Rowing is an integral part of the Olympics, as well as other professional and amateur tournaments internationally and domestically. It is also a popular recreational sport that thousands indulge in all over the world. If you are a recreational rower and you are eagerly waiting for your next vacation where you plan to do some serious rowing, protect yourself with travel insurance for rowing. For hobby rowing enthusiasts, remember that accidents can and do occur while rowing recreationally, having the right travel insurance plan can make a significant difference when you need it.

Travel Insurance for Rowing

While rowing in general may be covered in some hazardous sport travel insurance plans, there could be an exclusion for some types of water – you don’t want to find out after you’ve been evacuated on a helicopter that the insurance plan you chose had an exclusion if rowing is in an ocean. It would be just as devastating to find out you chose an insurance plan that covers hazardous sports but your rowing activity isn’t one of the included activities.

Medical evacuation from water probably involves a helicopter or maybe a rescue boat -- expenses are steep for either to say the least. Rowing travel insurance can protect you from the financial burden. With the right comprehensive adventure sports travel insurance plan, you can minimize the financial damage to your bank account if something happens.

Be sure to get travel insurance for rowing prior to your trip. Don’t wait until you are enjoying your rowing vacation, and suddenly there is an unfortunate mishap that makes evacuation and hospitalization necessary for you.

Always ensure that the plan you choose covers the sport or activity you plan to participate in and if there are any restrictions for it before you buy the policy. If you need any help, contact us for assistance. Once you have everything settled, you can go rowing in peace.

Introduction to Rowing

Among one of the oldest sports on earth, rowing can have one, two, four, or eight rowers per boat. The rowers have to use one or two oars/blades each, depending on the team size. In some cases, there will be a coxswain who helps in steering the boat. In a race, the distance that the competition rowers have to cover might vary and, of course, the team that reaches the finishing line first is the winner.

The venue can be a lake, canal, river, or ocean. Whether you are a beginner, someone with some rowing experience, or an active member of your college or club rowing team – the enjoyment is there for everyone.

Rowing is also a wonderful way to get an almost full-body exercise. It increases cardiovascular endurance. Successful rowing requires a high level of concentration, coordination, and focus. It’s not about brute force, but timing and working in sync with your teammates.

Though rowing is a low-impact sport, it still has some risk factors. So, before going on your rowing vacation abroad, get rowing travel insurance.

Risks of Rowing

Rowing involves more than a fair amount of physical exertion on a continuous basis. While it is a good exercise, it can also be a source of some recurring physical injuries, like:

  • back pain
  • knee pain
  • wrist tendonitis
  • blisters

For rowers with some experience, you probably already know that rowing when you’re not conditioned for the distance can lead to bad form, and bad form can cause injuries. If it’s been a while since you last went rowing and you’re not sure of your limits, take it easy the first few times until you know what you can handle.

If you’re new to rowing and you don’t know if your form is good, seek help from an instructor before you injure yourself, your arms and shoulders will thank you profusely as they are susceptible to injury due to the continuous usage while rowing. By gradually increasing your distance using good form, you will be physically able to spend more time rowing with relative ease.

Other risks for rowers that some may not have considered are impact injuries, dehydration, hypothermia and heat stroke. Before you row out, prepare yourself by carrying all the necessary safety equipment, like a life vest, and be sure that you are fit to swim just in case something happens to your boat. Always monitor the weather before you go, it would be a bad idea to go rowing if the forecast calls for stormy weather. Even if the forecast is for good weather, keep an eye on the weather conditions while you’re on the water.

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