Are you a soccer fan? Me too! Soccer is by far, the most popular sport in the world. Over 250 million people play soccer across 200 different countries. So, no matter where you travel, you are bound to come across numerous association football clubs.

If you're playing in a leisure or recreational game on your vacation in a foreign country, there's a fair risk of injuries, ranging from minor sprains to major accidents that require medical attention. But don't let that stop you from enjoying the fun. Just make sure that you have the right sports travel insurance plan that will cover necessary medical expenses if you're injured. Cover yourself with a soccer travel insurance plan.

If you're traveling a significant distance to watch your team in your home country or to a major tournament like the Olympics, your needs will not be the same as someone actively playing. You want to have soccer  travel insurance and/or travel medical insurance because there are many other situations where you could find such insurance coverage beneficial. It can pay your medical bills, help you with lost or delayed luggage, trip delays/cancellations, and many other travel related issues should the need arise.

Travel Insurance for Soccer

No one wants to get swamped with medical bills while traveling. Most countries charge absurdly high rates for medical services related to extreme sports, even if you're only playing recreationally. A soccer travel insurance plan will make sure that those bills get covered without being a bother for you.

The right adventure travel insurance plan will let you enjoy your favorite sports and give you financial support if you accidentally injure yourself. Keep in mind that basic travel insurance plans may not cover soccer, even if for leisure. You should confirm that what you're going to participate in is included coverage in the plan you choose. If you need help choosing the best plan for yourself, contact us for assistance.

The Basics of Soccer

Soccer is a competitive body contact game. The first soccer world cup was held in 1930. Since then, association football has become a matter of national pride. Whether an amateur or professional, soccer enthusiasts are always ready for a match.

Traditionally it's played between two 11-a-side teams. Friendly neighborhood matches are often organized on a smaller scale, with as few as 4 players on each side. One of the reasons for its soaring popularity is that soccer needs so little equipment. A soccer ball and a couple of makeshift goals are all that's required to liven up an afternoon.

Pro-level soccer teams will have on better gear. The club level shoes usually have spikes attached to the soles for better grip on the field. This radically increases the risks to players of the game, as injuries sustained from them can be disastrous.

Though primarily played by the youth, soccer is by no means a sport exclusively for young people. The oldest international goal scorer (Kazuyoshi Miura) was 50 years old. It all boils down to how fit your body is, though injuries take longer to heal as you get older.

Risks of Playing Soccer

Over the years, soccer rules have been modified to minimize the risk of injuries. But in spite of this, soccer injuries remain a common occurrence. Because of the high number of soccer-related injuries reported every year, association football is considered a hazardous sport. Hazardous-sports travel insurance coverage will minimize the financial impact of such risks.

Referees of organized association football matches watch for tackles and collisions, players at fault are met with strict punishments and are often immediately given a red card. As a result, both teams try to play a safe, controlled game, lest they give their opponents an advantage with a free kick or a red card. But no matter how careful the players are, in the heat of the moment, collisions and injuries are unavoidable.

Injuries may range from light sprains that require minimum care to devastating knee dislocations or spinal injuries. In case you sustain an injury, the right adventure sports travel insurance plan will cover your medical costs.

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