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Ice Hockey Travel Insurance

Ice Hockey Travel Insurance

Ice hockey is a much-loved sport. Its fast-paced play provides great entertainment for players and viewers alike. As a player, you know that focus is everything when you’re out on the ice rink. Lapse for just one second, and suddenly, the opposition has the upper hand. Since ice hockey is a contact sport, you have to deal with the associated risks. So, if you’re planning to play a friendly round of ice hockey while on vacation abroad, make sure to purchase travel insurance for ice hockey to protect yourself against accidents and injuries.

Travel Insurance for Ice Hockey

Most standard travel insurance plans don’t include coverage for injuries sustained during hazardous or extreme sports, which is why you’ll need to purchase ice hockey travel insurance. This financial assistance will provide much-needed coverage, allowing you to focus all your mental effort on recovery. Be a responsible player, and get sports travel insurance for ice hockey for your vacation.

Basics of Playing Ice Hockey

As an ice hockey player, you’ll need to summon up your strength to be at your best on the ice. While you’re trying to score, your opposition is trying to stop you in any way possible—including crashing into you at speeds of up to 20 mph (about 32 kph). You’ll have to rely on your own physical fitness and agility to stay safe.

The more you practice, the better you get. Coaches will take you through several drills, ensuring you’re ready to take on any scenario during live play. However, you can never be fully prepared for an incoming tackle. It’s crucial to wear all the necessary protective equipment, including mouth guards and neck guards. Since you will be traveling at high speeds, crashing into a wall or a defender can lead to whiplash.

The rules of the game prevent players from committing harsh tackles. It’s still good to be careful, even if you’re the one doing the tackling. In a contact sport, you can never foresee an injury. It can happen to anyone, so take all precautions you can.

Risks of Playing Ice Hockey

In ice hockey, you run the risk of injury from collision with other players, goal posts, or the side of the rink, as well as being struck by hockey sticks and the puck itself. One common hockey injury is shoulder dislocation. These will take time to heal and could keep you out of action for a while.

Other injuries include ACL tears, broken collarbones, and concussions. Helmets are an absolute must while playing ice hockey. You have to do your part in protecting your head from concussions, because they can have a lasting impact.

Naturally, the recovery time for any injury depends on its severity. If you’re dealing with a broken collarbone or a broken ankle, you’ll be out of play for months. During this recovery time, you will need to keep stress off the injured area to avoid ruining your recovery.

The injuries that come with ice hockey show why you need to get an ice hockey travel insurance plan. And if you get injured while on vacation, not being at home makes treatment and recovery even harder. The last thing you need is the additional stress of astronomical medical bills, which is where travel insurance comes in handy.

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