Inline Skating Travel Insurance

If you’re an inline skater or interested in starting while you’re traveling internationally, there is good news for you – there are international hazardous sports insurance plans that cover inline skating. So if you want to keep skating while you’re traveling internationally, be sure that you get the right insurance plan for your activities so you don’t have to worry about those pesky medical bills from possible injuries that might happen.

If you were born before the ’90s, then you probably remember how inline skating suddenly took pop culture by storm just before the turn of the millennium. Since it’s initial eruption, it has secured its place as an international popular sport.

Travel Insurance for Inline Skating

In most countries, the medical charges to treat injuries sustained from hazardous sports like inline skating are sky-high. An inline skating international hazardous sports insurance plan helps you make sure that your vacation stays relatively pleasant and you’re not disturbed with medical bills you hadn’t anticipated paying.

With hazardous-sports travel insurance that covers your activity, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll have coverage and your finances won’t suffer the consequences of your good time gone bad, even while you’re traveling internationally. Be careful though, some international travel insurance plans won’t cover hazardous or extreme sport activities. You need to make sure that you choose a plan that covers your specific plans for inline skating.

If you have questions or need help choosing the inline skating hazardous sports insurance plan that best fits your needs, call us to assist – we are waiting for your call. Once you have the right coverage, prepare to zoom around on your skates without having to worry about the financial pinch if you get hurt abroad.

Inline Skating Basics

The first prototype of roller skates was built way back in 1760. But it took another couple of centuries more for an ice hockey player to create the modern version of inline skates. Present styles of inline skates vary depending on your skill level and preferred inline skating activity, the major skate types available are recreational and fitness, racing, and urban/street skates.

  • Fitness and Recreation
  • If you are in it for the workout, then fitness inline skating would be your perfect fit. This is less intensive and is mostly for recreational skaters. Skating has a host of health benefits as it is an all-round exercise with both aerobic and anaerobic aspects. While fitness inline skating is relatively less risky, you should always wear protective gear as taking an occasional fall is almost inevitable if you are a beginner.

  • Urban/Street
  • Urban inline skating and aggressive inline skating is for the adrenaline junkies who just cannot resist grinding over handrails and turning tricks in the middle of a busy street. It requires skilled control and has a very high injury rate. As you can imagine, a slide gone wrong down a handrail can result in a painful fall.

  • Racing
  • Finally, you have speed inline skating and downhill inline skating for races. Both of these focus on speed and are designed for competition. If you are a beginner or an intermediate skater, then you should steer clear of this, as it needs masterful control at very high speeds. Even a small mistake while you are rushing downhill at 50 mph, can result in a catastrophic injury.

Inline skates are inherently riskier than their quad-wheels cousin because the wheels are lined up in a single line, so balancing is not the same as other types of skates. Many roller-skaters slipping their feet in inline skates for the first time find it's much harder to balance and need to spend time practicing.

Risks of Inline Skating

The critical risk in inline skating comes from falling down hard or colliding into people, cars, or some type of structure. Minor injuries include scrapes, sprains, and bruises. But major injuries reported are deep cuts/scrapes, bone fractures, and joint dislocations from hard falls and collisions – these can require immediate attention and extensive medical treatments depending on the severity of the injury.

Wrists are especially vulnerable as everyone throws up their hands instinctively to break the fall. Knees and elbows will also suffer regular injuries, but you can minimize the risk to knees, wrists, and elbows by wearing protective gear while you skate.

There is a fair chance of falling when you skate, even if you’re experienced. Inline skating is an extreme sport. While you can't really do away with the risk entirely, you can make sure that those medical bills never bother you with the right extreme sports insurance plan.

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