Is boxing your passion? It is a great way to stay fit and learn basic self-defense skills. Boxing will help develop your hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and core strength.

It's a popular sport all over the world and a part of the Olympic games. If you are a boxer, then traveling to different places to pick up new styles will definitely give you an edge over your opponent.

Boxing is a risky sport. There is a high number of boxing-related injuries reported every year. Secure yourself with hazardous sports travel insurance if you plan to box while you travel. It will make sure that you don't get consumed by medical bills.

Travel Insurance for Boxing

No one enjoys their vacation being dragged down by medical bills. And unfortunately, the kinds of injuries that occur during boxing can be very expensive to treat. You cannot overcome the sport’s inherent risks. But you can secure your finances with adventure sports travel insurance to make sure your finances remain unaffected while you get medical treatment.

Most standard travel insurance plans exclude coverage for inherently risky activities like boxing. Be sure to buy a hazardous sports travel insurance plan before you enter the ring for a bout.

Boxing Basics

The first evidence of gloved fistfights dates back to Minoan Crete, around the year 1500 BC. It was also popular in Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations and was a part of the ancient Greek Olympics. It saw a revival in England when the first rules were codified by a bare-knuckle boxing champion named Jack Broughton. The first Olympic games to include boxing occurred in 1904.

Boxing demands extensive training. You can't just hop into the ring and spar when you feel like it. You have to first train your body to harden and become strong. If you don't know how to throw a punch properly, then you can risk breaking your wrist against a heavy bag—or an opponent. Like any physical training, the improvement is seen in small regular increments. If you skip the process, then you will be just asking for injuries.

Before you enter the ring, know your weight limit. Amateur boxing has three categories, depending on your weight class. If you are a lightweight, then do not enter the ring with a heavyweight or even a middleweight fighter. Muscle mass and body weight play an important role in boxing. So even if you are more skilled and faster on your feet, their punches can cause severe damage.

Always remember to wrap your hands and wear gloves, even when you practice. Ask your opponent to do the same. Protective gear like mouthguards and gloves drastically reduce the rate and severity of injuries.

Risks of Boxing Competition

Boxing is a hazardous sport. Even with all the protective gear, the rate of injury is high. Injuries may mean broken ribs, jaws, wrists, and noses. These will require long-term medical care. Concussions and internal hemorrhaging are also common boxing injuries. Less severe injuries can include sprains, strains, dislocations, and bruises.

Before you begin to box in a foreign country, secure yourself with adventure sports travel insurance. It will make sure that you have access to immediate medical attention even while you travel.

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