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Motorcycling Travel Insurance

Motorcycling Travel Insurance

The roaring of the engine and winding roads are a biker’s favorite adventure. If you’re planning to ride a motorcycle abroad while on vacation you need to give extra consideration to your travel insurance policy. In the excitement of planning, you don’t want to pick an off the shelf travel insurance plan. Sadly, most mainstream companies exclude motorbiking, owing to its many risk factors. Picking a specialized motorcycling travel insurance will let you focus on having a good time.

Travel Insurance for Motorcycling

International motorcycle riding is rarely, if ever, covered by regular travel insurance policies. Ensuring you have specialized insurance for your motorbiking vacation will make all the difference. The best part about this is you can choose your insurance policy to meet your vacation duration.

Mentioning your plans of motorbiking to your insurance company is essential. If you don’t, your claim for any bike accident could be denied. Choosing a dedicated motorcycling travel insurance will cover any medical expense in case of an accident on a rented or personal vehicle. If you have questions or need assistance finding the best plans, call our customer service department to help you.

Basics of Motorcycling

An anonymous bike quote reads, “You don’t stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding.” A motorcycle is on top of the charts in terms of risk but the thrill of speed and movement with the vehicle is unforgettable.

Motorcycling abroad is different since you are in foreign territory and will have to adhere to their riding rules. Each country is different but the most basic ones are:

  1. Outside the U.S., the alcohol limit varies by country. Some countries like Malaysia have the same limit, but others like Sweden set it even lower than most. Keep in mind some countries have zero tolerance for any alcohol. It’s safer to not drink alcohol if you’re riding a bike anyways; plus, your international insurance coverage may not cover any injuries if you’ve been drinking.
  2. Most countries like France, Finland, and Germany prohibit filtering or weaving through traffic. Learn about the traffic laws before you go.
  3. The compulsory equipment in most areas for a biker anywhere is a helmet, riding jacket, and gloves.
  4. France is a little difficult to ride in as they have new low emission policies.
  5. Another common rule of thumb is keeping your headlight on in the daytime.
  6. Most countries have strict rules against riding in the bus lanes but there are a few exceptions like Norway.
  7. Children below the age of 12 should not be allowed to ride pillion, though some countries allow ages 8 and above. Some countries only allow children on motorcycles if there is a bike child seat.

Risks of Motorcycling

Motorcycling is a rejuvenating experience but it is categorized under extreme activities due to its unpredictable risks. Riding in a foreign country adds to the list of possible risks. The smart move would be to get specialized travel insurance for motorcycling so you’re insured in case of an accident. Understand your risks.

  1. Road hazards like potholes, oil spills, gravel, puddles, or uneven pavement are the biggest danger to motorcyclists. The added risk is riding in a new country with unfamiliar roads on a new bike.
  2. Oncoming traffic is another cause for major bike accidents as some drivers can get reckless on the road.
  3. Vehicles changing lanes without using indicators can cause bikers to ram into them unintentionally.
  4. The weather plays an important role in a biker’s safe journey. Even light rains can make the road slippery and cause the bike to skid. A foggy climate can obscure the road vision ahead for the biker.
  5. When a bike reaches high speed, the front body can start to wobble causing the biker to lose control in the case of an accident.

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