Are you a lacrosse player? Then you know that it is imperative to maintain your training throughout the year, even on vacations. A hazardous sport like lacrosse has a high chance of injuries. But if you protect yourself with hazardous sports travel insurance for lacrosse, then sports injury-related medical bills will not be a bother while you travel.

Travel Insurance for Lacrosse

In most countries, medical bills for extreme sports-related injuries are quite high. But if you secure your finances with hazardous sports travel insurance, then you will not have to worry about your medical treatment burning a hole in your finances.

Most basic travel insurance plans do not cover lacrosse. So be sure to buy a lacrosse travel insurance plan to secure your finances while playing the game. If you prefer assistance searching for the right plans or have questions about a specific plan, contact our customer service agents for assistance.

Basics of Lacrosse

Lacrosse is the fastest-growing sport in the USA. Though the surge in popularity is a recent phenomenon, the game itself was invented almost a millennia back by the Native Americans. The original rules of the game were brutal. It was used mainly to train the Native American youth for war, so body contact and ferocity were encouraged.

Since then, the game has undergone a massive transformation and become more safety-oriented. But even so, lacrosse remains a high-risk, fast-paced hazardous sport. The fastest shot with the lacrosse ball was recorded at 114 mph, which can easily break your bones if you get in its way.

There are four main modern variants of the game.

  • Intercrosse is a no body contact variant played with soft sticks and more safety rules. It is a relatively low-risk game designed to introduce young athletes to the sports.
  • Women’s lacrosse has limited body contact and more safety gear. But the game is played just as fast, and injuries are a common occurrence.
  • Field lacrosse is a full-contact outdoor game for men. The sticks are designed with a deeper pocket to increase the speed of the balls, making the game even riskier.
  • The most brutal version of the game is the box lacrosse, which is played indoors. The smaller enclosed space means more body contact, and has a high rate of reported injuries.

Lacrosse is among the fastest paced games played on foot and can be quite unforgiving at times. Protect yourself with a lacrosse hazardous sport insurance plan so that you can immediately treat your sports injuries without having to worry about your finances in a foreign country.

Risks of Playing Lacrosse

Lacrosse has risks of both overuse and traumatic injuries. The high rate of body contact in the game results in head and face contusion, concussion, and wrist fracture. Contact with the ball or the sticks can be painful, resulting in bruises and welts.

Overuse injuries like knee and ankle sprains, hip flexor strain, and lower back pain are also quite common among lacrosse players.

The easiest way to avoid severe damage to your body is to wear full protective gear, including helmets and shoulder pads. The other way to minimize the risk of severe injuries is to be in constant training throughout the year, as it conditions the body to withstand higher levels of stress.

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