Edward Island – FAQs

Now more than ever, travelers are aware of the unpredictable nature of a trip abroad. Given the cost of planning a trip to Prince Edward Island, getting trip cancellation insurance is a wise decision. The right insurance can help mitigate your financial losses in case you are unable to take your trip as you've planned it.

Why should I get trip cancellation insurance for my Prince Edward Island travel?

It's hard to anticipate something coming up that could require you to cancel your trip. With all of your tickets purchased and accommodations booked, your travel plans seem solid. However, a family emergency or sudden illness may give you no choice but to cancel. Additionally, severe weather or a global event may make travel impossible.

In addition to the disappointment of not being able to travel, cancellation can have other negative aspects. Many of the tickets and reservations you've made might be nonrefundable, or they could charge cancellation fees. No one wants to be stuck paying for a trip they're unable to take. Thankfully, trip cancellation insurance can provide you with the opportunity to be reimbursed for those nonrefundable bookings and fees, allowing you to recoup your expenses.

What should I look for in my Prince Edward Island trip cancellation insurance?

The benefits and coverage provided by your travel insurance will depend largely on the type of plan you choose. Most plans will offer trip cancellation coverage, but there are other coverage options available. These may include:

It's important to review the travel insurance plans available to you carefully. This way, you can choose a plan that offers the coverage options that best suit your travel needs.

Prince Edward Island's Most Popular Cities for Travel


A vibrant coastal town packed with history, Charlottetown is the capital and largest city of Prince Edward Island. Walk down streets straight out of a storybook. Enjoy an extraordinary culinary experience in any of its diners. Soak up the variety of live music this city has to offer. Buy authentic art pieces downtown. Wind down with some craft beers. Explore the waterfront lined with artisan shops, restaurants, and cafes.


The second-largest city on PEI never fails to provide an authentic island experience. Stately heritage homes, museums, and theatres are just some of the attractions of this seaside town. Explore the lively boardwalk to shop and dine next to the ocean. Attend an event in the Harbourfront Theatre for a fun-filled evening. In the mood for shopping? Don't forget to check out the shops at Spinnakers Landing.

North Rustico

North Rustico is a small coastal village located close to the Prince Edward Island National park. Visit this area for its rustic charm and for the famous Green Gable Tour circuit. Enjoy a lobster dinner at the Fishermen's Wharf, or go on a tour to discover  hiking trails, camping areas, and pristine beaches.


Cavendish served as the birthplace of the author of "Anne of Green Gables", L.M. Montgomery, and is perhaps the inspiration for it as well. Visit Avonlea Village for eateries, shopping, and picture-perfect houses. Walk down the boardwalk for souvenirs, eclectic accessories, and cafes. The Cavendish Beach, pristine by itself, is also a gateway to PEI National park. Visit the park for its stunning vistas of dunes, marshes, wetlands, and beaches.


Scenic water views and rolling meadows dominate the vistas of this countryside destination. Go on cycling tours, visit the Fox Meadow Golf Club, or explore the farmers' market for local produce.

Key Guidelines for Travelers to Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is considered a relatively safe haven for tourists. However, any unfamiliar location comes with some inherent risk. Common sense and caution should be enough to carry you through your travels without any major ordeals.


Always swim from designated beaches. Be aware of riptides and currents, and read local safety information before diving in. Don't swim alone or under the influence of alcohol.


The island's shore is made up of red sandstone. The shoreline keeps eroding due to waves hitting the bedrock. As a result, the cliffs are cut back. This poses a hazard for hikers who get too close to the edge. Always avoid climbing on the cliffs.


Feeding or harassing wild animals is illegal. While camping, stow your food and garbage securely to avoid attracting attention from local wildlife. In the winter, baby seals can be found along the coast. Please do not approach them, as they are extremely vulnerable.


Camp only in designated areas. Don't use twigs, leaves or bark for campfires. Use proper firewood available at campgrounds. Be cautious of poison ivy - a weed that can cause skin irritation.


Prince Edward Island experiences extreme temperatures during winter. While the national park remains open during winter, emergency services will be limited. So, visit at your own risk. Coastal ice during winter can be unstable and unpredictable. Avoid walking on the ice.

Before You Travel to Prince Edward Island - Do This

  • If you are traveling during the winter months, carry warm clothes and dress in layers. Temperatures can get frigid here.
  • Stay updated on weather forecasts and tidal information before embarking on outdoor adventures.
  • Invest in travel medical insurance or travel insurance. While you can't eliminate the risks of international travel, you can prepare for them.

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