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Caravaning Travel Insurance

Caravaning Travel Insurance

Are you going caravaning on your vacation? It's a great way to do cross-country tours in relative luxury and comfort. The best part of caravanning is that you can set your own pace and destinations, as long as you park in proper caravan grounds.

With a caravan in tow, you can enjoy the beauty of nature at each campsite. But you also have the amenities and comfort of a small mobile home. It's the best blend of both worlds.

Caravaning has low to moderate risks. However, it is still considered as an adventurous pastime. So do secure yourself with caravaning travel insurance to mitigate any financial risks in case of an accident.

Travel Insurance for Caravaning

Renting a caravan is a great way to explore a new country. But what about the risks? Not every travel insurance plan covers adventure sports like caravaning, and medical treatment in a foreign country is likely to be expensive. So, remember to buy a hazardous sports travel insurance plan for caravaning before you hit the road with your trailer in tow. Be sure to read the plan’s fine print before purchase so you know what activities are covered and what benefits are included. Not bringing a caravan to the great outdoors? Get camping travel insurance. 

Basics of Caravaning

Caravans were invented around the 13th century. They were initially used by the travelling Romani people, popularly known as gypsies. These caravans were horse-drawn. But the first leisure trailer was built for Dr. William Gordon Stables in 1880 in England. He popularized leisure caravaning. Within the next four decades, it had become a widespread pastime in both Europe and the U.S.

Before you set out on the road, research your campsites thoroughly. Join a forum on the Internet and check for the reviews. A lot of negative feedback means that something is wrong with that particular camping ground. You want to pick a spot that offers security and all the necessary amenities.

Fire hazards are a common problem in campsites. They might come from open fires left unattended or from faulty electrical cables running above. They might also start from leaking gas cylinders. Make sure that the campsite has an adequate number of fire extinguishers and fail-safes. Do not park your caravans close to one another, as fire can quickly spread that way. If there's a fire inside the caravan, it might cause asphyxiation if you’re still inside.

Be careful while you drive. If you are used to driving your car without the caravan in tow, then that extra weight may interfere with your muscle memory. Always have a navigator with you so that you can focus on the road. Reckless driving can cause severe accidents.

Risks of Caravaning

Caravaning can be a lot of fun. But be aware of the risks so you can avoid them. Injuries sustained while driving the caravan can range from cuts and bruises to broken bones, concussions, and joint dislocations. Drive carefully, and seek immediate medical help in case of an accident.

Because of the above-mentioned fire hazards, there is a risk of getting burned, so always carry a first aid kit with anti-burn ointments. Hitching or unhitching the caravan can result in sprains, strains, or dislocations. Don't attempt it without experienced help.

To avoid financial liability of medical bills in case of an injury, secure yourself with caravaning hazardous sports travel insurance.

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