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Jungle Ziplining Travel Insurance

Going ziplining through the jungle - commonly known as jungle ziplining - promises loads of fun and excitement. The sport is popular in South America, parts of South Asia, and India.

Every adventure sport comes with an element of risk, and jungle ziplining is no exception. So, getting hazardous sports travel insurance is the right choice. You'll be able to protect yourself financially from any accidents, illnesses, or injuries that may occur as you're soaring through the treetops.


A zipline is also known as flying fox or zip wire. What began as a means of transporting essential items has become a popular adventure sport. The participant, harnessed to the pulley, zips across from the top to the bottom. In a professionally-run setup, the cable is attached to a trolley.

The height of the cables varies. They can be set at a moderate 30 feet (about 9 meters) above the ground or go up to 200 feet (about 60 meters) or more. And you will zoom across at speeds reaching 30-40 miles per hour (about 50-60 kilometers per hour). The equipment you will need includes a helmet, harness, and leather gloves. The operator conducting the activity will likely provide them for you. All you need to do is to watch the demonstrations, listen to the instructions carefully-and let go.

This sport takes place in different terrains. In a jungle location, it goes by the name of jungle ziplining.

Jungle ziplining is a rush of pure adrenaline. Strapped to the cable high above the dense forest, you almost fly across to the other point while the lush green landscape sweeps backward hundreds of feet below you. It is a once-in a-lifetime-experience for only the most adventurous of souls.

However, as you might guess, there are certain risk factors associated with this sport that make purchasing adventure sports travel insurance crucial to your safety and to your wallet.


Even the strictest safety measures can't prevent accidents. Most major mishaps in ziplining happen when the cables snap. Such incidents may cause injuries both major and minor-and, in many cases, fatalities. A broken cable can send the zipliner crashing down to the forest floor below. There, they could face broken limbs or (even worse) a surprise encounter with hostile wildlife.

So, do get jungle ziplining travel insurance before you indulge in the activity. The insurance will protect you from the financial consequences of such incidents.

Travel Insurance

If you're going ziplining during your foreign travels, hazardous sports travel insurance is the right choice. For many, a ziplining adventure can turn into a nightmare, particularly when the risks are inflated because you're in a foreign country. Don't make the mistake of assuming everything will be fine; make the responsible choice and get jungle ziplining travel insurance.

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