Bodyboarding Travel Insurance

So, you have a taste for the ultimate wave-riding sport. Whether for recreational purposes or as a serious pursuit, bodyboarding—also known as boogie boarding—is an art form. It would be fair to call bodyboarding a simpler alternative to surfing. In bodyboarding, you ride the board in a prone position, which means lying flat on your stomach. Injuries in this sport are common. So, bodyboarding travel insurance is a necessity to provide financial security in case of injuries and the resulting medical bills.

Travel Insurance for Bodyboarding

Travel insurance for bodyboarding provides you with hassle-free coverage for medical care in case of any accidents or injuries. That’s because you know your insurance policy will pay for your medical bills. The sport of bodyboarding is low-investment because of the minimum amount of gear required.

Enjoy your sunny getaway, riding the ocean waves. Sufficient bodyboarding insurance makes sure you remain immune to anxiety about massive bills in case you need medical care. Secure your peace of mind and purchase bodyboarding travel insurance.

Bodyboarding Basics

Are you a thrill-seeker looking for an exciting adventure while on vacation? Bodyboarding is exactly that, and so much more. The adrenaline rush and that sense of euphoria that come from riding a wave are inexplicable. The primary equipment for bodyboarding, naturally enough, is a bodyboard, also called a “sponge”. Bodyboards are rectangular, made out of foam, and can be custom-designed as per the boarder’s requirements.

The art form of bodyboarding or boogie boarding stems from the creativity of its riders. They use their own unique set of skills and efficiency to make this sport a fun, entertaining activity. The usual stance for bodyboarding is the prone position, which is lying flat on the stomach and riding the waves. Other than this, variations include the “drop-knee” and “stand-up” positions.

Ever since its inception in the 1970s, bodyboarding has grown rapidly in popularity and made its mark as a recreational, extreme sport. There are even gender-specific annual world tours and championships, but be aware that hazardous sports travel insurance policies exclude coverage for participation in competitions. However, if you’re planning to bodyboard as part of a relaxing beach vacation, know your risks and be sure to get adequate bodyboarding travel insurance.

The potential risks and hazards associated with this sport are plenty. But there are also tons of benefits to bodyboarding. Want to be closer to nature under the open air while getting a fun workout? Bodyboarding is the way to go. An average boogieboarder spends about 85% of their wave riding session paddling, which strengthens and tones the arm muscles.

Propelling the board underwater or riding the waves in the stand-up position requires balance and finesse. These help develop the leg muscles. Your coordination and balance become beyond impressive as you have to balance yourself to stay on the board. Bodyboarding also helps with the effective functioning of the cardiovascular system. And in addition to these physical health benefits, it is a great method to refresh your mind.

Risks of Bodyboarding

Lying flat on your stomach and riding the waves might look easy, but the risks associated with this sport are plenty. For starters, the open waters can be dangerous. Contact with jellyfish or getting caught in a riptide are both very real possibilities. Then there are injuries that you can sustain to your knees, spine, and head. Drowning is also a potential risk.

While going on a vacation and indulging in extreme sports, protect yourself with bodyboarding travel insurance. If you are someone who is drawn to the open waters and enjoys riding the waves, then getting travel insurance for bodyboarding would be a wise investment.

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