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Field Hockey Travel Insurance

Field Hockey Travel Insurance

Field hockey is one of the oldest sports around. In a rudimentary form, it existed during the days of the Egyptian Pharaohs. In its modern incarnation, the game has been around for close to 150 years. Field hockey is a popular outdoor game played all around the world, with divisions for both men and women. You can find it anywhere from the Olympics to amateur tournaments among high schools, colleges, and community teams.

Perhaps you’re planning to play field hockey during a vacation abroad. You are bound to have a great time, having fun with friends and getting some essential exercise. But you need to remember that even though field hockey is not an extreme sport, it still comes with a fair amount of risk. So, before you go, get field hockey travel insurance to ensure your peace of mind.

Be aware that this type of insurance does not cover claims related to accidents or injuries that occur during competition. If you’re traveling to participate in an organized field hockey tournament, this isn’t the plan for you. However, if you’re heading out to a local field with some friends, be sure to keep yourself covered.

Travel Insurance for Field Hockey

You might be playing under supervised conditions. You would also be adopting the necessary precautionary measures. But there is no guarantee against accidents on the field. And if this accident requires hospitalization for treatment—that, too, in a foreign country—your finances will take a big hit. So, the correct decision is to purchase travel insurance for field hockey in advance. With adequate insurance coverage to secure your medical care if needed, you can enjoy your game in peace.

Field Hockey Basics

For a full 70 minutes, a game of field hockey tests your endurance, stamina, and physical fitness. To compete in a game that involves almost continuous running all over the field (except for the goalkeepers), you need to be in peak physical condition.

Field hockey is a physically demanding sport that develops your body’s cardiovascular system and muscle strength, as well as helps you burn some excess calories. It also improves your hand-eye coordination, builds your reflexes, and provides a lesson in teamwork.

However, there are plenty of risk factors in field hockey, also. That’s why amateur field hockey players need travel insurance for field hockey to help protect them from bearing the costs of any medical treatment they might need as the result of a mishap. Even if you’re just playing in good fun, you could sprain an ankle or break a bone in a split second.

Risks of Playing Field Hockey

Field hockey is a non-contact sport, but players are still at risk of getting hit by the ball or a wild hockey stick. You could just sustain some minor bruises. But on the other hand, you could receive severe facial injuries like broken teeth, facial fractures, permanent eye damage, and more.

Field hockey requires full-body coordination, but some body parts are more susceptible to injuries than others. You could sprain or strain your ankle. Your hands or wrists could get hit by a ball or a missed swing from a hockey stick. And you could strain, tear, or otherwise injure your knees and lower back from the required crouching posture or nearly continuous running. Dehydration-related cramps and fatigue from playing in humid weather are also common.

Though most injuries can be treated on the field, some might require hospitalization—and that involves a substantial expense. That’s why field hockey travel insurance is essential when you go on vacation abroad with even an inkling that you might play field hockey at some time during your stay.

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