Tennis Travel Insurance

Tennis. A sport where a match could go on for 3 days and take a total of 11 hours and 5 minutes to finish. A sport that gave the world world-famous athletes like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, and Maria Sharapova. Tennis is exciting, thrilling, frustrating, and everything else an extreme sport should be. However, because it is an extreme sport, if you were to indulge in a tennis match during your vacation, you’d feel more secure if you were to purchase sports travel insurance for tennis.

Travel Insurance for Tennis

Please note that extreme sports travel insurance is not sports competition insurance. However, if you just want to hit a ball around while you’re on vacation, the benefits of tennis travel insurance are too good to ignore. Standard travel insurance plans don’t cover tennis, since it is classified as an extreme sport. Many insurance companies offer extreme sports travel insurance as an add-on. Read the fine print of your insurance plan to determine whether it offers coverage for tennis-related injuries. If not, get yourself a tennis travel insurance plan and enjoy the sport without any financial anxiety on your mind.

Basics of Tennis

Tennis players have very high fitness levels. The sport demands it. From the first serve to the last one, players have to maintain a high level of concentration.

It all starts with the court. A regulation tennis court is 78 feet long and 36 feet wide (about 24 meters long by 11 meters wide), and the net is 3.5 feet (about 1 meter) above the ground. Court surfaces vary, and each surface affects the style of play. There are basically 4 types of surfaces on tennis courts: grass courts, clay courts, carpet courts, and hard courts. The tennis ball reacts differently on each surface, so the player’s experience matters a lot.

Players need immense stamina because the game can go on for a long time. The first serve starts the game. When a player hits the ball and the opponent fails to hit the ball back, the player wins a point. One point is equal to 15. The first to 40 points wins one set. Men need to win three sets out of five to win the game, while women need to win two sets out of three.

Players can keep rallies going for a long time, which can be strenuous to the mind and the body. Regardless of your level of experience, tennis can take a lot out of you and may require medical care during the match or afterward.

Risks of Playing Tennis

The most common injury that tennis players face is tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is a common ailment even among non-tennis players and is caused by the constant use of your arm. This injury puts a strain on the muscle and tendons on your elbow and can be hard to deal with.

Tennis players also have to deal with injuries to their rotator cuffs. These injuries happen most frequently due to overhead serves. Wrists and knees are other parts of the body that have a high risk of injury.

Depending on the length of the game, you could get cramps in your calves. You may also have to deal with ligament tears and ankle injuries. These risks are real, so secure yourself against the possible financial consequences of medical emergencies by getting tennis travel insurance.

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