If you are an archery enthusiast, it’s important to keep practicing even when you’re on vacation. Archery is a popular, competitive, adventurous sport with an esteemed place in the Olympics. Because of its competitive nature, you have to keep your skills razor-sharp no matter where you are. Like most adventure sports, it poses severe risks. Secure yourself against the financial stress of massive medical bills that may result from an archery accident by taking advantage of archery insurance.

Travel Insurance for Archery

Archery travel insurance acts as a buffer against the financial risks of hazardous sports. In most countries, adventure sports-related medical bills can be massive. Extreme sports travel insurance will minimize such expenses.

A comprehensive archery insurance plan can act as a financial shield if you were to damage your expensive bow. Basic travel insurance plans might not cover the risks of archery. So, make sure to get archery travel insurance before going out to the practice range.

Archery Basics

Ever since the invention of the bow and arrow thousands of years ago, humans have held archery competitions. Of course, bows and arrows had practical uses like hunting, but that did not take away from its popularity as a sport.

Bows used in archery have undergone massive transformations over the years. Though traditional 7-foot (about 2.1-meter) longbows are still used, modern bows are more compact and in higher circulation.

The curved shape of smaller, recurve bows increases its surface area, making them just as powerful as the longbow. But the pinnacle of modern archery technology is the compound bow, which uses several pulleys to generate massive torque. A 5-foot (about 1.5-meter) compound bow with a 60-pound draw weight (about 27.2 kg) can easily hit a target with startling accuracy from more than 400 feet (about 122 meters) away.

Crossbows are even more powerful, generating up to 200 pounds (about 90 kg) of draw weight with increased accuracy. However, crossbows are generally used for hunting and only occasionally used in recreational sporting events.

Hand in hand with these technological advancements, archery has naturally become more competitive. The standard distance to the target in the Olympics is 240 feet (about 73 meters). Naturally, you need to be in top form to keep pace with your peers. Having hazardous sports travel insurance will help keep injuries, medical bills, and faulty equipment from slowing you down.

Risks of Archery

At first glance, archery seems less dangerous than other, more overtly risky adventure sports like skydiving. But in reality, archery can be just as dangerous as other extreme sports.

The two causes of archery-related injuries are faulty equipment and faulty technique. If you start practicing with a high-poundage bow without the guidance of a professional, it might result in sprains and lasting ligament damage. A faulty technique repeated over and over can seriously harm your body.

The other, more common issue is that archery equipment can break under stress. This happens if the bows are handled improperly over a long period of time or neglected. Always check your bow for the telltale signs of warping or cracks before and after you take it to the range. If the bow or the string snaps while it's drawn, the backlash can cause severe injuries.

Getting adventure sports travel insurance can not only assist you with medical bills, but it can also help you replace expensive equipment should it get damaged.

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