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High Diving Travel Insurance

High Diving Travel Insurance

Going for a high diving trip? Be sure to get high diving travel insurance before you go.

High diving has evolved from a specialized sporting event to a much-loved adventure sport. Indoors, the divers leap from a height of 65–88 feet (20–27 meters). When diving outdoors, especially from a natural formation into a lake or pond, it is also known as cliff diving. And like other adventure sports, it is risky. So, it's necessary to purchase travel insurance for high diving before taking part.

Travel Insurance for High Diving

Of course, you would like to enjoy the sport without having to worry about mishaps. The suitable way to do this would be to opt for travel insurance for high diving. Medical expenses abroad can make a big dent in your pocket, should you need hospitalization due to a hazardous sports mishap. Hazardous sports travel insurance can help put you at ease.

Please make sure that the adventure sports travel insurance that you have opted for covers high diving. It will cover you from any kind of injuries that high diving mishaps might cause you. Then, you can enjoy the big leap without worries.

High Diving Basics

As a sport, indoor high diving is a fairly recent phenomenon. But the outdoor version, cliff diving, goes back more than 200 years. Today, divers take the leap from high clifftops in locations around the globe where cliffs and bodies of water co-exist. Hawaii is considered to be the place where cliff diving began.

When you jump from such heights, you go into a free fall at a substantial average speed of 50–60 miles per hour (80–96 kilometers per hour) before you hit the water. At every second of the fall, your speed increases. To minimize the force of impact from hitting the water at such high speeds, you would enter the water feet-first. That's why timing and precision are the key factors in this extreme sport.

Freefalling at such high speeds through the air is exhilarating. It's just you and the empty space all around you. You are hurtling down at breakneck speeds to the water body below, with no equipment to hold or support you. That increases the thrill quotient by several notches. But high diving is never free from dangers. So, you need to take the risks into account before taking the leap.

Risks of High Diving

Any hazardous or extreme sport is fun and dangerous in almost equal measures. So, a prudent participant would always opt for extreme sports travel insurance before joining in. High diving is no exception. High diving travel insurance is a must to offset the risks.

A slight miscalculation of the leap can cause you to hit the water in an awkward manner. From a low height, this might not mean much. But from a higher elevation-like in high diving-this can cause serious physical injuries that can hospitalize you. It might also result in a fatality. Not paying heed to weather conditions or trying a dive from a high point too soon could also cause significant bodily injury.

These risk factors shouldn't deter you from participation. However, they should make you more careful and aware before participation.

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