Roller Derby Travel Insurance

Roller derby is a contact sport played on roller skates. The game is played in more than 1,250 amateur leagues around the world, most of them located in the United States.

Roller derby is played in indoor rinks on a hard surface conducive to roller skating. The game involves jamming into players of the opposing team trying to score points. The opposing team members assist their jammers in doing the same.

With roller derby travel insurance, you could play the game while traveling without having to worry about medical treatment costs if you were to experience an unexpected accident or injury.

Travel Insurance for Roller Derby

While traveling outside your country, make sure you have travel insurance which covers roller derbies if you intend to play the sport.

Since roller derby is a body contact sport, it is not covered under most standard travel insurance plans. Make sure to check the fine print and be sure that the plan you’re purchasing provides additional coverage for hazardous sports and activities like roller derbies.

Try not to engage in the game impromptu. Be sure of your itinerary and make sure roller derby is included in it. That way, you will be able to get insurance for it beforehand, rather than playing the game without any preparation. Only play at registered roller derby rinks, which will provide you with good-quality helmets, well-maintained roller skates, and other kinds of protective gear.

Medical expenses in foreign countries can amount to a lot. If you suffer from severe fractures or other injuries as a result of being pushed or losing your balance on the skates, then roller derby hazardous sports travel insurance can help cover the costs.

In case your injuries are severe enough to need emergency medical evacuation, be sure your roller derby insurance plan includes this benefit in its terms and conditions.

Roller Derby Basics

While playing in a roller derby, both teams engage in defensive and offensive tactics to win the game.

The game is played in two sessions of thirty minutes, and there can be any number of players, all the way up to fifteen. The more players there are on the ground, the greater the chances of aggression.

There are five members on each team designated for “jamming”, with each jam period lasting for about two to three minutes. This is when the action of the game takes place.

The game involves blocking the line of the jammer of the opposite team to prevent him or her from getting to the pivot line.

The blockers on the team prevent the jammer from making progress by using body contact. It is during these sessions of jamming and blocking when the game becomes aggressive.

Risks of Roller Derby

Because roller derby is a body-contact sport, there are certain things you should be careful of.

Remember that roller derby is played aggressively. The game is rough, and you could be pushed and shoved around. If you are new to the game, then play with other novices rather than with seasoned players, who have a no-holds-barred attitude to the game.

The game involves balancing yourself on the roller skates, moving about with agility in the rink, and tackling aggressive opponents, all at the same time. Your fitness levels should be at their peak to be able to tackle all these aspects of the game simultaneously.

If you are thrown off your roller skates, you could end up with a severe fracture in your legs (or another part of the body) as you hit the hard ground.

With adventure sports travel insurance for roller derby, any injuries resulting from these risks could be covered by the insurance plan.

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