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Basketball Travel Insurance

Basketball Travel Insurance

Basketball. What comes to mind when you hear that word? Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Stephen Curry—the list could go on. The NBA has given the world some of its best basketball players. If you have ever watched two professional basketball teams go toe-to-toe, you know how intense and high-risk gameplay can be. And you will also understand the importance of having travel insurance for basketball.

Travel Insurance for Playing Basketball

Since basketball is an extreme sport, getting sports travel insurance for basketball is important. This insurance provides you with adequate coverage for the financial risks that come with injuries. With the financial strain out of the way, you can focus on recovery.

Most standard insurance plans don’t cover injuries sustained while playing sports. Some plans offer extreme sports travel insurance as an add-on. Carefully read through the fine print of your insurance plan to check if this is a possibility. If not, you will need to purchase basketball insurance.

Basics of Basketball

Basketball is an extreme sport and requires high fitness levels. It is a fast-paced game wherein the players move constantly from one end of the court to the other. The game has four quarters, each lasting 15 minutes. The size of the basketball court varies based on the level you play at. However, regulation court dimensions are 94 by 50 feet (about 28 by 15 meters).

Basketball players must have very high fitness levels because they play the game with a lot of intensity. Once a team scores a basket, instantly, the opposing team gets the ball and tries to do the same. Players cannot afford to take any time to rest in between quarters.

The immediate switch from offense to defense also adds to the intensity. This is because in basketball, coaches plan every play. The strategies for offense and defense are different. Players have to keep up with these changes throughout the game, and they need to be at the peak of their mental fitness.

Basketball is a great workout in itself, because regardless of the difficulty level, the intensity does not change. This competitiveness also means there can be collisions that lead to injuries.

Risks of Playing Basketball

The most frequent injuries in basketball are ankle injuries. Players receive agility training to help them move faster on the court. Because basketball involves a good deal of running, pivoting, and jumping, the risk of ankle injuries is high. Players have had ligament tears, sprains, and even broken ankles because of one wrong move. What makes ankle injuries worse is that they can recur if players aren’t careful during (and even after) recovery.

Knee injuries are also frequent. This is because they bear most of the body weight when you’re running, and they are prone to injuries. The most common injuries are ligament tears and sprains.

Finger injuries are common, as well. The ball moves quickly. Players who catch the ball at the wrong angle are likely to jam or even break their fingers.

Other injuries include back strain due to constant jumping, shoulder dislocations because of poor landing after a jump, and injuries to the face and mouth. These risks are clear reasons why you must purchase basketball travel insurance if you’re planning to shoot some hoops while on vacation.

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