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Competitive Cycling Travel Insurance

Competitive Cycling Travel Insurance

Cycling as a means of commuting has been around for quite some time. The first documented cycle race took place almost 150 years ago. Since then, cycle sports have become popular sporting activities. Competitive cycling takes place in different forms, some popular cycle sports are road biking, mountain biking, track cycling, BMX, and cycle speedway.

Bicycle racing is a recognized Olympic sport. Many other international and domestic tournaments also take place across the world for professional and amateur competitive cyclists. These sportspersons compete for top honors, creating and breaking records on the way.

Competitive cycling has many benefits for the cyclist. And these are not limited to winning tournaments and accolades. But it is a hazardous sport where accidents are not infrequent. So, before you embark in competitive cycling abroad, be sure to get bicycle racing insurance.

Travel Insurance for Bicycle Racing

There is no way to predict or prevent accidents, if there were, we wouldn’t need insurance protection. A competitive cycling accident abroad might require hospitalization. Without the right insurance plan, the expenses could wreak havoc to your finances. Safeguard yourself from such an eventuality and take competitive cycling travel insurance before you go.

Make sure that your bike race insurance includes coverage for your plans. We are here to help you find the best plan too, contact our customer service representatives for assistance. That way, peace of mind will be yours and you can focus on your cycling without distractions.

Competitive Cycling Basics

Competitive cycling events can take place in artificial tracks or in natural surroundings. Sports like cyclo-cross and mountain biking involve cycling through pavements, wooded trails, and steep mountains. Mountain biking especially is a high degree of technical riding.

In any form of competitive cycling, the cyclists are racing to the victory point – often at breakneck speeds, riding neck-to-neck. It’s an incomparable adrenaline rush where more often than not, the race ends in a photo finish.

As a sport, competitive cycling is a full-body exercise. Apart from developing your calf and thigh muscles, it also increases your endurance by substantial levels. It improves the mobility of your joints. Physical benefits aside, it’s an exhilarating feeling that rushes through your veins when you are pedaling like there’s no tomorrow.

Even with all the fun and thrills, there come the risk factors. Competitive cyclists are prone to dangers like collisions and pile-up. In natural surroundings like woods and mountains, there’s the risk of crashing into trees or rocks. A fall from a great height is also a possibility if there is a sudden drop off in the terrain, or the bike leaves the ground and flies through the air.

You can’t eradicate accidents. But you can take bike racing insurance to guard yourself against the financial losses resulting from the accidents.

Risks of Competitive Cycling

A crash with one or more co-cyclists can result in a serious accident and maybe even death. Wearing the proper safety equipment is important. When you are cycling in the woods or mountains, a fall or a crash can have an outcome worse than that on the tracks/roads. Encountering hostile wildlife is a real possibility when you leave the pavement. On any terrain, sudden bad weather (rain, hail, etc.) is also a potent threat.

Over-training for competitive cycling might damage your muscles – often for the long-term. Incidents of sprains, severe body ache, and breathlessness from over-exertion are also common.

Always practice and play under supervised conditions and follow the instructions. Resist the urge of working yourself up too much. And be sure to have travel insurance for competitive cycling before participation. 

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