Airsoft Travel Insurance

Do you ever feel like having a good old-fashioned shootout to bust your stress? Arm yourself with airsoft guns, and live out your fantasy to the fullest.

When life gets you down, just call over your friends and your archenemies for an airsoft match. Airsoft sports are a perfect simulation for a battlefield. It has all the thrills of a real gunfight without the risks.

Though you play airsoft with full protective gear and plastic spherical bullets, accidents can still happen. But you can mitigate the financial impacts of any injuries sustained during the game by securing yourself with hazardous sports travel insurance.

Travel Insurance for Airsoft

Some countries have expansive airsoft fields filled with surprises. You don't want to miss out on them while traveling. However, you need to be mindful that if you’re in a foreign country with an unfamiliar medical system, the last thing you want is to be held responsible for paying treatment costs out of your own pocket. Securing yourself with hazardous sports travel insurance will make sure that your vacations do not get bogged down by medical bills.

Most standard travel insurance plans don’t include coverage for adventure sports like airsoft. So, secure your finances with a hazardous sports travel insurance plan before you start to run and gun.

The Basics of Airsoft

The first airsoft prototypes were developed in Japan by Ichiro Nagata in the early 1970s. They were initially used for target practice, but within a decade, it had spread to the UK and had become a recreational pastime. Today, airsoft guns are produced globally, and thousands of airsoft tournaments are organized all over the world.

The styles of airsoft matches vary, ranging from close-quarters combat to sprawling outdoor matches. The guns themselves are modified to suit the situation. Standard airsoft guns shoot pellets at 350 ft/sec (fps), or about 106 meters per second, but they can go up as fast as 500 fps (about 150 meters per second). Now, plastic pellets sound harmless. But if you get shot at a close range with a powerful gun, then it will still cause you injury. Make sure everyone you are playing with is using lower-powered guns if you are in a close-combat situation.

Most airsoft injuries occur from getting shot in the face. Wear full-face helmets and protective body armor to be on the safe side. Most courses will not allow you to join a match unless you are wearing the proper protective gear.

Once the adrenaline gets pumping, it's easy to lose track of things. Don't go overboard. If you hit a person with a shot, he is usually disqualified and has to leave the field. Unlike paintball, the shots do not leave any physical indicator, so the game is based on an honor system. If someone is refusing to play by the rules, stay calm. Contact the moderator instead of pelting them with shots from up close. Many injuries happen because players from opposing teams get carried away.

Risks of Playing Airsoft

Airsoft is a relatively low-risk adventure sport. But there are still thousands of airsoft-related injuries that get reported every year. The most common injuries are bruises and welts on players who did not wear full-body protective gear. More extensive injuries include ocular damage from getting shot in the eye. These take extensive medical treatment and can sometimes result in blindness. Always wear eye protection to minimize such risks.

Airsoft is a hazardous sport. If you want to play war games while you travel, then secure your finances with adventure sports travel insurance. This will make sure that you get prompt medical treatment no matter where you are.

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