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Water Polo Travel Insurance

Water Polo Travel Insurance

Water polo is among the most popular forms of water sports. It originated in Scotland almost 150 years ago. Men’s water polo (since 1900) and women’s water polo (since 2000) are even part of the Olympic Games. But it’s not just an Olympic sport. Amateur high school, college, and community teams play water polo with the same enthusiasm. On a vacation, especially during summer, there’s nothing like a friendly game of water polo to recharge yourself.

However, the sport is rife with risks. And if you plan to participate in this game while vacationing abroad, be sure to protect yourself against the financial consequences of any unexpected accidents or injuries by purchasing water polo travel insurance before you leave.

Travel Insurance for Water Polo

Even with if you take all possible precautions, there’s no guarantee against mishaps while playing. And a mishap in a foreign country could seriously damage your finances if you were to require hospitalization. Buying water polo travel insurance before playing is the right decision.

Most standard travel insurance plans don’t cover the risks of hazardous sports like water polo, which is why you need a special add-on to ensure insurance coverage for athletic sports. Once insured, you can immerse yourself in the game with complete peace of mind.

Basics of Water Polo

Two teams of seven (six players and one goalkeeper) make a total of fourteen participants in the pool. The game requires immense amounts of stamina and fitness, not to mention concentration, coordination with teammates, and tactical thinking. All of these factors make water polo a tough game to play.

With fourteen players jostling for space and a fair amount of kicking and paddling going on, you run the risks of hurting fellow participants and getting hurt yourself. Players hurl the ball toward the goal at speeds reaching 30 miles per hour (about 48 kilometers per hour) that could hit the goalkeeper or another player hard. And the safety equipment for the game is quite basic.

Water polo definitely qualifies as a hazardous sport, so hazardous sports travel insurance is essential before taking part. Before you join a game, get travel insurance for water polo to help offset the financial implications of the game’s risks.

Risks of Water Polo

A game like water polo requires full-body coordination. You are treading water to stay afloat, maneuvering around the pool, and throwing the ball at the goal – almost all at the same time. It can be stressful, to say the least.

Your shoulders, hips, and knees are particularly vulnerable to injury. Chlorine in the water can cause severe irritation to your eyes. And you are also susceptible to scratches, cuts, and bruises while snatching the ball from members of the opposing team.

Another serious cause for concern is hypothermia – a dangerous drop in body temperature caused by prolonged immersion in cold water. Also, you might get muscle cramps that make it difficult for you to stay afloat. Though (in all likelihood) you will be playing in supervised conditions, it is still a big risk. And both hypothermia and drowning are no laughing matter; these conditions could potentially be fatal.

Physical fitness is an important component of your ability to play water polo. Never over-exert yourself, as that can have serious consequences. And be sure to buy travel insurance for water polo in case the worst happens despite your best efforts.

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