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Volleyball Travel Insurance

Volleyball Travel Insurance

Volleyball is an exciting sport every moment you’re in the game. From the first serve to the last, you’ll fall in love with the fast pace and the thrill of play. The high of scoring a point with a well-timed spike is irreplaceable. However, with this enjoyment comes significant risk. Volleyball can be an extreme sport, and you could easily be injured if you're not careful. If you’re taking a beach vacation and have plans to hit the ball around, be sure to purchase travel insurance for volleyball to enjoy your experience without worrying about the implications of any injuries.

Travel Insurance for Volleyball

Even if you’re just playing a friendly game with your travel companions, getting volleyball travel insurance should be on your to-do list as you’re preparing for your trip. Treating an injury in a foreign country means extensive medical bills, and this burden will ruin your vacation and add to the stress of the injury. The right insurance plan will provide much-needed financial security. Most standard travel insurance plans don’t cover injuries sustained during hazardous or extreme sports activities. If yours doesn’t, you will need to purchase an additional travel insurance plan for volleyball for complete peace of mind.

Basics of Volleyball

A volleyball game moves at a breakneck pace. You’ll need to summon up all your speed and agility to make the most of each play. Obviously, you'll need to stretch and warm up before a game; otherwise, you’re inflating your risk of injury without reason.

Gameplay depends heavily on strong hand-eye coordination. To do well, you’ll have to keep your head in the game every second that you’re on the court. When facing off with a skilled player, you could find the volleyball racing toward you at more than 70 miles per hour (more than 110 kilometers per hour). Split-second decisions can change the outcome of a game. You’ll need to be alert and on your guard, so expect both physical and mental fatigue at the end of the game.

Risks of Playing Volleyball

Since volleyball is an extreme sport, injuries are part of the game. To prevent them, the best thing you can do is be aware and be careful.

Intense play for long periods of time can strain your ankles and knees. A single misstep could lead to an ankle sprain and at least two weeks of rest. Without proper treatment, ankle injuries can recur and lead to further problems down the road. For example, ankle injuries lead to strains on the knee, which in turn can lead to ligament tears and fractures that necessitate months of rest.

Rotator cuff tendonitis, shoulder pain, and lower-back pain are other injuries common in volleyball. They will greatly restrict your range of movement and can take weeks to heal. Playing with these injuries is out of the question, and to avoid them, you must be in good physical shape and be careful not to push yourself too hard.

Much of the play in volleyball involves jumping and quick moments. You’ll need to be sure to jump and land safely, as an awkward landing can damage your ankle or knee.

Indeed, dealing with an injury is not an easy task, especially when you're traveling abroad. It takes a lot of mental strength to cope with the injury, even more so if the injury is serious. At such a time, the last additional load you need on your mind is worrying about finances. That's why you need to get a volleyball travel insurance plan to protect yourself against the unexpected.

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