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Parasailing Travel Insurance

Parasailing Travel Insurance

Parasailing travel insurance must be considered if there is any chance that you will be parasailing while on holiday, such as on a cruise excursion.

Travel Insurance for Parasailing

Because parasailing is an inherently risky activity, you should purchase an appropriate travel insurance plan that will cover it. Most travel insurance plans do not cover parasailing by default. Instead, you will have to buy either a hazardous sports rider or an adventure sports package to receive coverage for parasailing.

After purchasing parasailing insurance, there may be additional conditions:

  • You must be a passenger and not the operator of the boat.
  • You must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. As many cruise lines offer unlimited alcohol packages, be careful that you are not drunk for your parasailing excursion.

Make sure to read your coverage description thoroughly in case of any additional specific conditions.

Parasailing Basics

Parasailing is a popular sports activity while on holiday. As it is done mostly over water, it is popular with cruise goers. Parasailing is routinely offered at various islands as a shore excursion.

Parasailing gives a unique opportunity to view a location from above.

Parasailing involves a specially designed parachute, called a parasail, that is tied by a rope to the boat. Participants begin by sitting on the back of the boat. As the boat starts moving, it generates the momentum necessary to provide lift. The exact amount of lift can vary based on the wind speed and the boat speed.

Each parasailing ride normally includes two passengers although it may allow one or three as well.

Risks of Parasailing

More than a million people parasail every year.

Parasailing, however, is a risky sport. Parasailing participants have no control over the parasail wing. Even though the chances of injury are low, they are still present. Accidents usually occur due to the rope breaking or coming loose. The parasail equipment could be faulty, or weather conditions might suddenly turn bad. When such incidents occur, they are usually serious. Some people may be severely or even fatally injured. Broken or fractured bones are possible, as are minor injuries such as cuts, bruises and strains.

Unfortunately, parasailing companies are not regulated by law, so it can be difficult for parasailers to find the right company.

Usually, if the parasailing excursion is arranged by the cruise line, the chances of the parasailing operator being reliable are higher, but there are no guarantees.

Cruise companies often relieve themselves of any liability concerning accidents during shore excursions led by independent operators, even when such activities are arranged by the cruise company.

In any case, if you plan to parasail, you should wear suitable head protection, such as a helmet, as well as other protective clothing.

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